Friday, January 28, 2011

Marc-Olivier Fogiel back soon on TV

Three years after he abandoned the television to focus exclusively on the radio, Marc-Olivier Fogiel backtracked. In a letter sent yesterday to employees in Europe 1, former presenter of One can not please everybody announces his departure from the station by the end of March - and reveals he intends to return to television next September.

"Enriched by these quasi-three years immersed in this incredible editor (one of Europe 1, ed), I will now respond to proposals for the fall television that you could do me," writes and Marc-Olivier Fogiel's letter, supported by our colleagues of Pure Media. Still according to Pure Media, the current host of the morning on Europe 1 was already in talks with France Television, where he could present a news magazine in September 2011.

In his letter, Marc-Olivier Fogiel also mentioned the project to work with the businessman Matthew Pigasse, president and shareholder Inrockuptibles World. "I will join Matthew Pigasse to develop new projects, editorials, magazines, digital editions in the Independent News, its holding company," said the leader.

Departing flights from Europe 1The Marc-Olivier Fogiel Europe 1 comes as the station has recently undergone a change of direction. Last November, Denis Olivennes, former president of the Nouvel Observateur, was named new president of the station, replacing Alexandre Bompard, who had been the source of the arrival of Marc-Olivier Fogiel on Europe 1 2008.

A change of direction that the host writes in his post, without specifying whether he prompted his departure. "Denis Olivennes wished that I planned on a new season of morning," said Marc-Olivier Fogiel. "After much thought, had become so involved in the previous period, I do not feel the necessary resources to start over, to accompany this new adventure that will ask the people who wear it to invest in time ...

In when this project will be initiated, and after talking to Denis Olivennes, I'd rather go now, for not doing it in a few months to spend time in Europe 1 that will be already on a new road " , says Marc-Olivier Fogiel.

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