Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Spanish Royal family does not attend the wedding of Prince Albert of Monaco

Just hours left for the church wedding between Prince Albert of Monaco and his girlfriend, former swimmer, Charlene Wittstock and has been known that for reasons of protocol no representation of the Spanish royal family in the link, as the invitation was addressed to King, who still has not resumed his official agenda.

Therefore, the very King Juan Carlos has spoken by telephone with Albert II and has excused his presence in the link because it was required. The same sources from La Zarzuela, Albert of Monaco has heard and understood the explanations of the monarch over his inability to attend the wedding, remember that as well one knee was operated on 3 May.

Prince Harry would be a couple ... but not with the sister of Kate Middleton!

Prince Harry has denied persistent rumors that he wanted maintains a relationship with Kate Middleton's sister, Philippa Middleton (better known under the name Pippa). Last week, the prince, helicopter pilot, who was at the Hard Rock Calling concert, reportedly told relatives that between his military career and his royal duty, he did not really have time to fall in love.

The prince reportedly told a source: "Pippa? Ha no! I no person at this time. I am single. I work a lot, then go out with someone and watching television are the latest things that I have time. "The brother of Prince William, who is officially single since his separation from his longtime girlfriend Chelsy Davy, said in early June that he is not ready to marry.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Irina Shayk to the beach, a way to CR7 to calm his nerves?

After spending some romantic days in Turkey with his girlfriend Irina Shayk, Cristiano Ronaldo, the player managed Real Madrid, and his statuesque Russian doll, make their home in Algarve in Portugal to spend their last days of vacation with the rest of the family! It was photographed today (June 30), with Irina while both enjoy the pleasures of the beach and the glorious sunshine that hits hard on the Mediterranean coast.

Claudia Schiffer and Naomi Campbell are still courted!

Who says our society was marked by the cult of youth at all costs? Certainly not the models Claudia Schiffer and Naomi Campbell who rule the fashion world since the 90's and who do not see the number of contracts fall! Indeed, the two beauties have always provided on a roll, I must say they have a hell of a pace and at a time when the mini-stars are doing their pre-pubescent revolution, it's nice to see real Women appear on advertising campaigns, proof that after 40 years, seduction and sex appeal are still relevant! Claudia Schiffer is continuing its "marriage business" with the House of Chanel, and it can be seen in a campaign for the new collection of eyeglasses and sunglasses (Fall-Winter 2011) of the famous French luxury brand.

Eva Longoria and Penelope Cruz are the divas in Spain, the crisis is not for them!

Eva Longoria, Penelope Cruz, Monica Cruz and their respective companions, Eduardo Cruz, Javier Bardem and Álex González, enjoyed a unique dining experience in the restaurant three stars of chef Ferran Adria, El Bulli ', located in Roses, Catalonia (Spain) said to be an ace of molecular gastronomy. The merry band together with some friends could enjoy this moment in the strictest privacy, since the restaurant has opened for the fine linen come taste the specialties of the chef Spanish considered one of the most talented in the world! This is a real treat stars like what the celebrity is not all bad for these celebrities who often complain about their status to the media ...

Lady GaGa, in torment, thinking of the future ...

Passing through a program called Japanese Sukkiri, Lady GaGa mentioned professional projects ... and already thinking about a new world tour. International singer hopes to make music for a long time, "My dream is to continue making music, touring and doing everything I can to meet my fans. "The indefatigable woman also expressed her wish to go back on tour, beginning early next year.

Apparently she can not wait to find these little monsters! "I will go on tour around the world and I have already started to plan. I'm really excited, I can not even sleep at night, "she said. His only fear is ending up far from her family if she should start a new and long world tour. She explains: "The only thing that makes me really fear is to miss important moments with my family because I travel too much, then I call my mother and father every day.

Marriage Albert of Monaco and Charlene: everything in their metal carriage

Charlene Wittstock and Prince Albert will move. The Lexus limousine thought for Charlene and Albert will be a Landaulet LS 600h L Hybrid Full. It will have a retractable roof for the Monegasque can cheer the royal couple as they should. On July 2 it will do the following path: starting from the palace to get to Sainte Devote church through the avenue de la Porte-Neuve, Avenue du Port and the Boulevard Albert 1er.

Kate Moss is finally athome

English model Kate Moss will finally 'yes I do' on Friday July 1 and strangely will the same day you make Albert of Monaco. The bad girl of the catwalk at 37, will marry her boyfriend Jamie Hince, guitarist for the band The Kills. In a church near his home in Oxfordshire leave behind their single status.

The party will be a music festival with performances by Snoop Dogg, the Rolling Stones, Beth Ditto and Iggy Pop and the celebrations will last three days, and according to one's own supermodel, wants the party of the year. To do this, no expense has been spared. Kate has hired the staff of the Ritz hotel in Paris to ensure that all guests are well cared for and fed throughout the weekend.

Prince Harry is no longer single

While the handsome Harry said a few days ago to be 100% single - thus understand that after many years of love more or less happy with, it was open to all proposals - that we learn that it is already cased. With Pippa Middleton? No. Prince Harry has set his sights on a young blonde woman, lingerie model option of her condition, and by the name of Florence Brudenell-Bruce.

Chris North thinks there will be no Sex and the City 3

Oh no then! A bit of optimism! Probably marked by the failure of the second component to the movies in the series, aka Mr. Big, does not seem at all confident when we think the future of the series. "It does not depend on me, but from what I know, I do not see Sex And The City 3 happen. I am not disappointed and you never know.

I regret the start of the series, when she was not at the center of attention, where it was not a kind of icon. It was really good to write and entertain, but it became something more, I do not really understand." He said in Parade magazine.

Wedding Charlene and Albert of Monaco: the program of the festival

For the people of Monaco the festivities for the wedding of their sovereign Prince Albert of Monaco with the beautiful Charlene Wittstock begins today. The program of the royal wedding has been released and apparently the couple takes Monaco to make their wedding a big event popular. As expected, the launch of the weekend wedding will be given by the concert of Californian The Eagles starting at 22 hours for a two-hour show at the Stade Louis II in front of 15,000 people.

Nicolas Sarkozy, Naomi Campbell... The guests of the royal wedding

In celebration, distinguished guests. If the first lady of France will attend the wedding of Charlene Wittstock and Prince Albert of Monaco because of pregnancy, the leaders of all countries visited by Prince Albert for his induction were invited, as well as those historically associated with the Principality of Monaco .

Nicolas Sarkozy will attend the ceremony so alone but will have the opportunity to do a lot of boyfriends and not just in the political class that already knows pretty well. If he can cross the European Commission President José Manuel Barroso, he wishes instead to have a good time to chat mode, photos and Coca Cola Light in the company of Karl Lagerfeld or enjoy the charms of Paris from to Ines de la Fressange.

Katy Perry and Russell Brand are moving into a huge house

When you have the means, as well take advantage. Married for a few months, and are not to be pitied. They come to sell a house in $ 3.3 million that Russell had offered to Katy, and they found a nest even more spacious. The couple is preparing to move to Hollywood in a luxurious Spanish style. A total of seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a cinema, a large kitchen, dining room, patio, swimming pool and a guest house.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Anna Kournikova confides in her love affair with Enrique Iglesias

After eight years together and this in the utmost discretion, singer Enrique Iglesias and former tennis player Anna Kournikova always seem to run perfect love! For once, the pretty blonde has agreed to make a few secrets about his romantic relationship with the interpreter of "Bailamos" the British newspaper "Daily Telegraph".

The young woman found to have complete confidence in her marriage, and she said not even feel any jealousy in front of thousands of female fans who swoon at the beautiful brown, on the contrary she is proud of its success! "The more of a fan, I'm more happy for him, I know he loves to perform on stage before the

Jessica Alba awaits the arrival of baby with confidence

Jessica Alba has a family that exudes happiness! The star, accompanied by her husband, Cash Warren, and his adorable daughter, Honor, was seen last Sunday (June 26), the supermarket Whole Foods (a brand that specializes in fresh, natural products) located in the posh Beverly Hills. The actress, 30, who is expecting her second child, do not neglect its looks, still trendy, she opted for a pretty coral color dress and a blue jacket that perfectly camouflaged her pretty round belly of a pregnant woman.

Miley Cyrus happy as a clam in Australia

Miley Cyrus wins a lot of money but also likes to spend it ... The young artist, currently on tour in Australia, the opportunity to gin shops between concerts. The interpreter of "Can not Be Tamed", accompanied by her mother Tish, she is very close, has offered a new shopping session last Monday (June 27) on Oxford Street in Sydney.

Apparently the young woman enjoys his visit to the country of her boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth, especially in the city of Sydney. Miley Cyrus has expressed her joy via Twitter: "Life is so beautiful. Waking up in Sydney for a pedicure. One hour talk on the phone with the sweetest boy in the world.

Selena Gomez continues his marathon promo... attention to health!

After a few minor health concern, Selena Gomez is working hard to promote his new film "Monte Carlo" in the U.S. ... but also her new album entitled "When The Sun Goes Down" that comes from out. But the American star "made in Disney," she really have a choice? The young woman was Sunday afternoon (June 26) at Orland Square Mall shopping center in Chicago, Illinois to meet her fans and make them want to see the movie.

Shia Labeouf admits his affair with Megan Fox on Transformers

It is true that when we saw the young Shia LaBeouf in love with the buxom Megan Fox as the first images of the first Transformers, they believed. "I think we can see the chemistry on screen," explained the actor in Details Magazine. An alchemy that he and Megan Fox worked beyond the plateau. Half-embarrassed, the hero of the trilogy has admitted complicity born with the bomb was indeed on the order of flirting, "Listen, you are on a plateau for 6 months with someone whose role is to be attracted to you and you are attracted to her.

Emma Watson: love on the set of Harry Potter

While all children fall in love for the first time in the school yard is on the set of Harry Potter Emma Watson has discovered this great feeling. Neither Daniel Radcliffe (Harry), or Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley), or even the irrepressible Robert Pattinson (Cedric Diggory) that made her heart beat a hundred miles an hour, but the puny Tom Felton, aka Draco Malfoy, Hermione Granger of the enemy.

Robert Pattinson, just frankly pessimistic or realistic?

The actor Robert Pattinson, who put the youth of the world at his feet in a few years playing as the vampire Edward Cullen in the saga "Twilight", confided in an interview in the pages of the magazine "You Magazine" on the current state of mind ... Well here's a young man who does not hesitate to reveal his side disenchanted the general public, pointing to everything he dislikes in his life, even drawing the ire of those who are tired of hearing the whining of the star and his girlfriend, Kristen Stewart takes on their celebrity status! Robert Pattinson shows therefore that his native England, he misses a lot when he is shooting abroad, as is the case now since running in Toronto, Canada, the movie Cosmopolis directed by David Cronenberg.

Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus united in the same fight!

Demi Lovato took a few minutes to post a message of thanks to the actress Brittany Snow via the Twitter social network to salute his personal commitment! Indeed, the young woman has launched the "Louder Than Love Is the Pressure to Be Perfect" ("Love is more important than pressure to be perfect") which also joined Demi, who better that 'she can understand the dictates imposed by our society in terms of physical appearance? It is no longer a secret that Demi, long a victim of ridicule of his classmates had finally falling into bulimia, an eating behavior that she hoped to overcome by integrating a rehabilitation center for several months.

Patrick Dempsey leaves Grey's Anatomy

A new catastrophe for all the fans who do not consider one second following the adventures of Seattle Grace Hospital's internal without the presence of Dr. Mamour cute and her dimples. The probable cause of this departure? Patrick Dempsey is tired of her character whose evolution is slow, and sometimes incomprehensible actions: "I have more and more difficult to justify the actions of my character.

Nick Jonas says goodbye to his girlfriend Delta Goodrem...

Nick Jonas has taken the lead in Chicago last Sunday (June 26th) after spending a few days in love with his new girlfriend Delta Goodrem, Australian singer eight years his senior ... The young man, dressed casual (jeans and blue shirt ), was seen in the aisles at the airport in Los Angeles as he prepared to join his plane.

The youngest member of the musical Jonas Brother continues its journey across the United States to promote the contest which he is godfather, 'The Quaker Chewy Search Superstar "whose goal is to find a young talent between the ages of music 8 and 14 years! Nick Jonas takes his role very seriously and hopes to find a young prodigy, he recently told MTV: "I think for this particular competition, I have to stay in the trend of young artists of the moment.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Kate Middleton and Prince William: the program of their Canadian tour

The first official trip to Kate Middletonet his brother Prince William looks more than busy. No rest for the couple planned (except perhaps in the plane?), Since 1 July, and for over a week, he will observe a quasi-military planning, planned to the minute. Invited to attend National Day celebrations, the lovers will meet Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the Heritage Minister James Moore and the Governor General David Johnson.

Victoria Beckham is unfaithful to David

Notwithstanding the (evil?) Boards of its coach and Rachel Zoe to take a little weight as possible in pregnancy and hide her big belly under clothing perfectly selected, Victoria Beckham does not support more. The eternal rickety, which is huge as to be compared to a whale, took extreme measures to save what they see as a vision of horror to her husband.

Leaving the marriage bed, and David Beckham leaving the freedom of snoring and watch games until all hours, she moved into their spare room and now sleeps with their French bulldog, Scarlet. According to one close to the couple: "She treats her dog as if it were her child, awaiting the arrival of the baby.

Halle Berry and Nicole Kidman, two stars of course but also two mother hens!

Taking its obligations as a mother very seriously, Halle Berry may well be a star, it is no woman on the street months when it comes to her child, so she was out of school yesterday retrieve her daughter, Nahla, and buy him his lunch! The beautiful actress of 44 years came back bundle of joy born of his love affair with model Gabriel Aubry at her school located in West Hollywood, then she went to buy ice cream for his little chip can be on time so freshener four hours of waiting!

Pamela Anderson denounced by an ex-boyfriend

The fashion of the claims made famous is raging. The latest to join the list is Pamela Anderson. His partner and ex-boyfriend, Laurence Hallier, has decided for the failure to build an apartment block in which they were partners. 22 million and a half dollars is the amount claimed. We put on record. Hallier is a company in the Panorama Towers in Las Vegas and signed a collaboration agreement with Anderson in 2006.

Lady Gaga charged byfraud

Known to support the oppressed and have the hand on heart, Lady Gaga would especially on the wallet. That's what the suspect 1-800-LAW-FIRM law firm, accusing it of having used copiously on the profits of selling bracelets to help tsunami victims in Japan. Designed by the singer, jewelry bore the inscription "We pray for Japan" and a hand with a scratch, the hallmark of Gaga.

Jennifer Lopez, motherhood has changed, especially in his line, she says without embarrassment!

It has been three years since Jennifer Lopez gave birth to her twins, Emme and a little girl a little boy Max, and the star admits she no longer has the same shape since giving birth despite his efforts to keep fit ! Jlo wants to reassure other women who are struggling to find their bodies before pregnancy, it carries the same battle, despite his fame and fortune that allow access to many health fitness ...

Justin Bieber: is his life in danger?

Justin Bieber is a young, cute, rich and famous... and thus he arouses the jealousy against his will. All the ingredients to attract unbalanced! The young man was unfortunately charges last week, during an autograph session at a Macy's to launch a new fragrance called "Someday." One man jumped over the security gates for the bully! The boyfriend of Selena Gomez quietly signed autographs for her fans last Thursday (June 23), when an individual of about forty years jumped on it, projecting it violently to the ground.

Rihanna suddenly collapses during a concert

Live a moment of shame when we dance alone in her living room, it's no big deal . But when we fall miserably in full ultra sexy dance in front of 16,000 people, that's another story. Sexy devil, in shorts and tight-fitting strapless multicolored scales, Rihanna fidgeted with insurance What's My Name in front of his Canadian fans in Edmonton when she was betrayed by his shoes.

Irina Shayk thinks to Cristiano Ronaldo

The supermodel Irina Shaijlislámova, more known as Irina Shayk, proves that it is not just the girlfriend of Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, but is also a model that the world of fashion is hard! Recently, the girl had blown the cover of the prestigious magazine "Sports Illustrated" and nine other competitors, now the buxom brunette that looks like a diva or Italian bomba latina, sleek physique that she attributes to her roots Tartars, made the cover of another magazine coveted the "Harper's Bazaar" (Mexican edition).

Cheryl Cole fantasy still on her ex husband

Officially divorced from the footballer Chelsea, Ashley Cole, since September 2010, Cheryl Cole, who is only 27, is already a victim of its biological clock. The singer was terrified at the idea of being thirty, but not mother. To him, the ideal father for her future children would still be his beloved Ashley, despite the faithlessness of the athlete who had broken their marriage after four years of happiness.

Prince William and Kate Middleton offered a bit of relaxation before their first Royal Tour

Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton attended yesterday afternoon (Monday, 27 June), the game knockout final between Britain's Andy Murray at the French Richard Gasquet. The couple, who was a private visit at the All England Lawn Tennis Club, has once again caused a sensation in the royal box at Wimbledon ...
The lovely Kate Middleton, still radiant, did not go unnoticed, wearing a white dress brand Temperley London, and perched on high heels nude. After this little relaxing sport, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge préparont their first official visit abroad. In a few hours, they will fly to Canada.

Brad Pitt, Angie and the children have a good time at the water park in Malta!

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt took their children yesterday (June 27) to the water park which is located on the west coast of Malta, Mediterranean sea, an island where the family landed, a few days ago, to follow Brad on the location of his latest film "World War Z". So it's a relaxing day that all the happy family has given to the Malta Marine Park, the famous couple's six children Maddox, nine, Pax, seven, Zahara, six-year-old Shiloh, five and adorable twins Vivienne and Knox two years were able to swim with dolphins, and discovering all kinds of marine animals, sea lions, giant tortoises and other critters in the maritime évouluant! A beautiful day for children who have enjoyed the sun and to swim, and also, no doubt, to learn in this park dedicated to research, conservation and awareness of  "Secrets of the Sea"

Clash in Monaco: Charlene ready to leave the Prince Albert before the wedding!

A week ago, Charlene Wittstock was at the airport of Nice, about to embark without returning to South Africa, shattered by revelations about the personal life of her future husband. A fugue that the royal family of Monaco was quickly interrupted. Zapper marriage as the principality of Monaco is under way for months in preparation for the festivities on Saturday? Impossible.

The minimum service information is from the Express, which ensures that the beautiful Charlene Wittstock does now that ensuring "minimum service" on its obligations to future princess. That takes a terrible cold on the wedding that everyone was getting ready to celebrate. In fact, Charlene has already learned a while ago that Prince Albert had a child of adulterous love with Nicole Coste.

Love is in the meadow: a very hot season!

The class is the appointment of the sixth season of love is in the field! Fabien is the cowboy of service, which launched the offensive against the two contenders, Séverine and Virginia. The beautiful blonde took out his gun cruising favorite, a tray of cheese and white wine to seduce young girls, to whom he proposed a very elegant piece of baguette.

"You like your ass or you do not like your ass? "(Bread, so ...) he has swung, causing uncomfortable laughter and surprising response in Virginia:" I like the ass! ". It has the merit of being clear. With a farmer in hot blood, and two girls who sleep in the same room, just steps from his own, life will not be sad ...

Jennifer Aniston is an happy woman ... and love?

Jennifer Aniston, who was the guest of the morning show Good Morning America yesterday (June 27), said he was very pleased with his personal life today. Asked about his private life, the actress visibly flourished, said: "Yes, I am very happy. I am extremely lucky and I am extremely happy. "The former star of" Friends "has not directly discussed his relationship with actor Justin Theroux, but no doubt that this ambiguous statement, means one thing ...

Eric Zemmour, Guy Lagache, Thomas Sotto ... The transfer window continues

Summer is coming. It's time for satellite radio and TV channels to prepare the start of 2011-2012 and the waltz of journalists and broadcasters who move from one program to another according to the opportunities given quickly dizzy. While Télérama scheme proposes a small way footballing transfer window, here is our récaputilatif of the great movements of school.

The two "Zérics" Eric Zemmour Eric Naulleau and waved the cloth in recent weeks, ejected from the show where they officiated as a Cerberus ready to bite to defend the right to politically incorrect. Do not panic, the duo should always be part of the French media landscape as it is about to be reformed on Paris Première.

Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem inaugurated in Madrid the Spanish version of "Walk of Fame" (photos)

Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem her husband drew all eyes on the occasion of the inauguration of the "Calle de las Estrellas" in Madrid, a Spanish version of the famous "Walk of Fame" (literally "walk of fame") Hollywood! It was the first time the married couple were photographed together in the capital, an event all the more symbolic that the actress is in Madrid.

Directors Pedro Almodóvar and Alejandro Amenábar also attended the inauguration which was attended by many actors and actresses Spanish thrilled to pay tribute to their movies. And Javier Pe, the proud parents of little Leo had already appeared together at the Goya Awards in 2010, but it was the first time that the couple put together hand in hand in front of photographers at an event organized in Madrid , a presence that, as such, had the merit of drawing all eyes.

Johnny Hallyday lights the fire for the marriage of Charlene and Albert

The marriage of Charlene Wittstock and Prince Albert of Monaco will be bright, romantic or removed and will not. The program for the evening of July 2 was revealed with pyrotechnic prowess in order for a sound and light show that should be memorable. "Bouquets bright, dazzling comets, floral wreaths, beads mutlicolores or phosphorescent stars" ...

July 14, will pale in two weeks! The mechanism provided for in Monaco rockets but security is particularly impressive with "roses 1001 up the sky" according to information from the AFP. The most important thing is that the fireworks will be personalized for the newlyweds with an evocation of South Africa for Charlene Wittstock (Africa Johnny Clegg) and Prince Albert Street of Philadelphia Bruce Springsteen, not on Grace Kelly.

Lady Gaga is denounced by misappropriation

Before that, last Saturday, the pop artist of the moment were headlining the festival held in Japan for the earthquake victims came the news that has been sued. Misappropriation charges have not been like the artist, but even worse is that everything has been caused by the sale of bracelets charities.

Gaga went on sale bracelets, "We pray for Japan" to help Japanese affected by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami that devastated much of the island of the rising sun. The price of each bracelet was $ 5 to when we had to add $ 3.99 for shipping and 60 cents tax. The shipment cost only a dollar less that the bracelet suggested to many that there was cheating.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Britney Spears, in great shape, settles accounts with the media in the video "I Want to Go"!

Britney Spears makes a comeback on the front of the music scene! His new album, Femme fatale, a hit around the world and the first reviews of the tour is excellent. It is in this context that the singer 29 years we offer the video that shows "I Want to Go", a piece involving electro rhythms, produced by Max Martin and Shellback, the third single from his new album.

Another new tube in perspective for the star! Completely offset the clip takes place in Los Angeles and serves as a real reckoning with the media, especially the paparazzi who constantly harass Britney Spears in recent years. To produce the video, the young woman told the controllers to Chris Marrs Piliero, to whom we owe, including the video for Justin Bieber, "Baby" and "Blow" Ke $ ha.

Lady GaGa, a scam? Yes if we are to believe a lawyer from Michigan!

According to an American lawyer, Robbie Williams would have enriched by selling bracelets "We Pray For Japan" for the victims of the natural disaster that devastated the northeast coast of Japan in March. Profits from the sale would help the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. These serious allegations disclosed by the site RadarOnline from Mr. Kresch, a lawyer in Michigan who decided to pursue international justice singer. He claims the artist $ 5 million (3.5 million)! He accuses Lady GaGa total lack of transparancy regarding this charitable operation. According to counsel, the interpreter of "The Edge Of Glory" has never provided the cost of production of the famous bracelets, sold with an additional five dollars apiece for shipping and VAT, or the amount donate it to the Japanese people.

Bernard Arnault, "John Galliano did not rework LVMH"

At the end of the first day of trial, feedback about the attitude of John Galliano was hunanime. The man who introduced himself to the court of Paris had a low profile, visibly thinner, pleading addiction to alcohol and ensuring that its racist and anti-Semitism does not reflect his thinking. It could therefore talk about a good impression.

Obviously, this is not enough to restore the master. Thus, Bernard Arnault, CEO of LVMH, undoubtedly keeps grievances against the "case Galliano." "It does not work with it to LVMH," he told the New York Times after the Dior Homme fashion show this Saturday. In fact, the successor and former assistant to John Galliano has been praised for his work in finding a parade held to a relatively small committee, in sobriety.

Rosie Huntington: the new bomb ensures Transformers

At 24, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley managed to get noticed. On the poster for Transformers 3, she is only a small silhouette face huge robots alongside Shia LaBeouf. In the trailer she is the girlfriend of the hero, the one to protect them from evil invaders, which runs like a gazelle and is not afraid of anything.

During the promotion of Transformers 3, she is the star, the best argument promo of the film. The aptly named Transformers: The Far Side of the Moon will be released in June 29, the team has begun a promotional marathon. U.S. to London via Berlin, Rosie Huntington has enchanted photographers from around the world, smiling in the arms of Patrick Dempsey, Josh Duhamel and Shia Labeouf in dresses maddening to dizzying cleavage.

Elton John and George Michael finally reconciled

Sorry for seven long years, George Michael and Elton John have decided to bury the hatchet with music! Nothing like a little song to forget the quarrels of the past! Elton John and George Michael finally reconciled

Paulina Rubio escapes jail for being a mother

Paulina Rubio has been spared jail for being a mother. New motherhood has given her much joy, but never could suppose it would be a mitigating factor after having had an accident and some resistance to authority. The accident, as long as the version published by TMZ, and the agent was told to Pauline should leave your car.

The agent, according to the laws of Florida, said he was arrested. At that time the artist out of the car, handcuffed him and started screaming "Help, I have not done anything, bunch of liars. Look what they're asking me. It is an abuse ".

Michael Jackson's red jacket sold for $ 1.8 million

It was estimated 200,000 to $ 400,000. The sky red jacket with zippered pockets and marking golden epaulets worn by Michael Jackson in the video "Thriller", was finally torn to 1.8 million during the auction held on the anniversary of the death of star. How to better understand the status of Michael Jackson today, two years after his death following an injection of medication by his doctor, at the age of 50? In fact, the jacket was quite rightly described by organizers as "one of the most recognizable clothing of the 20th century." In this category have the white dress Marilyn and without doubt, the other white jackets and gloves for Michael Jackson, and few others! What great fortune may have wanted to offer such an accessory? Mystery buyer who asked to remain anonymous.

Celebrities react after the approval of gay marriage in New York

Having approved gay marriage in the state of New York, there have been many celebrities who wanted to join to comment, via Twitter, this historic event. If you gay groups worldwide have recognized that this step is important for the United States, actors, musicians and artists who want to comment also share the joy of these groups.

Access Hollywood On the following testimonies have been collected. Lady Gaga says "I can not stop mourn, we've got kids." Rosie O'Donnell uses wordplay to state that "The guys / gays have become happy." Cyndi Lauper says that "I have never felt so proud to be New York and now when finally approved the marriage equality." Ellen DeGeneres says "I am struck by what I get from New York, equality in marriage.

Kate Middleton charming British soldiers

Saturday, Catherine Middleton has accompanied the Prince William has a formal ceremony in honor of the Irish Guards. While the Duke of Cambridge - and Colonel in Chief - presented medals to soldiers who served in Afghanistan, Kate appeared radiant and has captivated the crowd. The royal couple shook hands and talked with the soldiers during the parade in Windsor.

William wore a dark blue military uniform, while Kate Middleton was dressed in Alexander McQueen, held in a military-inspired. Her beauty, her smile and kindness have won those present. "She was very pleasant and funny, and much bigger than me! "Said one soldier, whose remarks were reported by People Magazine.

Michael Jackson: Two years after the tributes and the mainland business

Yesterday, the fans around the world celebrated the second anniversary of the death of Michael Jackson. For them, the sadness is still alive. The King of Pop has not found a replacement in the heart of the public and the tributes have multiplied. Many fans have thus taken before the Memorial Park Mausoleum, near Los Angeles, where Michael Jackson is close to her friend Elizabeth Taylor.

"He only wanted to make the world better and now he's gone through this desire continues his fans who love him," said one of his admirers, a local chain of U.S.. But beyond the loss of a major artist, the disappearance of Michael Jackson has not slowed business. Quite the contrary. Thus, the famous red and black jacket that the man was in the music video "Thriller" is on sale.

Chris Martin convinced Beyonce to sing at Glastonbury

Last night, Beyonce was in the audience at Glastonbury Festival, where the singer had come to listen to the Coldplay concert, along with Gwyneth Paltrow and Jay-Z. Music and a friendly visit but not only. Since the young R & B star appeared on stage in turn on Sunday. A first attempt to Beyoncé, who is persuaded by Chris Martin, Coldplay leader.

According to the organizer of the Festival, the English singer is very involved and very loyal to Glastonbury. Under the guidance of Chris Martin, Beyonce has a tired place for the Festival in the programming of his European tour. . Friday, U2 was a headliner of the first day. Coldplay and after yesterday, Beyoncé, then take the temperature of this great Festival.

Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom, the gym it's even closer! (Photos)

The supermodel Miranda Kerr and her husband, actor Orlando Bloom are a couple on top, they are young, beautiful and are super close even when it comes to sport! The proud parents of small Flynn were seen yesterday, June 25, on their way to their workout room in Los Angeles, and the least we can say is that the help and good mood were meeting.

The couple arm in arm dressed for the occasion sportswear, black leggings and white sleeveless top for the beauty of 28 years and tee-shirt and gray jogging pants black actor of "Pirates of the Caribbean" have had to spend the calories because they seemed vraimant overflowing with positive energy! There is no doubt that as a very attentive parents, they had entrusted their beautiful baby of five months with a responsible person in order to leave a few hours together with confidence.

Selena Gomez is on every front, attention to overwork!

Selena Gomez definitely lives blessed moments, except for his little health concern occurred there ten days due to poor diet, the beautiful brunette queue of happy days as a point of personally and professionally. The singer and actress is on every front, this week she attended the premiere (June 23) of his film "Monte Carlo" in New York AMC Loews cinema (the day she was still in Florida the promotion of the film!), a feature film due out in the United States on July 1 and August 24 in France.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz have been married

Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz are married. As surprising news has been almost without know their future plans and causing a big surprise to most of the friends of the couple and also for the tabloids. The couple met in the recording of the film, release imminent, Dream House, and began dating after the separation of Weisz and director Darren Aronofsky film that took place in November after nine years of relationship.

Roberts faced by Stewart and Snow White

Kris Stewart and Julia Roberts have begun a "war" to see what version of Snow White is released before. While Roberts's version is still in the process of filming, Stewart seems much more advanced but his statements about the other film has already provoked the reaction of the American press.

Stewart commented: "I think Roberts's version of Snow White is pretty classic and maybe that will appeal to a kind of spectator rather outdated. I think Snow White and the Huntsman are an update of the legendary tale, more modern and more focused on the love story."

The Mysterious Tattoo of Jennifer Aniston

A 42-year-old Jennifer Aniston has decided to have his first tattoo. The actress, as we will see soon showing how to kill his boss, has recently had a tattoo on the inside of the right foot, with the word "Norman." Who is Norman?

Jennifer simply wanted to pay tribute to his dog, who died last May. Norman has shared 15 years of the life of the actress and she is very affected by the disappearance of her faithful companion, she adored. In 2008, Jennifer Aniston had described his pet as follows: "It's just one person in a dog suit." Guest of the show Inside the Actors Studio, a few days ago, the former Friends actress, described the tearful eyes her dog, saying to James Lipton as "Norman" was his favorite word.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Miracle: Beyoncé reform Destiny's Child!

Since Lily Allen and her husband Sam Cooper said they will spend their honeymoon in a teepee, the Glastonbury Festival is more than ever the place to be. The artists will have to redouble their efforts to steal the show from the popstar four months pregnant, and her little round belly. Beyoncé has found the solution to attract all eyes: it could create an event tomorrow night on stage, joined by Kelly Rowland (installed in England to be sworn FactorAnglais X) and Michelle Williams.

Inspector Columbo died, farewell Peter Falk

The crumpled raincoat, old battered Peugeot 403 cabriolet, cigar in mouth barely begun, the Basset Hund Dog by the name ... So many memories of the Inspector of the strangest television we will never forget. Peter Falk has embodied the Inspector Columbo for 35 years, affecting more than two billion viewers! To cancer at the age of three years, he must wear a glass eye, look that would become his trademark.

Lindsay Lohan owes its freedom to tea!

Despite the fiestas held on the roof, the open bottles of wine enthroned in his apartment, even when she is alone, and the onset of his regular electronic bracelet anti-alcohol, Lindsay Lohan was released yesterday. If this new big world is not surprising, since the actress always comes out with a few torrents of tears  and heart-breaking statements swearing that she is on the path of redemption, a detail we surprises.

Megan Fox goes back to Steven Spielberg, fortunately her little husband Brian Austin Green is here (photos)

Megan Fox, her little husband, Brian Austin Green, and the young son of the latter, Kassius, born from a previous marriage, were seen during a family outing as they strolled the streets of Los Feliz (a city, which means "happy" in Spanish, rather in keeping with the happy family!) yesterday in California.

The actress of "Jennifer's Body" was literally taped to the arm of the hump tattooed kid who became known through the series Beverly Hills 90210. The girl would it compete with Kassius? Curious as a woman clinging to her man while her child is hanging on his other arm, right? Few problems with the maternal instinct Megan? It seems the pictures she has more need papouillée, and be at the heart of the lovely touches that Kasssius, 9, which looks like two drops of water to his dad, his mom is a reminder other than Vanessa Marcil who also played in the series "Beverly Hills".

Miley Cyrus on the verge of heart attack

A word of advice to fans of Miley Cyrus: Avoid attacks improvised on stage! A young Australian has tried it yesterday, during a concert by singer Disney in Melbourne, and one wonders who in Miley or the teenager, had the most fear. While the singer was in full interpretation of The Climb, dressed in a transparent neglected focused on a tiny black shorts and a white jacket on an elegance, a brave young girl landed in the back of the stage to pose with his idol.

Lady Gaga: "I can not stop crying"

Considered one of the most influential women in the world by Forbes magazine, Lady Gaga not hesitate to use his fame to support causes close to his heart, especially gay rights. Adopted an attitude that already early in his career, in 2009: "I'm gay, my music is gay, my show is gay and I love it to be.

"Last year, she rebelled against the law requiring the military to hide their homosexuality in the United States, which is no longer in effect. While in Rome for Europride on June 11, then invited a few days later on the set of Grand Journal, France, Lady Gaga continued his crusade. Not surprisingly, she exults on Twitter, after the legalization of gay marriage in the state of New York: "This revolution is ours, we must fight for love, justice and equality .

Prince Charles and Camilla could be living a crisis

With all necessary reservations we echo the information published by People magazine in the English version of what makes us think that might be true what they say. The pairing of Charles and Camilla would be living an emotional crisis. The Duchess of Cornwall would be doing some dereliction of duties for some time and experts in the British Crown had no hesitation in saying that, despite the apparent normality, would not be surprising that soon informed of the couple's divorce.

Cory Monteith had problems with drugs

The protagonist of the series Glee, Cory Monteith confesses in Parade magazine that he had serious problems of drug addiction that began at an early age. The actor is far from being a model such as Finn Hudson each week on the Fox show "I'm not Finn Hudson," he says in this interview to appear Sunday.

"I'm fortunate in many ways," says the actor, 29. "I'm lucky to be alive." His parents divorced when he was seven and at thirteen he ran away from school, drank, smoked pot and at 16, was out of control. Of course, he went from pot to harder drugs "anything and everything," he says. "As much as possible."

Kate Moss: a wedding list of solid gold!

The attention is focused on the second royal wedding of the year. It will be another milestone next week, probably the most legendary wedding yet, at least more rock'n'roll! Kate Moss and Jamie Hince join their lives on July 1st and intend to offer their guests a party they'll remember. The bride and groom also rely on their wedding to take advantage of the generosity of friends.

Their wedding list was made public and Kate Moss and Jamie Hince have favored chic ideas: silk carpets up to 7400 euros, cases of champagne up to 2000 euros each, mirror up to 5,200 euros ... When one has invited rich people, well let's take advantage of them! In fact, the less endowed friends may also make gifts to Kate Moss and her husband, since on the list also appear mugs, tea strainer and cake pan in the shape of rabbits.

Amy Winehouse and Lindsay Lohan: Two destinies shattered by alcohol!

Despite their completely different paths, Amy Winehouse and Lindsay Lohan were both promised a great career ... but their penchant for alcohol and other substances have totally destroyed them professionally and personally, as evidenced by recent events! The downward spiral began last Saturday for Amy Winehouse during her show in Belgrade.

The British singer was presented on stage an hour late drunk, under the jeers of 20,000 spectators. Many fans left the show after the first song. Unable to remember his lyrics Amy Whinehouse had to leave the stage several times, while the musicians were trying to calm down the crowd, not without difficulty.

Justin Bieber jostled by a plainclothes police officer

As the evening went well, the output was more complicated. An impressive number of fans were waiting for the idol. Without understanding why, Justin found himself thrown to the ground! The author of this sudden movement was not a madman or someone malicious. It was a plainclothes policeman, convinced that Justin was at risk in the crowd.

Not knowing who this man was, a bodyguard immediately surrounded the officer who, in turn, accused of wrong doing his job. In the end, nothing major, but Justin Bieber was certainly a bit surprised anyway!

Lily Allen, his honeymoon in Paris

She lives at the Hotel Costes and discovers the joys of the French capital, even though it was not what she expected at the start: "Paris really was not my first choice, but I was advised not to take the plane, so it's the most exotic trip we could do with these constraints." And despite the bad weather, the newlyweds alternate shopping and good restaurants.

"They did some shopping at Zara and Chanel onTuesday and went to dinner at Dumonet in the evening."  one close friend said The Sun newspaper. Yesterday they had lunch at the Brasserie Lipp before a cultural visit to the Musée d'Orsay. This weekend, Lily Allen already left since she will be at the Glastonbury Festival.

Lisa Edelstein joined the cast of The Good Wife

If his decision not to reprise his role as Dr. Cuddy seems irrevocable, the brunette has agreed to join the cast of Season 3 of The Good Wife, on CBS. She will perform, on several episodes, a lawyer poker fan who would have a common past with Will. Lisa had made cry her fans a few weeks ago by refusing to take part in the eighth season of Dr. House.

Production called upon all actors to review the salaries down. A demand that had Lisa to think that she could decide to disappear. If her role in The Good Wife is our pleasure, still more is the confirmation that there is no hope of seeing her bickering with her favorite doctor ...

Katy Perry has become red and she does not like it

"I did not get the color I wanted. I wasbrown for so long. To reach my goal, I must be red for three weeks. If I do not wait three weeks, I'll go bald. I reveal soon the secret of my color, " she confided, apparently a little worried. She did not say more.

Anyway, bald or colored, now it's done, Katy Perry will have to pay!

Owen Wilson reportedly left his wife and son

Owen Wilson, 42, reportedly left Jade. According to the Daily Mail, which reported the information, the story was over for reasons difficult to understand.

According to a close friend, "Owen wanted to be free to do whatever he wanted with his friends, men and women, while forming a united family with Jade and the baby. But Jade was not prepared to accept that so Owen chose to stop everything with her before the mistake when she would have her back."

He would have regained his freedom. Jade is currently in New York with Robert. Owen, himself, would have remained in California. A few days ago, he seemed very fit at the premiere of Cars 2 ...

Kim Kardashian goes to plan before her wedding to her even if her butt is sacred

Using his Twitter account, the busty star of reality show "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" Kim Kardashian has put the dot on the "i" once and for all! No, not silicone behind her and she proves it by posting images on the popular social network a radiograph of his impressive buttocks while declaring its 7 million subscribers "Listen my children. The proof is in the X-ray My back is 100% natural. " It is true that the young woman is more known for her generous curves that her acting skills, especially for her plump butt and alluring chest, that is perhaps not the result of Mother Nature! The bride did not like insinuations that her legendary buttocks  were common silicone implants. These are rumors that are sometimes difficult to bear ...

Noel Gallagher has married ... without the presence of his brother Liam

Former guitarist of rock band Oasis, Noel Gallagher, was married last Saturday (June 18th) with his fiancée Sara McDonlad. Parents of two children (Donovan and Sonny) and been together for eleven years, the couple, who had met in Ibiza in 2000, said "yes" in Lime Wood Hotel in Hampshire, in southern England .

His family is now what matters most to Noel Gallagher, he is also the father of a daughter, Anais, born from a previous relationship with Meg Matthews. It is therefore the second marriage for the guitarist who divorced in 2001. After the band split, Oasis guitarist had announced to want to devote himself entirely to his wife and children.

Ashley Tisdale agrees to a romantic evening with her boyfriend Scott Speer

Making a break in his busy schedule, Ashley Tisdale was photographed last night (June 23) on her way to the restaurant for a romantic dinner in Hollywood. She is with her boyfriend, Scott Speer, the star of the film "Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure". They took advantage of a pleasant moment of relaxation! A pleasant evening for the young lady who wanted to share his enthusiasm with his fans via his Twitter account "I'm out on the town with my boyfriend and his sister Julie tonight, a good time with your family." Definitely some stars cannot live without social networks to share every detail of their private lives, just yesterday Kim Kardashian has posted a "special" stream to his fans! The couple was immortalized by the paparazzi leaving the Katsuya restaurant for this occasion. The Disney Channel actress had opted for a casual dress, black pants with suspenders and a top patterned black and white.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Jennifer Lopez, her son is still not clean and that is expensive!

The little boy of 3 years of  at the time most fashionable Latin couple's, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, had an accident while playing in the pool of their sublime house! The little one has forgotten to leave the water to make a large commission in a place named for that purpose, an 'incident' that has clogged the filter in the family pool.  How the lives of celebrities are not made all of glamor and glitter! A scatological anecdote which required the famous couple to spend 6000 dollars to clean the pool by a professional ...

Peter Falk's stored permanently beige raincoat, Colombo farewell ...

The actor Peter Falk (born 1927) who played on television the famous Inspector Colombo, died yesterday at the age of 83 at his home in Beverly Hills, California, informed his family a local radio station . The star, a father of two daughters, had been married for 30 years to Shera Danese (second wedding). He suffered from senile dementia since 2009 and had been placed under curatorship after a judicial dispute between his adopted daughter Catherine Falk and his wife.

Lindsay Lohan is not lecturing the judge and escapes prison

"I order you not to hold celebrations. You can accommodate a friend with you and your family. And stop barbecues on your deck, so that all your neighbors stop writing to your probation officers," ordered the judge. His lawyer was satisfied: "Everyone, the judge, the courts, were professionals and the penalty was fair.

I thought that public pressure would make justice act differently, but it was what anyone would have. Lindsay can breathe, she will not go behind bars. She learned the lesson so far? That's another story ...

Shakira and Gerard Pique prefer love at sea during their stay in Greece

Shakira and her boyfriend, football player Gerard Pique from Barcelona continue their romantic getaway! After the city of love, Paris, the holy city, Jerusalem, the two stars who coo like two lovebirds have dropped anchor on the gorgeous island of Mykonos in Greece. And as always, the Colombian star and football have not gone unnoticed, and do not hesitate to show tender and entwined in public! The physical attraction is definitely at its peak between the small and large sexy blonde brown, they can not help but show touch, passion is indeed the appointment.

Noel Gallagher has married ... without the presence of his brother Liam

Former guitarist of rock band Oasis, Noel Gallagher, was married last Saturday (June 18th) with his fiancée Sara McDonlad. Parents of two children (Donovan and Sonny) and been together for eleven years, the couple, who had met in Ibiza in 2000, was "yes" in Lime Wood Hotel in Hampshire, southern England .

This family is now what matters most to Noel Gallagher, he is also the father of a daughter, Anais, born from a previous relationship with Meg Matthews. It is therefore the second marriage for the guitarist who divorced in 2001. After the band split Oasis guitarist had announced to want to devote himself entirely to his wife and children.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber attend the premiere of Monte Carlo in New York

The girl, 18, is one of the stars of the film, and her boyfriend, Justin Bieber were the focus of the Monte Carlo premiere Tuesday, June 23 at the Lincoln Square Theater in New York. We had what I had happened to Justin, a few hours earlier at Macy's, but after the scare, the Canadian girl accompanied her on a very important moment for her, but did not appear together in the photocall.

Selena opted for a long blue dress with glitter effect, V-neck and sleeveless. He chose to take their hair down while wearing a Justin Bieber look totally black, broken only by his red shoes, as you can see at the bottom of the story. Also at the event were other of the protagonists of the film Katie Cassidy who dazzled in a pink dress with short lace and her hair up and the veteran Andie MacDowell, who came with his family.

Sara Ramirez, star of Grey's Anatomy, got engaged in France

After saying "Yes" in Grey's Anatomy, Sara Ramirez will catch up in real life! The voluptuous brunette has just announced that she and her boyfriend became engaged. Sara Ramirez and his longtime companion, Ryan Debolt, are delighted to announce their engagement that took place in Paris, France.

For fans of the series, Sara Ramirez recently said that Grey's Anatomy is expected her to ninth season, away from the rumors that their adventures would end at 8.

Lindsay Lohan is being waged, at the moment, the prison

Lindsay Lohan has been spared for the prison. Despite the other day as a positive control alcohol test, the judge has decided to give a respite to continue to demonstrate what is capable but also pointed out that not putting too much on your part to fulfill its sentence. On June 13 Lohan failed a urine test in which he found that he had been drinking.

Although they passed the drug tests were done, the intake of alcohol broke the conditions of his probation. Prosecutors said at his trial yesterday, "The defendant has shown no intention of changing its attitude and we should be guarded for some time." Defending Lohan had an argument in the manga was the one who saved his client.

Lady Diana's dresses auctioned

She was a model of elegance and grace, and, before his death, she had put some of her dresses at auction for the benefit of its associations. One of acquiring, an American businesswoman, had bought 14 she then exhibited all over the world for associations of the princess. It must now sell them to replenish its coffers.

She has offered for sale in Toronto yesterday. "My only wish is that the new owners of robles, no matter who it is, love them and use them to help those in need. After all, the reason why Princess Diana has offered for sale at the beginning, "she said.

Harry Potter 7: new trailer for the end of the saga

It's been ten years since the first Harry Potter was released in cinema. While the author announced yesterday the extension of the world famous hero Pottermore via the website, we find new images of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.

Spectacular images for this final which will be sealed the fate of Harry and Voldemort. As a reminder, in part, with Harry Ron and Hermione gave up school to go to Hogwarts to find the Horcruxes, his valuables in which the black mage has submitted portions of his soul. Find and destroy these objects, it is the only way to reach the final Voldemort.

Clooney and Canalis, reasons for separation

As we told you a few days ago, George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis broken. It was normal that the actor decided to put an end to their relationship when his female partner could make a name in the celebrity but that's not the case. One of the reasons given is the ultimatum that could have given Canalis Clooney to marry her.

Friends of the actor say that the actor seemed to be "hunted" by Canalis, and that meant cut the relationship. Earlier this month Canalis said "Do not ever be with someone who says he does not want to have a child with me or do not want to marry me. My boyfriend has not given an interview talking about his private life since 1999.

Justin Bieber on the floor just after being attacked by a man

Canadian Justin Bieber had a scare yesterday when a man lunged at him at the doors of Macy's Herald Square in New York. Young, 17, was there to present his perfume "Someday" and went out to greet his supporters who crowded outside. According to eyewitnesses tell the fact, when Justin came out, a man jumped the metal barrier and lunged at him knocking him to the ground.

It seems that the young singer has not suffered any injury, but has been very confused after this incident, as is normal elsewhere. In the confusion of the moment, a member of the artist's security team also jumped on another man who turned out to be an undercover policeman.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Eva Longoria and her boyfriend Eduardo Cruz offered a romantic getaway in Madrid! (Photos)

Eva Longoria, the lovely heroine of the hit series "Desperate Housewives" enjoys a pleasant stay in Spain, specifically in the city of Madrid with her boyfriend, Eduardo Cruz, was born. So head to head as the two lovers have discovered the beauty of the capital, Eva playing even simple tourists dressed in a little summer dress with his camera around his neck while the beautiful Eduardo acted as guide, wearing simple sandals, for the former wife of basketball player Tony Parker with whom he lives a love story for weeks now.

Jennifer Aniston poses with Justin Theroux

While none of them has yet confirmed this budding romance, rumors ignited. Jennifer would be in love with Justin, which would make him well. It is rumored that the young man had even moved in with the actress and the latter presented him as her boyfriend. This time, the concrete and laying soft torque on the picture leaves no room for doubt.

Finally, if the photographer has published the photograph on its website and on Twitter, you can imagine it was with the authorization of love. So, Jen finally happy?

Britney Spears is the delight of her male fans!

Britney Spears has managed a comeback to the front of the music scene as witnessed by the many positive reviews! The singer of 29 years had promised not to disappoint her fans with her new world tour entitled "Femme Fatale". This is confirmed ... The American star has certainly Strongly believes his fans especially the male! Britney Spears gives every concert a lap dance to a random fan.

The singer made up on Monday (June 20) on this scene a young man in the crowd at the Staples Center in Los Angeles for the song "Leather and Lace" from her new album "Femme Fatale".

Paris Hilton wants to find celibacy

When she meets the man of her life? Obviously not right away. While she has just separated from her boyfriend, the blonde heiress most of the world does not seem ready to find a replacement. Speaking to U.S. Weekly magazine, the beautiful girl said: "I've never been alone in my life I have always had a boyfriend.

I was always afraid of being alone. I never took the time to really know me. " She said not only want to know better but also feel like spending time with family and friends. In short, take time for her and just for her. Probably a good thing, but our finger tells us we should return to Paris very quickly in the arms of a boy.

Lady Gaga encourage tourism in Japan

She has a big heart, Lady Gaga, and it is not the first time it shows. Moving to Japan for the MTV Video Music Aid concert to be held Japan in Tokyo Saturday, the singer took the opportunity to make a beautiful statement. In tears, she showed how the fate of the country close to his heart and encouraged her fans to come into the country without concern for supporting, in turn, the Japanese people, "I think it's time look to the future.

Wedding of Albert of Monaco and Charlene

Indeed, for several generations, the family faces, regularly, the misfortunes associated with love lives of members of the royal family. In 1982, Rainieraffronte the death of his wife Princess Grace, died in a car accident. The couple was united in 1956 and gave birth to Caroline, Albert and Stephanie.

The eldest, a few years later will turn against the death of her husband (the second) Stefano Casiraghi in a boating accident. And Stephanie - whose union with Daniel Ducruet had attracted many comments - will face the scandal by finding pictures of Daniel in the company of a stripper at a swimming pool, a little over a year after their marriage.

Lily Allen had planned her pregnancy for her wedding!

Lily Allen was convinced that she is pregnant on her wedding day ... The British singer had planned it certainly expect a happy event when she chose her wedding dress in January! It is the designer of her wedding dress, Delphine Collin, who revealed the information: "We knew from the start in January, that Lily wanted to be pregnant, so I created the dress she wore in silk tulle underneath to make it comfortable with a small belly.

Harry Potter: finally the revelations of JK Rowling

"For this collaborative project revolutionary, JK Rowling has written a vast and new material on people, places and objects of his beloved stories that inform, inspire and entertain readers as they travel through the intrigues of the books. JK Rowling promises the Internet through this site, a unique experience along with a rediscovery of history. will be open from October to the general public. And from 31 July (the anniversary of Harry) for the privileged few... who have succeeded in keeping the owls!

Beyoncé Knowles has lacked friends in adolescence

It can be a star known worldwide and have been alone. This is what has given the. The one who realized early on his desire to become a singer told the reporter that asked him a few sacrifices, including a normal social life as a young teenager: "Socially I really missed things. I left school at 14 and had a tutor.

I've never been in contact with other people the same age long enough to make friends so the family members have become friends in a way, "she said before handing it not regret his choice and it could not have done otherwise. Because the evidence came very early to Beyoncé: "When I was 7, I danced on stage for the first time and I had a real crush on the feelings and emotions that it gave me.

John Galliano. a low profile during the trial

They were expected, explanations of John Galliano, yesterday by the Criminal Chamber of the seventeenth Paris. And the designer did not pray. Interviewed as part of his trial for racial abuse, Galliano did not remain silent. The man explained that he had suffered from pressures at work and in no case meant what he said when he uttered the various insults: "I lost a dear friend, Steven Robinson.

Megan Fox will star in the new film by Sacha Baron Cohen

More than likely that Sacha Baron Cohen will not happen to film history but of opportunism. Following the dismissal of Megan Fox of Transformers saga, to call "dictator" the film director, now the young actress joins the movie "The Dictator". Cohen is based on a story reminiscent of a lot to the dictators, "The story is about a dictator who is in his country to ensure that democracy will never come home.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner, glamorous and accomplices, one day found knowledge! (Photos)

The stars of the saga "Twilight" Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner were seen together on the evening of June 21 at the Film Festival in 2011 in Los Angeles. No Robert Pattinson on the horizon (used in Canada for the filming of "Cosmopolis"), so this is Taylor Lautner, the famous werewolf who served in the beautiful knight Kristen Stewart, dressed soberly but with class for the occasion: a skinny jeans, a black T-shirt, V and beautiful black stilettos.

George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis: official break

Everyone expected: George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis ended their relationship. This is an official statement by the two former lovebirds announced the bad news. Thus, with ease, they said: "We are no longer together. It is very difficult and very personal, and we hope that everyone will respect our privacy.

"Ultimately, the romance between George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis lasted after two years. It's a beautiful summer day in 2009 that George Clooney Elisabetta Canalis met and fell in love with the beautiful. The actor had even been received by the parents of his beloved in September, evidence that all was well.

Katy Perry plays the sexy pin up in Rolling Stone

Katy Perry appears on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. With accessories with pompoms at her nipples, she also evokes the sparkling burlesque strippers and sexy than usual. In the magazine, there are pop singer in an interview, relying extensively on his personal problems.

Britney Spears: the sexy girl rebels in his clip I Want to G

Using his old image of Care Bears and seductive artist of the playground, she now applies to break stereotypes, tackles the press and showing wanton rebel. With "I Want to go", Britney is clear, all she wants is to flee the company, which distorts the crowd and do what she wants! For example, from an old convertible with a mustache milk drinker.

Wedding of Albert of Monaco and Charlene: City activates

In less than two weeks, Monaco will be illuminated by the marriage of Alkbert II and his girlfriend Charlene. Meanwhile, the festivities have already begun: banners "Royal Wedding - July 2011" adorning the city around, and merchandising being sold in some shops.

On 30 June, the couple will attend a concert. The next day, the couple will say yes in front of an audience of crowned heads and other stars.

Lady GaGa works with Versace

Although he appears provocative singer made headlines, a cache Lady GaGa outstanding business woman who led her boat to perfection. For example, just to see how thorough it chooses the least of her outfits, especially for its clips. And his latest - The Edge Of Glory - the diva opted for the prestigious Versace.

For two months, Lady Gaga dip into the archives to treat his image and go deeper into his madness visual. Remember, these are the dresses of Christian Lacroix, who had dressed for Judas. The star would be versatile. Of course, this collaboration is delight forDonatella Versace.

Aishwarya Rai, the queen of Bollywood and former Miss World forum

It's been a while since we had not heard of Aishwarya Rai, the queen of Bollywood and former Miss World (1994). However, everyone will recall his pretty face, marked by beautiful green eyes. And if you want to take some new, know that this Indian beauty is expecting her first baby, she looks beautiful on Abhishek Bachchan.

Selena Gomez attracts crowds in the United States for the promotion of Monte Carlo!

Selena Gomez continues to make the promotion of his latest film "Monte Carlo" through the major cities of the United States, Yesterday the singer and actress, always happy to meet his public, was in sunny Miami, at the mall "Miami International Mall" where she gave a press conference responding to questions from his fans outside the shop Macy's Women.

Paris Hilton and Cy Waits break his relationship

Paris Hilton and Cy Waits have decided to leave the relationship. After a year of dating have reached mutual agreement to take different paths. In principle there is no reason to have come to this but you never know with Hilton. We say this because just 10 days I was in Barcelona with her boyfriend taking pictures and everything seemed like a charm for photographs but witnesses commented that the relationship was very negative and there were many discussions.