Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dracula: In Trance ... ylvanie with BB King, the clip (VIDEO)

The Dracula choreographed by Kamel Ouali is dark and sensual. Not so surprising that this first single totally immersed in rock tones and not so surprising either that the singer and composer of BB Brunes, Adrien Gallo, is the source of this music. He and Axel Bauer attended the musical show, whose peculiarity is that the songs were all composed by different artists.

If the cast of Dracula also has many ballads here, the rock theme illustrates the lust in a song sung by the blond Greg Deck is discovered here in her first major role. Charbonneurx eyes, period costumes, lights dimmed, Dracula affirms its identity. The album of comedy Dracula Musicale will be available from April 18, 2011 while the show will start at the Sports Palace on September 30.

Carla Bruni puts aside the music for the career of her husband

Some will see the announcement of the candidacy of Nicolas Sarkozy to succeed himself. Why delay the release of his next album, while "As if nothing had happened" was in stores during the five-year, except to avoid a period full of challenges? It is true that being the first lady of France singularly changed the approach to criticism vis-à-vis his work and that the texts of Carla Bruni Sarkozy has been playing at political orientation.

Jenifer, a bitter sweetness in "The Other Side of Paradise"

Jenifer unveils the second single from her latest album "Call me Jen" released in stores in November. After a punchy title in a very eighties, the lovely brunette has decided this time to bewitch his audience to the sound of that bittersweet ballad is in the tradition of his hits. The artist presents a video clip that accompanies his melancholy in the title "The Other Side of Paradise", words that evoke lost loves a certain loneliness, nostalgia and living in a wounded heart, why she chose a purified universe, fleece, soft as a marshmallow.

Rihanna: "I love that binds me and give me the spanking"

Showing chains and handcuffs, shaggy mane and leather held in the clip S & M when it is not on stage, Rihanna has a sense of sexual provocation. But his orientation sadomasochistic not stop her clothing style and music: it evokes this in his press trends in bed. In the next Rolling Stone, Rihanna on the cover, the singer speaks bluntly of what she loves ...

"Be obedient to the bed can be very funny. Must simper, ending up with a macho and that 'you make your case. I find it funny.". Before continuing, "I prefer it to be spontaneous. Whips and chains, it's a little too planned. (...) I prefer that he uses his hands." Thank you, Rihanna, for all these details! The transition is difficult to light the other topic of the interview, namely, her ex, Chris Brown, who has demonstrated a violence not just as enjoyable for the young Rihanna.

Lily Allen: sold by a relative, she fears for her marriage

Lily Allen thought he had done enough to cool the paparazzi or the media of giving the weasel, she now wanted to live a little away from prying goals and preparing for his wedding with little stunt to make as a bride ordianire. This will unfortunately not the case, one of his guests who made the public invitation.

Everyone can now learn that the wedding will take place June 11 in a village in the English countryside, north of London and may even discover the photomontage of the couple on an old postcard sepia, countrymen on a tractor. Clumsiness, boasting high stress or the media? Lily Allen does not know but wants terribly to the guest who has remained anonymous.

Jenifer sings break: The other side of Paradise, his new video (VIDEO)

His previous video, "I dance," already mentioned the break, the singer trying to hunt the memory of his ex by drowning in endless nights. But the pop tune that marked a turning point for the artistic singer revealed by Star Academy, it had attracted the attention of a new public, has nonetheless resulted in a commercial failure, confusing the regulars.

"The Other Side of Paradise", one finds the languid "The Sun" without denying the evolution of the singer 28 years. The flip side of Paradise, "is when we gave her skin for a love that was just window dressing." Silver flowers, flashbacks of past happiness at the edge of a fountain or a bench in a park ...

Zazie: misery knows no age in "Love Song"

Zazie presents his latest video entitled "Love Song", filmed in a retro, the singer offers a dive in the black and white movies and silent for years 30 and took the opportunity to engage in a scathing critique of our society . Indeed, years pass in vain and technological progress to develop, it remains a constant ... the terrible misery that it spans the years! By using the burlesque and codes of silent film (pushed to the extreme facial expressions, stilted gait, excessive gestures) that the artist manages to deliver his message when he does not love remains ... At least something positive as they say, the hardest being to be alone and in poverty, but let's not be defeatist ...

Helene Segara or the sweetness of life with 'Life with you!

Many fans of the singer's voice crystal clear images were awaiting the return of Helen Segara, sweet and unforgettable interpreter of Esmeralda is now done! The beautiful brunette with pretty face reflected light for our pleasure. The French artist who had made rather rare these days back with her new single "Life with you" and finally unveils the video clip that accompanies this new song, first single from a forthcoming album entitled "Among the crowd.

Demi Lovato finds his good friend Selena Gomez, nice, no?

It was a moment that we had not seen his girlfriend Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato together, well now it is done! The two stars of 18 who were inseparable before the stay in a rehabilitation center for Demi, immortalized by a photo their joyful reunion. The two stars of the Disney Channel are reunited again for the best ... (we hope, especially for the actress and singer Demi Lovato) as evidenced by the photograph of two women posted on the Twitter account of the beautiful Selena. Selena and Demi have always considered the best of friends since they met when they were six years on the children's program "Barney and Friends", then they have been part of the firm the Disney Channel, Selena in the series "Wizards of Waverly Place" and Demi in "Sonny with a Chance".

Irina Shayk and Cristiano Ronaldo are enjoying their engagement

The model has explained what are the qualities that should be her ideal man. "It must be an intelligent, elegant and with a sense of humor." Will those qualities of Cristiano Ronaldo? Irina only knows if the player meets their expectations for short distances. In recent months, rumors have abounded about wedding engagement.

On 14 February, Valentine's Day, the Real Madrid player, traveled to New York expressly to see his girlfriend firing the talk of a possible impending wedding. Personally, having sufficient resources I do not think that a trip is the indicator of a wedding. According to the website Excelsior, despite all the talk about their romance, Irina Shayk said he has no plans for the future in mind.

Square Viiip Noam and Alexandra, from columnists Morandini (VIDEO)

They were tried by Cecile de Minibus, guests on the set by Jean-Marc Morandini. Noam and Alexandra WannaViiip dreaming animate emissions tomorrow, came out last night's Square Viiip to prove themselves live. Indeed, if each candidate seems assured of his future star in his field, it is sometimes good to remind them that a little know-how is not damaging.

Thus, the host star of Live 8 had joined the candidates in yesterday afternoon as a coach especially, trying to explain what were the strengths of a good presenter-facilitator beyond have [made] the A three celebrity magazines. "Noam and Alexandra were not deflated: everyone has prepared a review, to charge a half minutes, no more, no less! Not stupid, both chose to deal with a topic they familiar: the Square ...

Victoria's Secret: Discover the beautiful angels naked

Robert Pattinson and Stephenie Meyer astonished by the transformation of a vampire Kristen Stewart

Of course at this stage who have not read the books by Stephenie Meyer, creator of the saga 'Twilight' and three films in the air, you may know as much as we read the four books and if not, with the amount information givers, and need to know which way the shots. The amount of information going out in the final of the series with the filming of 'Sunrise' is an informer, especially if we consider the latest statements from both the writer Robert Pattinson and speaking of perfect transformation undergone Kristen Stewart in his role as vampire Bella, so it is a very clear, say spoilers.

Shakira in love with Gerard Pique, the picture!

It's a funny coincidence, Shakira and Gerard Pique were born Memp day, February 2. But in 1977 and he in 1987. If you do not know Gerard Pique, your guy, though. Every time he sees him on television being run on a football field, he uttered a long sigh and exclaimed: "And this loser who goes out with Shakira ...".

However, Gerard Pique is cute, just check the photo so that the singer choupidou posted on his Twitter account. After a long relationship of eleven, Shakira did not precipitate the announcement and had even denied for a while. If it's been weeks since the pictures of the couple make the front pages of magazines, the interpreter of "Waka Waka" only now decided to confirm his happiness by announcing: "Here is my sunshine" she said on the Internet.

Rubygate: sex, debauchery and VIP

George Clooney, Elizabeth Hurley, Cristiano Ronaldo ... The defense counsel submitted a list of 78 witnesses to the court that resembles a who's who. Between various ministers, the names of artists and models to follow: those who have attended dinners at the Italian head of government and could confirm it was evening "very wise" by under Berlusconi.

This is not what emerges from the wiretaps published by the Italian press in which dozens of young girls evoke rather orgiastic excesses. The scandal is heavy for Silvio Berlusconi that nobody knows the bombing of young beauties to high political positions or habits to invite girls in defiance of his marital relationship.

Katie Holmes makes clear what became of the famous sweets of her daughter

Katie Holmes wanted to clarify, in the Ellen DeGeneres program, what exactly happened to her daughter ended with a penis shaped candies in their hands. The incident, which occurred in New York, involved a splash in the world press and now the actress, two weeks later, wanted to defend himself. Katie said "I was in New York with my daughter in a candy store called Serendipity, is a store we visited continuously.

When Moundir, Giuseppe and Loana met: 10 years of reality TV

Imagine a space would be combined Moundir, Giuseppe, Vincent McDoom and Loana ... The dream becomes reality thanks to the magazine VSD, which was attended by nine candidates have marked 10 years of reality TV. Or rather, those who agreed to appear. Thus participants Square Viiip did not pray and found Benoit and Thomas aka Brigitte and Josie in addition to the great hero of Who wants to marry my son?.

Joe Jonas wants to get Demi Lovato

Since one of the members of the group Jonas Brothers, stay composed and without new girlfriend, after breaking with Aslehy Greene, and no options back as this seems to have forgotten all about Joe Jonas, as it is in flower in flower since then, but now seems to be coming out with Chris Evans. We do not know what your intentions Joe, perhaps not really know them.

But he wants to retrieve back the friendship with the singer Demi Lovato, now fully recovered after admission to the clinic and has exceeded its ghosts, some of them triggered just after the break with the singer. Both have always been good friends since childhood, and even had a romance that lasted barely a whisper, but after the problems he had Lovato, especially with the tour he made with the group, even to cut off all contact, it appears that friendship cut or at least cooled, and is precisely what the medium of the Jonas wants to recover.

Lily Allen, a marriage and a new career

If year 2010 was marked by a true drama in the life of Lily Allen, lost her baby at 6 months of pregnancy, the British singer was smiling again and plan to marry even in June with his companion, Sam Cooper. And as a happiness never comes alone, the face of Chanel is launching a fashion collection in its propree clothing boutique in London Lucy in Disguise, opened with his sister Sarah Owen, singer Lily Allen has announced that it would launch its own collection.

Jean-Paul Belmondo: the great honor of Cannes

Breathless, Pierrot le fou, but also The Magnificent, Borsalino, Ace of Aces .. Jean-Paul Belmondo said Bébel has embodied all that popular films made in bold New Wave. The favorite actor Jean-Luc Godard as Gerard Oury will be celebrated on the Croisette, a special tribute on the occasion of the presentation of documentary Belmondo, Directions and Jeff Vincent Perrot Domenech.

if the homage may seem obvious to the French public for the Festival de Cannes is also a way to enter into a long sulk. Belmondo, who came several times in competition at Cannes, was best known as the whistles honors, including Stavisky, Alain Resnais. Cannes, beyond the glitz and glamor, is often a launching pad ruthless where films are either brought to bare or trampled when the indifference is not confined to contempt.

Miley Cyrus Blasts Justin Bieber and Rebecca Back

The young Miley Cyrus tour starts in Australia and used to give an interview on Australian 'Kyle and Jackie O'. In it, he directed some harsh criticism, and certainly controversial, both for Justin Bieber to the new web phenomenon, Rebecca Black, which were about how easy it is to hang a video on YouTube and become famous overnight the morning without any effort.

Certainly not missing the point of reason, since become famous or be in the music world is not a bed of roses, and all have their hard work, hence Cyrus would go after them, to ensure that this reputation is rebound, not a great deal of years. The young singer, who was released thanks to the series 'Hannah Montana', and began to roll for 12 years, says in his criticism that success is forged slowly and working hard, day after day and achieve your dreams.

Enrique Iglesias confirmed that there will not be touring with Britney Spears

Although we had informed you tour with Enrique Iglesias Britney Spears, the singer himself has informed the American media that this tour will not happen this time. The singer's insistence to speak with all possible means has served to belie the news. What we can commentators is that the tour was 100% confirmed on Tuesday.

Yesterday, again according to TMZ, when Henry acknowledged that it would be. His phrase sums it up perfectly, "My ego could not bear to Britney Spears." Farewell to the weeks of tough negotiations, dialogue, agreements and statements. The management of both artists is desolate as it hoped to achieve a great public response to the offer to 2 artists with a lot of pull in the U.S..

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Justin Bieber on youtube the most hated

The young singing sensation Justin Bieber, give a carrot and sand. Since your video of song 'Baby' if it is of the most watched on YouTube, since over 500 million visitors, a very considerable figure, is also the most hated video for his negative ratings and bad reviews. While there has always been a great competition which have been in the network of videos with pop diva, Lady Gaga, now we can say that the video for 'Baby' since it was put online, has broken all records and has exceeded the 'Bad Romance' in Gaga.

Nightmare in the kitchen, the new cooking show!

The kitchen is in! Top Chef, Master Chef, etc. In your forks, not a string without its culinary program and store shelves are full of material to recreate at home the wonders seen on TV. If our appetite for food does not satisfy, program managers are looking for new programs for us bait. On 18 April at 20h45, the new issue of M6 start, it's called "nightmare in the kitchen." A bit like a Super Nanny stoves, the chef Philippe Etchebest will intervene where nothing seems able to save a catastrophic situation.

Rubygate: George Clooney responds, Cristiano Ronaldo and Elizabeth Hurley cited

The Rubygate is the case in which he is accused of using the sexual services of a minor, called Ruby, at parties and dinners with him who were turning the orgies. To defend him, witnesses are proposed to the court. Among them, who was present at dinner with his beautiful, Elisabetta Canalis. The star of so she would have attended or participated in orgies? defends himself in a statement: "".

Valerie Begue: fulfilling work and in love

This is a very loving Miss! One that will soon participate in the rally gazelles gave an interview in which is shown to completely fulfilled and happy. Valerie Begue, posting a pleasure not pretend to share his happiness, said: "I am happy and fulfilled with Camille, I found a true balance." "Camille" is Camille Lacourt, swimmer and recent hero of the France team nataion whose exploits came to the ears of some after they noticed that JT, anyway, it was sometimes Cute little guy.

George Clooney and Canalis could have been in the Berlusconi party

The scandal of the parties with minors Silvio Berlusconi has only just begun. After several statements on the part of the audience, now adds the possibility that George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis were also witnesses to what happened with the Italian prime minister. The press has been quick to echo this news.

Berlusconi's lawyer were cited among the 136 witnesses who are called to testify so the surprise has been capitalized. Ruby, the youngest Moroccan is the centerpiece of all this indictment, has summoned several times Clooney's name in their statements so that it appears that we will see the actor in the courts.

Ashley Greene, a pin-up that talks about love in "Glamour"

Ashley Greene made the women's magazine "Glamour" by adopting a look of the spring or summer, the pretty redhead strikes a pose in a bikini beautiful floral vintage spirit of pink and purple with a lovely heart-cache pink, a real pill that you would want to eat! In the pages of famed magazine, the young woman recalls the adventure "Twilight" which showcased the successes and the excesses of Hollywood ...

Amy Winehouse is wary of one of his former friends!

While one of his ex is about to get into music, Amy Winehouse fears that he has written songs about their past relationship. Alex Clare, a former boyfriend, has signed a contract with record label Island Records last year and his first single entitled "Too Close", due out next month. The British singer was released during a year with him before she married Blake Fielder-Civil in 2007.

Amy Winehouse now fears he could reveal in songs of juicy details about their relationship. Alex Clare had broken with the girl when she met Fielder-Civil. It was also mentioned in the media his frustration of being in a love triangle. Today's interpreter "Rehab" is convinced that he could avenge himself by talking about their love affair which has unfortunately ended in a split.

Enrique Iglesias will not accompany Britney Spears on tour!

A representative of the Iberian singer, Enrique Iglesias, denied that the artist would join Britney Spears on her U.S. tour just hours after the pop princess has announced 'the great nouvelle', the program "Good Morning America" on ABC, Oops I said it again, would we want to say! The interpreter of "Hold it Against Me" she was a little excited? The singer who just released his seventh studio album "Femme Fatale" announced Tuesday, March 29, the singer under ember would provide the first part of his tour that begins June 17 in Sacramento, California and for 26 dates.

Eva Herzigova says goodbye to her beautiful curves of a pregnant woman

The supermodel Eva Herzigova, sensual ambassador in the 90s of the lingerie brand Wonderbra (remember the poster "look into my eyes" gentlemen), gave birth to her second child on March 13 at the private maternity London's Portland Hospital. The good news has just been confirmed, some stars are certainly very secretive when they want ...

The blonde gave birth to a boy named Philip, Mom and baby are doing well according to the formula, and Newborn fifteen days will be able to find his older brother, George, aged three. The former catwalk star is married to a contractor whom she met in Turin there are now almost ten years, his two children are the fruit of this love relationship with her partner Gregorio Marsiaj.

Square Viiip: Jean-Marc Morandini in special coach! (VIDEO)

The candidates have different aspirations Square Viiip they intend to achieve through the issuance of becoming a singer, actor or TV presenter in it. Some are aware that we must also know how to sing, play or show and not just be famous ... others do not. After the candidates will be loaned to the game's interview Afida, Jean-Marc Morandini has decided to pay them a visit for their coach and remove a few illusions.

Queen Sofia and tender picture with pandas

There is no doubt that Queen Sofia is a great lover of animals and no cares caress so tender and star images as you can see from his last visit to the Zoo, Aquarium of Madrid, next to the two young pandas Po and De La Reina was delighted to see and share the first output of the panda cubs at the zoo and therefore lost no detail of their feet into the meadow site.

Po bears and start a journey in which we could see the funniest moments with Sofia, who wore a white gown, and this did not prevent me to play with and even embrace them as if they were stuffed animals, but also interested caregivers asking about their diet, and care received by these friendly animals.

William and Kate wedding: a free ticket for their look-alikes

You brown mane and a delicate smile Kate Middleton? You wear the Spencer as well as Prince William and your fine hair is blond like wheat? So try your luck and win two tickets to London at the royal wedding! Everyone will understand: the madness continues, we have not finished listing the commercial, beer Kiss Me Kate, not condoms and other protective stamps that England lay in a week.

This time, it is the airline EasyJet, which provides an exceptional offer special royal wedding. The airman is therefore proposing to send a photo of yourself and your baby (or whatever, but it will go with him if you win!) Posing as Prince William and Kate Middleton. Easy Jet is that if the film is worthy of inclusion in his top 10 best doubles pair of the tickets to London will be offered to take the England party for the weekend of April 29.

The necklines of celebrities: the world in the balcony

Lady Gaga naked on her twitter for his birthday!

Ordinarily, an anniversary is an opportunity to receive gifts but Lady Gaga is the most generous! "Nothing like a teacup red communist as a birthday present," commented the star below the photo posted on his twitter, holding the cup in question with its carmine red lips to her bare breasts. An amazing shot but more elegant than a simple exhibitionism! Gaga adds an enigmatic position in the first: "The last words are for fools who have not said enough" quote attributed to Karl Marx on his deathbed.

The comeback of Britney Spears planted by Enrique Iglesias for his tour

The comeback of Britney Spears he turns to nightmare scenario? The star emerged yesterday his new album "Femme Fatale" without avoid international criticism. First, the remarks about his physique, more exactly that of a young girl, were not made to wait while the singer Baby One More Time bomb appears highly photoshoped for his campaign.

Then his clip, a real advertising campaign for various brands of cosmetics and digital material is enough to make controversial as it is a financial windfall for the ostensible star. But Britney Spears has well orchestrated as it should be returned to the front of the stage and a series of concerts in just-in-fishnet tights and sequined body.

Square Viiip: Candice Alexander and nominees! (VIDEO)

Nominations for the second WannaViiip and second nomination for Alexander. Really, this one has a little trouble making his housemates enjoy! With four votes against him, the candidate suffers rejection because of their superior airs allows himself to be with everyone. Despite appearances, showing his pédenterie is not the goal of the game Viiip Square! Candice has also garnered four votes and therefore will experience this week of setting SELETTE! Two candidates were untouchable this week as the young Kevin and Cindy Viiip received immunity that protects them from any disposal.

Justin Bieber: hysterical his concert in Paris

Katy Perry's mother wants to become a preacher

Katy Perry's mother, preacher, wants her daughter to leave the music to sing psalms. The surprise was the lady to see one of the recent concert of his daughter was huge and there has been this reaction has led to surprise many fans of the singer. Mary Perry Hudson is expressed in terms that I have transcribed below.

"I saw it when I was going to come on stage and wearing a tiny dress that showed the top of her breasts. For any mother that her daughter likes to show her breasts and tell her to think a little gourd. Thankfully, God influenced me to shut up and take this thought to myself. " "I recognize that my daughter has the gift of singing praises to perfection.

The intimate enemy Polygraph says David Camacho had a relationship with Belén Esteban

A close Enemies David Camacho returned to pass the polygraph polygrapher with the call of Antena 3, José Antonio Fernández de Landa, said they used an analog polygraph as a tribute to Julian Lake and Valerio Lazarov and therefore the program "The machine truth. " During the broadcast he did 20 questions the alleged lover of Belén Esteban, 14 told the truth and lied in six of them.

If basic questions but in telling the truth. It was true that she met Stephen Bethlehem in July 1998 in Alondra bar 26, which took three and half months of relationship, who asked him to give him a kiss on his store of handbags, which has witnessed telephone discussions with Jesulín; I had seen mourn the San Blas, who had taught him the bracelet given to him Jesulín; to be kissed and caressed in the shop in Bethlehem and they had sex.

Brtiney Spears and Enrique Iglesias are going on tour together

Femme Fatale, the upcoming seventh studio album of Britney Spears, was launched yesterday, 29 March. A job that the singer has been defined as follows: "I wanted to make an album to dance, where every song makes you get up and move." Now we know after the release of the album that Spears will share summer tour with Enrique Iglesias.

The singer confirmed on Good Morning America in a recorded broadcast, which aired yesterday. "I toured with Enrique Iglesias in June," he told Robin Roberts in an interview backstage. However, this information has not been confirmed by the tour promoter Live Nation, nor have made any statement nor the equipment nor the Enrique Britney.

George Clooney, a witness in the case of Berlusconi?

This is a quote rather embarrassing for the actor ... The defense of the Italian head of government has just proposed to the court as a witness for the trial of Rubygate. "Rubygate", named after the young girl with whom Berlusconi had had sex. Ruby is a minor, it is a crime punishable in Italy for six months to three years in prison.

Why George Clooney attend it at the trial as a witness? Because he and his girlfriend (or ex-girlfriend, apparently) Elisabetta Canalis, attended dinners at Mr. Berlusconi. If Ruby and Berlusconi assured that these dinners were "very wise", this is not the case with dozens of other participants who speak rather of orgies and debauchery parts.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Justin Bieber has broken all records on YouTube

This is a new record for Justin Bieber. Not content with having raised the top of U.S. box office with his film Never Say Never and have won NRJ Music Awards (if you please), the singer of 17 years, which will fire Bercy on Tuesday evening, just accomplished another feat: the video for her hit "Baby" is the most watched video in the history of YouTube.

With over 500 million views, the official video for "Baby" makes short work of the "Bad Romance of Lady Gaga, who was seen" only "362 million times, while Shakira arrives at the third place with the video for "Waka Waka" (323 million views). If these figures are impressive, Justin Bieber did not stop there.

Square Viiip: Cindy and Giuseppe full domestic scene (VIDEO)

"You'll forget me for life." But what happened to Cindy for it to be as upset? It seems that his great story with the macho "Who wants to marry my son?", Giuseppe, is in dire straits. Cindy has suspicions, Cindy is jealous! Italian seducer would have been a little too close to the small WannaViiip Aurélie (walking on the beds of Kevin, too!).

But that does not happen like that. We do not call him the young woman "girl power" for nothing. Unfortunately, his attempt to pass a bad time to Giuseppe looks very much like a failure. Giuseppe good laughs at his comedy and finally burst out "It lacks a box ...". As he goes! "I'll have destabilized Cindy, it took me a week," is he struts.

Mariah Carey: She has butterflies in the stomach!

Admitted to the emergency hospital Sunday after experiencing violent conflict (see our news), Mariah Carey has not lost his sense of humor. The singer, 41, who should give birth within a fortnight, has in fact posted on his Twitter account a picture of her round belly ... made-up of a butterfly! The photo shows the big bottle of Mariah Carey, who painted a butterfly with writing "Dem Babies", which means "here are the babies" in Jamaican patois.

Penelope Cruz will star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood

Alcobendas actress, Penelope Cruz will have his own star on the famous Walk of Fame in Hollywood on Friday. Therefore, the actress will join the many celebritis who already have their star in Beverly Hills with the 2,436 th star. At 36 years, the Oscar-winning actress, becomes the first Spanish woman to get lifted with such honor after previously gotten an Oscar for best supporting actress for her role in 'Vicky Cristina Barcelona "by Woody Allen and next to that today days is her husband, Javier Bardem.

Trailer: Carla Bruni in "Midnight in Paris", the latest Woody Allen

Much has been talked about Midnight in Paris, the new Woody Allen, but had not seen any film image. This has now changed since the first trailer comes to surface. Filmed in the French capital last summer, Midnight in Paris has already done much about him, thanks to (or because of) the presence in the casting of Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, who, sources say, would not fallen short of expectations by Woody Allen, to return her scenes dozens of times.

The beautiful kids in the spring, they'll make your little hearts beating

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez are basking in Los Angeles! (Photos)

Halle Berry has been seen in Los Angeles this Sunday in gallant company ... Who spoke of a French lover under ember? Yep, the statuesque actress has shared a nice moment of complicity with the handsome French actor Olivier Martinez, the two beauties have a shared lunch at a restaurant in Los Angeles, California.

After numerous failed relationships, the beautiful 'Catwoman' seems to have found love and a certain stability in the arms of the former partner of Australian singer Kylie Minogue! Only six months after they met, Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez prove that their story is far more important than just flirting, the two lovers have come together and enjoy spending time together even if they do not show too demonstrative in public! Some point to a possible formalization already ...

Vanessa Hudgens is shameless!

Since his recent break with Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens seems to have changed! The star of High School Muscial is released as required and carries more daring than before! The beautiful clear-eyed actor was he jealous? One thing is for sure, Vanessa Hudgens was seen as more sexy than ever for the evening "Sucker Punch" held on Saturday evening (March 26) at the famous nightclub Pure in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Fergie is 36 years and focuses more than ever slinky dresses! (Photos)

The singer of training "Black Eyed Peas' Fergie's sumptuous, celebrated Friday, March 25, his 36th anniversary as it should be making a mega fiesta Belalagio Hotel, Las Vegas, where all her friends waiting for him to sing in chorus the traditional "Happy Birthday". The beautiful blonde, radiant as ever, has appeared in a slinky dress in shades of ultra fishing suggesting a more than generous cleavage, she laced up shoes turquoise, and worn as a mini pouch bag in rhinestone nails manicured in fuchsia, the star definitely not going unnoticed! Only downside, the husband of singer, Josh Duhamel, was not present at this festive evening, but that did not stop Fergie have fun and enjoy a big cream cake! Oh no care in the couple, just that the actor could not attend, the star has even said a few days ago "The truth is that I enjoy spending time with my husband and my dogs." The simple pleasures of life, there is no such thing ...

Rob Lowe sets his muscular torso in "Vanity Fair"

Looking at the cover of its next issue, Vanity Fair was clearly attempting to attract the eye of its readers. It shows the sulfur Rob Lowe topless and showing his muscles while leaning mostly on a surfboard (see photo above). At 47 (but it does not), the actor reveals in the magazine excerpts from his autobiography, Stories I Tell My Friends Only, or, for non-English speakers, stories that I tell that my friends.

Charlie Sheen insults Denise Richards and accused of stealing his dog

Charlie Sheen news no longer a single day, the actor is in a totally crazy phase of his life and his arrival on twitter, a platform where its message is amplified the issue has not gotten worse. On this occasion, his insults and attacks are not against any member of the CBS series Two and a Half Men, string that seems to him begging to come back, but this still does not know anything firm.

Now Sheen is furious with his ex-wife Denise Richards and demands that he return to his beloved dog. The actress, mother of two daughters of Sheen, broke with him in 2005 and Sheen gave custody of her two dogs for the girls to be with them when they visit their father. However, the state of the interpreter made Denise decided to take the dogs after seeing what happened at the Plaza Hotel in New York in October.

Chris Colfer and Amber Riley: "Glee? A musical first!"

The Glee phenomenon finally comes to TNT. After a diffusion restricted to a small circle on the chains of the Orange Group, the music series for FOX will broadcast from tonight on M6, before moving on tomorrow on his little sister, W9. Launched in the U.S. in 2009, Gleeest quickly become a phenomenon, both television and music.

Carton hearing overseas, Glee has received numerous awards and titles interpreted by actors in the series will rank every week tops the rankings. On the occasion of the arrival of Glee M6 (before the chain decides to relegate the series on W9), two main actors, Chris Colfer and Amber Riley, who play the roles of Kurt and Mercedes respectively, gave a press conference in Paris.

Eva Herzigova has given birth to a little Philippe

At 38, Eva Herzigova has given birth to her second child, discreetly, in a London clinic. So two weeks after birth that the new lot, the supermodel and her Italian husband, businessman Giorgio Marsiaj have welcomed a new little boy, named Philip. The former face of Wonderbra, at age 38, gives a little brother George, who will be 4 years this summer.

One remembers that Eva had had a first pregnancy idyllic, supported by her husband who loved him say that he was "even more beautiful pregnant." The top has been very quiet these last 9 less, we can only hope that this second pregnancy it is as well. It is during this birth Eva Herzigova and Giorgio Marsiaj decided to completely renovate their existing home.

Miley Cyrus, her family finally found happiness!

After several months of uncertainty, the parents of Miley Cyrus have decided not to divorce and to give another chance to their marriage. The Cyrus family is reunited to the delight of the young star. Miley Cyrus, her dad, Billy Ray, her mother, Tish, sister Noah were seen together last Sunday (March 27), in the streets of Toluca Lake, California.

The small tribe happier than ever and has offered a small coffee break. Billy Ray, who canceled his divorce proceedings, with leave on a new footing with his family and decisions change as a father. He said recently during his visit to the show "Good Morning America": "Miley has a big heart.

Eva Longoria is a sexy woman ... very involve

Eva Longoria was on Saturday morning (March 26), in the city of Guadalajara in Mexico, for the premiere of his new documentary film entitled "The Harvest". The film produced by the star of "Desperate Housewives" was screened as part of the 26th Festival International du Film de Guadalajara. The documentary "The Harvest" alert public opinion on the plight of nearly 500,000 Mexican farm workers, most children who migrate annually to the United States.

Robert Pattinson exclusively for Playgirl

The sexiest vampire in the world, (let's face it ... Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise not show their teeth in a while), is garnering all the media ... and now stars in an elegant report for the British magazine Playgirl. Robert Pattinson as Playgirl, the highest paid British actor, the world's sexiest man, according to the famous and Time magazine, one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn: It's official!

At her wedding, held Saturday in the strictest privacy (read our news), Reese Witherspoon has almost got upstaged by one of his guests, Scarlett Johansson. The actress has indeed led the ceremony a surprise guest: Sean Penn. This is not the fact that it comes together, which surprised everyone, after all, what is a cover of more or less a social function like this? No, what was the buzz from other guests, is that the beautiful Scarlett come with the man with whom he lends a liaison for several weeks now.

Details of the 25 birthday of Lady Gaga

Last Monday, March 28, Lady Gaga turned 25 years old and we told that the first one was congratulating herself, writing a message on a table in a restaurant. But, she celebrated her birthday at a Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles where he climbed the stage to perform several hits for Madonna with a mariachi band.

The site chosen this one because the singer was performing at the Staples Center, his name day. The party was a surprise and was organized by several friends in a discreet Gaga Mexican restaurant, La Cita, Los Angeles and were entertained with a few performances. About 60 close friends of the singer at the event where Gaga delighted the audience with those songs of Madonna, also a number of Motley Crue and his new single "Born this way." Here you can see some pictures of the party gathered by U.S.

Kate Middleton has buried his life as a young girl

If the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton looks like one of the most extravagant with nearly 2,000 guests, it can not be said of their final days as bachelors. As the groom, who buried the boy's life last weekend (read our news), Kate Middleton has opted for a minimalist evening with friends to bury his life as a young girl.

Organized by her sister Pippa, who will also be her maid of honor, the bachelor party girl Kate Middleton took place a few days ago in the biggest secrets, the home of a close friend of the bride. "It was a feast very minimalist and unobtrusive, which was made in private," said a relative of Kate Middleton, the Daily Telegraph.

Jennifer Garner will be the new Miss Marple

Miss Marple went under the knife. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jennifer Garner will play on the big screen soon the detective made famous in the novels of Agatha Christie, who will, for the occasion, a few years younger! Disney Studios are preparing a new film adaptation of the adventures of Miss Marple, one of the most popular Agatha Christie, already filmed in 1961 and again in 1980.

Square Viiip: Giuseppe tackles Julio Iglesias

Two latin lovers for the price of one. Giuseppe, a former candidate who wants to marry my son? and currently in the Square Viiip TF1, will soon release a single which included a cover of "You women," famous song by Julio Iglesias. "I recorded a disc to be released after Viiip Square," reveals Giuseppe Here are our colleagues, adding that it would be a new version of "You women," a song that big macho he is, seems to stick to your skin! And the Latin lover continues: "I hope it will sell." No doubt that with his smooth voice and charming lady-killer, who has managed to bewitch Cindy, however, a fervent adherent of girl power, Giuseppe should sell her single like hotcakes! If this single will mark the first steps in Giuseppe the song, the son of Marie-France does not stop there.

Rihanna confesses his sexual tastes and masochistic in Rolling Stone

The singer Rihanna is the top player in the April edition of music magazine Rolling Stone, until then we can say that everything is normal, since the singer from Barbados is currently full, and has given star covers this month. However, what stands out most is the interview atennción. An interview of the most erotic holiday because it, Rihanna reveals her shameful secrets of sex.

Whereupon, such as provocative and sexy music, and know where the inspiration comes. The singer without mincing words, professes to be a woman that likes to be whipped and care. "Using whips and chains too planned ... you have to stop and go get the whip, I prefer that they use their hands," says the publication.

Top Chef: Paul Arthur removed the gates of the final

Monday night, M6 broadcast the semifinals of Top Chef, his reality TV show cooking. Four candidates were still competing and vying for a spot in the finals: Peter Blood, Paul Arthur, Stephen and Fanny. Program (or rather the menu): three trials, after which they were the tie by the jury. Lamb succeeds Pierre-Sangla first event of the evening will take the candidates at the Meurice Hotel, where chef Yannick Alleno takes them under his wing.

Beyonce and her father break his employment relationship

Mathew Knowles, Beyonce's father, will be the manager of the artist. Yvette Noel-Schure, the publicist for the singer, yesterday sent a statement to the American Press Association to make clear that the relationship has broken down is "just work" but there is no problem between father and daughter . Beyonce says "I'm glad for all you taught me.

They both grew up and went about their business as well. Both have fought hard for what they have and are dedicated to entertainment. I love to devote myself to the same as them and will continue doing so for the rest of my life. " The artist is not clear in this statement the reasons for the termination of the employment relationship but Mathew Knowles, in a separate text, acknowledges that it has been mutually agreed and that they thought was best.

Mila Kunis Natalie Portman defended the controversial Black Swan

Natalie Portman has it made itself the most of his spins and jumps cat or she usurps the work of his understudy? It stirred the controversy in recent days the team of Black Swan. The subtext of the American ballerina and actress liner on the film, Sarah Lane, is that Natalie Portman does not deserve its Oscar frankly, attributed in part to his physical work for the film by Darren Aronofsky.

Lane tells that one who has done 95% of the figures which shows the character's body as a whole. Mila Kunis, revelation of Black Swan and bewitching partner Natalie Portman, is frustrated: "Natalie has danced like a crazy!" she says. "I do find it unfortunate that controversy, withdrawing attention that Natalie deserves praise and received." The beautiful actress continues, noting that Natalie Portman has never lied about what she had been able to do and what was beyond his physical abilities: "She will tell you that no, she was not on its peak when she was making a smoothie [turn on itself].

Robert Pattinson: "I want a family, 2 or 3 children"

If Robert Pattinson does not like talk about his personal life and sentimental in the media, offered secrets to Style Magazine are fairly clear. At no time, the actor does not speak officially twilight of a romantic relationship with her partner Kristen Stewart but his words very similar to a fine statement, and maybe more ...

Rob was first expressed on the rumors about Kristen, persisting in a jargon that satisfies no one but ended up being pathetic! "I do not talk about my private life. I never mentioned but flirting. I am not a follower relationships and short stories surface. I do not talk about my relationship with my female friends, let alone my relationship with Kristen Stewart, an actress that I admire because it is a sincere person and a sincere actress.

Prince Philip, on Saturday at the kebab

Prince Philip tried to pass last Saturday as we spend thousands of Spanish, going to a kebab for a drink. As reported Divinity, Ebla bar customers are stunned when they saw his side was the heir to the crown. Yes, the facility is located near Princess Street and is the usual place where people take something after leaving the cinema.

Despite the bodyguards and their behavior as normal in the world, was easily recognized by everyone. The comments from customers were about the heir but never had to approach him or something. His desire to take something calmly turned and nobody was bothered. After leaving the establishment around the world said that he was without a doubt.

Rebecca Black is crazy about Justin Bieber and admire Selena Gomez

The young Rebecca Black has become a phenomenon on YouTube. Despite making fun of her and her song, you have support as Lady Gaga, who knows what it is to suffer bullying as a teenager, and has also been invited by none other than Jay Leno to your program. Now we know that the girl, aged 13, is cast by Justin Bieber, but it also seems that Selena Gomez admires Rebecca, Canadian Bride.

The girl admitted that have Bieber Fever, but also likes the Disney singer / actress. "I admire a lot," Rebecca Black told People. "I think it's great that she has not entered into the spiral that other young actresses have taken," he claimed. Then included another famous singer in his group of idols: "I love Katy Perry, too." Friday The singer also explained to what extent is a fan of Justin Bieber and had to have a mini shrine to the Canadian in his room.

Lady Gaga congratulates itself on its 25 birthday

Lady Gaga, so original as always, is congratulated herself on Twitter before anyone did. The New York singer turned 25 this past Monday, March 28 and wrote a congratulatory note written with a pen on the table in a restaurant. The artist did not wait for no one congratulated her and was herself the first to want to.

So, yesterday hung this picture to announce that an additional year to meet its millions of followers in this network. "Happy Birthday Me!" Read and accompanied the photo with "drawing on a table in a restaurant. If I had to return all over again, I would stay with my fans, would be fine.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Robert Pattinson has a phobia!

Robert Pattinson has revealed he was petrified of horses. The young man who filmed a scene with a horse in his latest film, "Water of Elephants", had to overcome his phobia! The star of "Twilight" that had to work with many animals during the filming of his latest film, revealed to have been particularly alarmed to find themselves face to face with a horse.

He says: "I had to be overthrown by a horse. It was terrifying. It was only a split second, but it was a great stallion. I was already scared by the horses before. The actor of 24 years who co-starred with Reese Witherspoon in "Water of Elephants", said he was relieved that we did not ask him to get on the horse for the purpose of the film.

Top Chef: Who will dominate the semi-finals?

They are only four to claim the title Chief deTop 2011. Tonight the semi final will oppose the four candidates who have managed to salivate the jury, composed of Jean-François Piège, Ghislaine Arabian, Christian Constant and Thierry Marx, all known to be intractable! But tonight, one of the candidates have to leave the adventure ...

Which could therefore be obliged to make his apron? Probably not Fanny. This is not because it is not a pro pastry it will fail to convince the leaders, often more demanding on the dishes. Her temperament makes her swing is ideal winner, if you know how to master during his rants! Hopefully it gets to keep his composure tonight at the trial of the truck.

Patrick Sebastien Wedding Guest Kate and William ... April Fools

In its issue this week, our colleagues and friends Téléstar published an interview with Patrick Sébastien, interview surprising since the host of the largest announced cabaret be invited to the wedding of Kate and William: "Imagine that with Nana [his companion, ed] one is invited to the wedding of Prince William.

Kate Middleton's parents have a house in Corrèze, we became friends. They are lovely people. "Information immediately picked up by many sites celebrities, starting with Gala Disney Co, TéléLoisirs, Adobuzz and even Behold, all specialists Sc ... All people on this one were made without having to bother cross-check or verify the info.

Families Explorer: discover the Fiasson, united and brave

From the other side of the world, far from his home and his daily life, to face the harsh conditions of a family trip and to test its resilience, is the goal of participants Explorers families. The new program will start TF1 Friday, March 25 and should give us the chills. First regarding the images brought back from Australia, beautiful breathtaking, as production begins to spread.

Then, because families will face personal challenges, experiences that will put their nerves and their wisdom to the test in drylands. The first images evoke a Koh Lanta familly without eliminations ... Although ... We discover today the presentation of the family Fiasson. They leave at four, grandfather, Charles, her two daughters, Estelle and Carol, son and grandson, Remy.

Square Viiip: Viiip the rendezvous for fans in a Parisian bar

It is a gift that Viiip obtained through Thomas. Last Friday was lileu on the plateau Viiip Square, a battle between the candidate and Viiip WannaViiip Beverly. She dreams of becoming a singer and adored by his audience, he recorded a single with a former pop star following his participation at Secret Story.

Thomas, always decked in his finest wig, sang her hit electro Beautiful Mind ... and wowed the audience. The VPubliiicomètre gave its verdict without ambiguity: the delivery "boy" that viewers are most appreciated. Thomas has again increased its popularity and sympathy in its capital Viiip allowing candidates to meet their fans, the price of his victory.

Courteney Cox and David Arquette soon reconciled?

Courteney Cox and David Arquette still have feelings for each other. The two stars came together last Wednesday (March 23) during a press conference for their upcoming film, Scream 4, released in French theaters on April 13. The two players are separated but not divorced since last October, still seem very close.

They have continued to hold hands and exchange tender gestures that do not lie! A reconciliation is possible! They were obviously happy to be together. Courteney Cox, among others, said she loved working with his (ex) husband, David Arquette, and they respected very much. "We are separated, we work on ourselves, our relationship and make the point that we want.

Carlos Baute is getting married this summer in Latvia

Since he started the romance with the architect, Astrid Klisans, wedding bells have rung around Carlos Baute. And it seems that it is a reality and the singer has confirmed to the magazine QMD!. Only a year ago that the artist broke with his girlfriend for ten years, Malaga, Beatriz Miranda, and then confessed that he needed love and affection, something he found very early in the Venezuelan and future wife.

Amy Adams will be the new Lois Lane

For a surprise, it was a nice surprise. Amy Adams has just inherited a new role, and not any! That which has been repeatedly named Oscar (without a single win in malheuresuement) encamp the role of Lois Lane in the next Superman. The duo is complete. A few weeks ago we talked about recruiting because Henry Cavill to play the superhero.

The actress is ideal Zac Snyder himself who revealed the information. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, the director of the film to be released in 2012 says that "it was really important, because of course the role is crucial. We have interviewed many people, and Amy Adams has arrived and it appeared as the ideal person to embody it.

ViiiP square: the metamorphosis of Thomas

We still remember him, shy, reserved in. With a Gothic style. Leather bracelets and necklaces scrap. Today, Thomas is a new man. Or at least, "as he likes to be called. Because it is vital that man and the first name. Remember he was born a hermaphrodite, and that physically he is both man and woman.

Although he grew up as a boy, he always wanted to take his feminine side. Today, we find more women than ever in ViiiP Square. In the columns of our colleagues Closer, he says: "I lost 16 pounds since Secret Story. Now, I put on heels, I am more feminine." And it is to dot the i's, "But I am not a transvestite or transsexual." That being said.

Miranda Kerr, a model very committed to nature!

Miranda Kerr made the promotion of environmental protection as an ambassador for the WWF Earth Hour 2011. The Australian model has asked his fans to turn off the lights for 60 minutes, Saturday, March 26, to save energy to save the planet. The young mother turned to Russell Simmons, a music mogul, and the photographer James Russell to help promote this global environmental event.

Miranda Kerr has also requested his fans who follow her on Twitter and MySpace, turning off their computers and to collect during this time for land to pay tribute to victims of the earthquake and tsunami that devastated parts of Japan. Miranda Kerr was named Global Ambassador of Earth Hour by WWF, whose operation is to turn off the lights in a symbolic way one hour around the world simultaneously.

Miley Cyrus gets an unexpected visit!

Miley Cyrus may have avoided the worst ... A young man was recently arrested for attempting to enter his home! Musa Danasabe Ibrahim, 26, was arrested by police in Los Angeles in the early morning, after being found on the property adjacent to the star 18. Fortunately for Miley Cyrus, who was at home during the incident, the intruder obviously unbalanced, confused house! More fear than harm so ...

Britney Spears, her flamboyant back on stage!

Britney Spears surprised his audience in San Francisco back on stage to present his new songs in a mini concert of 45 minutes. Last Friday, the pop singer whose album "Femme Fatale" is released today (March 28) in stores in France (well the day has arrived), was delighted his fans in Las Vegas where the bung was pretty sound comeback on stage at the Palms Casino! The star appeared in great shape, muscular at will and energetic, she made the show moving his body to the sound of his new hits like a real tigress determined to maintain its status as pop princess coveted by d other female stars.

Adriana Lima is already up the heat!

Adriana Lima has once again given him on the new catalog spring / summer 2011 the famous lingerie brand "Victoria's Secret. The Brazilian model is definitely a sexy mom! In a new series of photos that has just been unveiled, the young woman is more resplendent than ever. It's hard to believe she gave birth to her first child, there is a little less than six months! Adriana Lima exposes her body without complex! No doubt the girl knows how to value the different sets of lingerie brand! Add that it also appears in a new advertising message of "Victoria's Secret" along with other beautiful young women.

"Possible photos of Miley Cyrus and Scarlett Johansson naked?

A apparently nude photos of Vanessa Hudgens that surfaced this week (Yes, there's more) would only be the tip of the iceberg and that many, many photos of many other celebrities would be just a click away from being seen by millions around the masturbatory world. It says the FBI is investigating a group of hackers who had infiltrated the email accounts and mobile phones more than 50 of some of the most famous women in Hollywood.

Pipi Estrada and charged against Bethlehem Miriam Esteban Sánchez and Jorge Javier Vázquez in what I say!

On Monday, counselors from the love of Women and Men and vice versa, Pipi Estrada and Miriam Sanchez are the protagonists of the magazine do you say! In the interview basically go over their five years together and relationship as a couple, but also had some words of Jorge Javier Vázquez, who Pipi not end very well after his altercation with Jimmy Giménez Arnau and Belén Esteban Sánchez with whom Miriam has had Hard dialectical exchanges.

The Press Special Square Viiip: Cindy and Giuseppe, the kings of buzz (Video)

There are 16 candidates, 8 and 8 Viiips WannaViiips but when it comes to the sacrosanct One of a celebrity magazine, two personalities are emerging as the most bankable of Viiip Square. It is of course Joseph and Cindy, both kings of buzz Viiip Square. Here, Oops and Closer, 3 magazines for people subject: Cindy and Giuseppe whose love story is one of this week's tabloids.

If stories of love between reality TV candidates have always been meat and drink of the tabloids, it is rare that one story monopolizes the attention of the media gossips. And if the truth of their feelings leaves doubtful the public (for a survey Square Viiip result suggests that 72% of the public does not believe in the sincerity of this relationship, this does not prevent the press from doing its headlines on this story.

Justin Bieber: even in Paris!

He's here! Justin Bieber is back in Paris, a little less than a month and a half after its last visit. Last February, we had found the side of the Grand Rex in Paris for the premiere of his first film, Never Say Never. This time, it is at Bercy that we will see the global star. This is the first time that Justin Bieber did a concert in France in a room as large.

Usually he had to promote itself or take a show-case. Paris is thus the last European tour of the young singer. Justin Bieber is first passed by England (remember scenes of mass hysteria), followed by Germany and the Netherlands. A big hit at every concert ... Beware, there will not be for everyone, since Justin Bieber make only one representation.

Lady Gaga supports the new web phenomenon, Rebecca Black

It keeps talking about the new phenomenon born in the popular YouTube site for good and for ill. Rebecca Black his name than his 13 years and his first single 'Friday' has poured all kinds of commentaries. Many are those who make fun of it, since music critics claimed that the subject matter, very childish, it was the worst subject for many years in the pop genre, and there are hundreds of parodies on the net with the word 'snafu 'but if a singer who defends it is, Lady Gaga.

Prince William has buried his bachelor life!

The weekend was festive for the Prince William ... To prepare for the burial of bachelorhood of his brother, Prince Harry had put the dishes in the major. For weeks, the younger son of Charles and Diana was preparing everything in the greatest secrecy. Everyone had been briefed. Even security was notified.

He trained from the month of November. At that time, a relative of the two princes had also told Britain's The Sun that quotiein Harry [wanted] it to be a great event, a stag party worthy of a future king. " The weekend should have been organized around a theme: water. Harry had expected him to do with all his friends a small meeting of jet-ski, with the finale, the pub crawl! Not sure that the water returned to the theme in this case! A leak, all over again! But the project leaked in the press, and everything has been reviewed! In the end, William, his brother and his friends gathered in the countryside.

Cannes 2011: Brad Pitt, Carla Bruni and other stars expected

May 11 will start the 64th Cannes Film Festival, and the whole planet will have their eyes turned to France for the finest talent parade of the movies, the most beautiful parade of stars ... For now, only a few big names have been confirmed around the ceremonial official, pending the revelation of selection for the competition.

This must be revealed April 14. In the meantime, here is a debriefing of the forces involved and what is rumored in the wings. In confirmed, the star of Taxi Driver, the American myth of Robert De Niro will chair the jury of the official competition, taking over from Tim Burton. The star of frenchie Ingourious Basterds, Melanie Laurent, will have the honor of being the mistress of ceremonies for opening and closing! Also confirmed the opening of the festival on the new Woody Allen film, Cannes regular presentations with Midnight in Paris.

Prince Harry on the cover of GQ

Prince Harry's brother William and son of the late Lady Di, participate shortly in an expedition to the North Pole. The number of this month's GQ magazine, English edition, brings you into his home to recognize both the merits of this new mission as the character's brother to be King of England in the future.

Harry himself posted a message on the reasons for going to do this trip, "This special issue will pay the debt with all those who went to the North Pole on behalf of our country and returning with physical and mental problems that swept throughout his life. We recognize their sacrifice and pay, in a sense, the debt we owe to them.

Square ViiiP: Marjorie left the game!

This is the first departure in spontaneous ViiiP Square. Marjoram, sulphurous repented, seems to be too chastened. The point of no longer stand reality TV. And expulsion of his family. The one that seemed to doubt more and more these days to finally decided to pack and leave her home in Miami to find his relatives.

"We're out of touch, I do not often hear from my baby and my fiance, I miss them a lot" she says in the confessional. Then she adds: "This kind of adventure, it's not too much for me. I can not find my place here." In his accomplice Alexandra, she says she does not find its bearings in the Square ViiiP: "At first I took a lot from me, and today I can not do it." Chastened and reasoned After reflecting and taking advice from Alexandra, Marjorie decides to start from square ViiiP.

Britney Spears spoil his fans!

Is this the return of spring and its beautiful days that put Britney Spears as good mood? In any case, the pop princess has decided to spoil his fans. In addition to going out today Femme Fatale, her new album, she just decided to give a concert this weekend in Las Vegas, Club Rain, a popular nightclub.

A show which were not planned to attend a thousand lucky fans. As if the surprise was not enough already, they had nothing to pay because it was a surprise appearance and thus, a free concert! Only problem that had to make the audience wince: the weight of Britney Spears. The pretty singer was obviously enamored of a jar of chocolate spread in recent months, since she has been with ten little pounds.

Johnny Hallyday on the Champs-Elysees: a moving launch! (VIDEO)

He made his appearance shortly before midnight. Show after Johnny aired yesterday on TF1, the festivities continued yesterday for fans of the singer in Paris at Virgin Champs-Elysees. This is where the rocker chose to launch his new album, Never Alone, Sunday, March 27, the day before the national release.

White shirt and black jacket, Johnny Hallyday has appeared on the balcony overlooking the Virgin within the fan assembly, accompanied by Matthew Chedid, who participated in the album, and his companion blondissime, Leaticia. "It's an album that is close to my heart because it is a return to roots rock and blues.

Rocío Carrasco unhappy with the marriage of Moher in Yerbabuena Chayo

Many fronts have been opened at the time of announcing the impending wedding in less than two weeks between Chayo Moher and Andrew Fernandez. The daughter of Rosa Benito Amador Mohedano and marries pregnant with her second child and these days has had many problems, again with Antonio Roof, father of her only child for now.

Besides, have not escaped the boyfriend who has spoken to his relationship with Maria de Mora and Marlene Mourreau and now they say that Rocio Carrasco would be upset because his cousin got married in Yerbabuena. What we all know is that the relationship of Moher from die Rocío Jurado is far less fluent, though they strive to appear normal.

Mariah Carey's return from hospital after false alarm babies!

"They really wanted to celebrate the anniversary with us! I had my first contractions last night ... I went to the hospital." Excited, Mariah Carey immediately posted the news on his Twitter account. As she celebrated her 42 years Sunday, March 27, the singer thought she would have two giveaways. Pending his first delivery, the woman rushed to the clinic feeling the first contractions ...

False alarm, no babies birthdays, the pain still did not announce the imminent arrival of twins! False alarm, but Mariah Carey was had a great emotion: "They're almost born on March 27! Happy birthday, indeed! We still have to wait a few weeks but ... Wow!" she posted a little later. The star has experienced a small taste of childbirth! For its part, the future father, Nick Cannon, was no less excited.

It reveals how will the cake at the wedding of Prince William with Kate Middleton

Although the wedding is usually what most say is the name of designer wedding gown, People has been able to report and how will the wedding cake. Apparently, the future King of England is quite sweet and personally took care of the cakes to be served at the banquet after the religious ceremony on 29 April.

Fiona Cairns (pictured) is responsible for creating cakes that have asked and promises to surprise. So far it has made it clear that after 25 years as a professional going to do something shocking. The cake will, in his words, "flower arrangements of English-style pastries and a shield with the initials of the parties." But, as mentioned, William called for more sweets at the banquet and not just pie in the end.

Selena Gomez and Dita Von Teese, among those invited to the birthday "blue" Perez Hilton

The famous blogger Perez Hilton celebrated her 33 birthday surrounded by famous friends on Saturday night on Sunset Boulevard studio in Los Angeles where he shines Selena Gomez. He also expressed what they wanted anniversary this year: Lady Gaga sales sweeps Born this way and to stop bullying among adolescents.

The tribute was a party where all guests had to be dressed in blue and the proceeds of which will go to the organization LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender). The scourge of many celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Miley Cyrus had "the best thing about the news the news and a more positive Perez is that fortunately, I have less unpleasant, uncomfortable and negative confrontations with people." "I'ma big boy.

Katy Perry, booed because of Justin Bieber

We know that Katy Perry and her husband, Russell Brand have a weakness for Justin Bieber. The truth is that the young Canadian seems to sit well with everyone who crosses. So, the singer could not think of anything else to dedicate a song to the singer of 18 in a concert that was offering in London. The action unfolded smoothly until the flamboyant artist dedicated one of his subjects to young Justin Bieber.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Madonna: Her school in Malawi could never open

Taylor Momsen, a Goth in Paris! (Photos)

Taylor Momsen was in France this week! After a passage that had not gone unnoticed in Paris last December, the singer was trash back in the hexagon to promote his album. Actress Gossip Girl, occurred Thursday evening for a showcase at Fnac Lille ... The young woman, always provocative, has raised a fan on stage before the strip! The day after she and her band The Pretty Reckless took the direction of the capital for another showcase at Fnac des Champs-Elysees.

Cristiano Ronaldo vs Leo Messi, you're the referee!

See Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi evolve on a football field is commonplace, but to see them compete in a newsstand, it's already a little more unusual ... But the two sports are on the cover of the magazine "GQ" to the April issue, it has indeed become common for major magazines to publish two different one for the same edition, this month the rivalry is between two stars of football and especially two beautiful kids in the fascinating journey which success Forgot largely smiled ...

Jessica Alba pregnant but dynamic!

The young woman came to his appointment, more elegant than ever, cast in jeans and a black blazer ... She has quietly engulfed the building without paying attention to the photographers present there. Add that Jessica Alba is a bit worried the last few days, because like other female celebrities (Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Scarlett Johansson ...) it would have been the victim of a hacker, who allegedly stole some personal files.

Penelope Cruz has a very caring brother!

Penelope Cruz was spotted Tuesday morning (March 22), on the way UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles. The actress, dressed in jeans, a white top and a white jacket, was not only because it was accompanied by his brother Eduardo, the boyfriend of Eva Longoria. Apparently, the young mother, has suffered a small medical checkup after pregnancy ...

But where was her boyfriend, Javier Bardem? Maybe he quietly kept the baby at home? Fortunately the Iberian star could count on the support of his brother! Remember that we will soon discover Penélope Cruz in the fourth installment of "Pirates of the Caribbean alongside Johnny Depp. No doubt the hot brunette will bring a touch of sensuality to the franchise!

Square ViiiP: Marjolaine Will she leave the game?

First great grief to Marjorie. Trapped in the Square ViiiP TF1 for ten days, the candidate has already want to stop the adventure. Saturday, crying in the confessional, the young woman said: "Since I entered this house, I have very little news of my baby and my fiance. It is cut off. I miss them . It's very hard, "said the candidate before admitting" it's hard to find its place "in the game after less than fifteen days of participation, Marjoram Will she forfeit? At 5:35 p.m., in the daily on Sunday 27 March, Elsa Fayer longer return on the blues of the candidate.

Nothing goes between Justin Bieber and Robert Pattinson

It's war between Justin Bieber and Robert Pattinson. Asked by the British magazine The People, the American singer had revealed that the star of Twilight had given him some advice when dredge had met at a party. "I met Rob once. He came to tell me they had one thing in common: people loved our hair and it was a good way to girls." Problem? Robert Pattison admitted a few days later they had never met Justin Bieber.

Reese Witherspoon married by surprise

Reese Witherspoon has been married almost secretly. The relationship he had with his partner, Jim Toth, has always been the most discreet, so that few knew of the wedding which took place in California with interesting guests from the worlds of film and no presence of the press. Jim Toth, talent agent, was delighted at the ceremony for precisely this discretion.

The couple married in a ceremony that lasted 20 minutes and is held in the city where they live, Ojai (California) before 125 guests who were able to keep the secret. Among the attendees were able to see Rene Zelleweger, Alyssa Milano, Robert Downey Jr. and Tobey Maguire among others. The girl wore a dress from Monique Lhuillier.

38 artists gathered on the compilation "Songs For Japan"

It is a major operation which has embarked Universal Music. Given the magnitude of the disaster that is currently affecting Japan, the record company decided to join artists in this cause. In "Songs for Japan", Justin Timberlake, Bob Dylan, U2, Lady Gaga, P! nk and many other singers have agreed to forego the rights of their membership to help associations locally.

Available on legal download since Friday, the album contains 38 songs by 38 different artists. For the modest sum of 9.99 euros, you'll find "Make You Feel My Love" Adele, "Firework" Katy Perry "It's Ok" Cee Lo Green, "Awake" by Josh Groban, "Use Somebody" Kings Of Leon, "Sunrise" by Norah Jones, "Save Me" Nicki Minaj or "Pray" by Justin Bieber.

Tom Hanks returns to American television

Big blow for Tina Fey and her team! We learned this weekend, Tom Hanks will star in an episode of 30 Rock, NBC's hit series and Canal +, this season. It is the actor himself who revealed information about his personal Twitter account. "Message from Tina Fey. The result is I'm in 30 Rock!" wrote the actor, Oscar winner on numerous occasions.

Currently no information on the nature of the character or even the number of episode starring Tom Hanks has been revealed. The news nonetheless an event for American television. Many series producer, Tom Hanks had done more than rare on the small screen. The arrival in 30 Rock adds to the incredible list of celebrities who have agreed to play a role in the series of Tina Fey.

Square ViiiP Alexandra and Noam increasingly close (VIDEO)

A new love story it would begin before the eyes of viewers TF1? Saturday, Alexandra and Noam have continued to turn around. Enjoying a moment of tranquility, the two candidates square ViiiP spent part of their day to cuddle and get kisses. But not on the mouth! Alexander refused. But until when? Apparently attracted by the Wannaviiip, Princess Secret Story 2, a tango begins with the young man before packing.

Incredible, Rebecca Black will release an album

How far will Rebecca Black? While his first single "Friday" has become the laughingstock of the entire planet, the young girl of 13 years do not give up. Building on the success of its clip, seen more than 60 million times on YouTube is more than the last single from Britney Spears and Lady Gaga, Rebecca Black came into the studio to record her first album.

"I am currently in the studio to record new songs. I'll prove you wrong. Just like Friday, the new songs are catchy," said the singer before answering his critics: "You think your criticism will help me break down and make me stop singing but you do that make me stronger, "she replied in English daily The Sun.

Miley Cyrus a stalker arrested for trespassing on your property

Danasabe Musa Ibrahim, stalker Miley Cyrus, was taken into police custody after being caught "red handed" in the block in the neighborhood of the singer, believing the property where he was the star of Hannah Montana. Police called to the home of Miley Cyrus on Thursday morning, March 24 after being informed of an attempted assault in the house next door.

Danasabe Musa Ibrahim, 26, was arrested after being found by the house of the artist. X17online. com told that Ibrahim was trying to enter the house Cyurs, but confused the two houses. A police spokesman told this means: "when we arrived at the place of succession were in the neighborhood.

Facebook: The designer finally changing his "relationship status" on the site

Launched in February 2004, the social network Facebook has become a global phenomenon in less than ten years. Today, more than 600 million people worldwide have an account on the micro-blogging site and its creator, Mark Zuckeberg became one of the youngest billionaire on the planet. Often criticized for his image of egocentric genius, the young man of 26 years is nevertheless a man like any other.

Reese Witherspoon got married this weekend

This is one of the surprises of the weekend. Nobody expected it and yet, Saturday, in the strictest privacy, Reese Witherspoon has officially said yes to his companion, Constable Jim Toth. Together since January 2010, the couple got engaged last December and the wedding was only a formality as close to the couple.

"Early on, Jim realized that Reese was that he needed," said one close to the couple. At 35, the actress has married Jim Toth, 40, during a private ceremony in Ojai, California. It is the agent of the star an Oscar for his role in the film Walk The Line, which has confirmed the news Saturday evening.

Lindsay Lohan plans to change his stage name

Lindsay Lohan has it ever more clear. Change his stage name will be something that will benefit you. Another thing is that directors be called for this reason but we must be clear that, at least try to do my best. His own mother, Dina Lohan, is the person who revealed the plans of the young actress. "Lindsay is tired of so many rumors and is considering leaving his name.

Lindsay thinks that calling only better. My daughter Ali and myself, we will change the name to use mine, Sullivan. " It's funny but the big stars of music, like Prince or Madonna, have had much more success with a single word with the full name. Sources close to the actress confirms that she has been thinking for some time now but leave your name at the time came to think that nobody would know who he was.

Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez have dinner together

Demi Lovato gradually resumes its normal life and this leads back to be with his friends including his great friend and also Disney girl, Selena Gomez. The main character of Sonny had just recovered twitter in his emotion, while the star of Wizards of Waverly Place put a picture of the two posing together in their account of this network.

Lovato, 18, dating back to what was once his best friend, Gomez, also 18. The actress wrote in his account on Friday, March 25 that had just had a fun dinner with your partner in Princess Protection Program. "Dinner with @ SelenaGomez fun, briefly told the girl, while Selena Gomez posted a photo of both together, but offered no details about his meeting.

Amy Winehouse takes the air! (Photos)

Amy Winehouse seems to be in top shape ... She was photographed last Thursday (March 23), full shopping trip in London, England. The British singer, dressed in a pink sweater-dress rather short and white ballerina feet, looked somewhat chilled Ah ... the joys of British weather! Perhaps she would have consulted the day's weather to dress accordingly? The artist of 27 years preparing to return to the front of the stage with a new album, has just launched new merchandising Lioness Records items on his official website.

Vanessa Hudgens and her younger sister stalked! (Photos)

Vanessa Hudgens and her younger sister, Stella, were moderately enjoyed being photographed by paparazzi as they walked quietly to their gym workout last Wednesday (March 23) in Studio City, California. Two sisters, who donned their sports gear, tried as best they could to hide their faces from prying eyes! Not always easy being a celebrity, but we must accept the disadvantages, right? The former girlfriend of Zac Efron must be somewhat strained since "Sucker Punch" just released in U.S.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lindsay Lohan dropped her surname

Lohan. A family name that has helped make the young Linday a star but that became too heavy to wear for the 24 year old starlet, whose woes are regularly in the celebrity magazine. So much so that Lindsay Lohan has decided to drop his family name. "Lindsay gave up his last name and not respond in the name of Lindsay," he said Friday at the website Popeater Dina Lohan, mother of the actress.

The 48 year old woman added that, in turn, she and her second daughter Ali would take his maiden name Sullivan. Basically, no more female member of the family wants to be attached to the patriarch, Michael Lohan. Cher, Madonna, Beyonce ... Lindsay! As for Lindsay, this change of identity is perhaps a good thing.

Nagui balance the Victoires de la Musique

This year, France Televisions has been undergoing a facelift at the Victoires de la Musique. For the first time since its inception in 1985, the ceremony was in fact split into two: the first part aired on France 4 and a second, with the largest categories, broadcast on France 2, three weeks later. Another important change: the presenters.

Nagui, orders the Victoires de la Musique in 2009, has been ousted in favor of Stephanie and Cyril Renouvin Hanouna for a party and Mary Drucker for part two. But these changes were not well received by the public, which has shunned the ceremony. For its part, the presentation of Mary Drucker has also been strongly criticized (see our article).

Vanessa Hudgens spectacular premiere of 'Sucker Punch'

Actress Vanessa Hudgens presents shows at the premiere of his latest film 'Sucker Punch' which was held at the Chinese Theater in Los Angeles. All extended red carpet for the occasion that was attended by many celebrities out of character to complete the film. Every night for the girls 'Sucker Punch' and although it appeared ligerita costumed warriors and as in the movie, all dazzled with their costumes, but the former Disney girl Vanessa simply dazzled.

Patricia Kaas: "Now I do what I like!"

Patricia Kaas was not idle. No sooner was his last tour she concluded that the singer released his autobiography, The Shadow of me voice, published by Flammarion. For the first time, Patricia Kaas is forthright book about his life and his career. To mark the book's release, the singer, who will be tonight's guest in Lawrence Ruquier We're not lying, gave an interview to our colleagues in TV Magazine.

X Factor: Lady Gaga and the Black Eyed Peas arrive on M6!

Where M6 has introduced its new X Factor TV hook-Press in January, the chain had hinted that the big names in the international song occur live on board the issue on the sidelines of the competition. And in light of the stars announced, we can say that M6 does not lie. According to our colleagues from Pure People, Lady Gaga and the Black Eyed Peas have indeed agreed to sing on X Factor.

The eccentric pop star, who still dominates the worldwide charts with her latest hit "Born This Way" and the hip-hop style, which occur at the Stade de France next June, and are in a premium Factordès that X The show will air live from the Palais de Sports in Paris, that is to say, from 19 April.