Monday, January 31, 2011

Stars: The gay couples that appear

Between them, and David Furnish are a true symbol. After more than twelve years of marriage, the couple married Dec. 21, 2005 in Great Britain. A date which is not trivial since the same day the British parliament passes the law in favor of gay marriage. They are among the first gay couples to move the ring finger.

But in addition to being husband, David Furnish and never hid their desire for fatherhood. In 2009, there was talk that the couple adopted a little Ukrainian, but local authorities were opposed. But a little over a year later, in December 2010, they shocked the world by announcing they were the proud parents of a boy born to a surrogate mother.

And add in the aftermath they would like a second. Nothing seems to stop them! Couples profile There are those who remain discrete, like Ricky Martin, who made his coming out a few months ago, but never posed beside his companion. Others chose to cross the Pasni, even publicize their love.

George Michael and Kenny Goss, for example, have been together since 1996, and do not hesitate to expose themselves with each other at parties and official to the press. Their love has lasted for fifteen years, and does not seem ruffled by the various antics of the singer. Among actors, there are also Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka, together for over 7 years, experiencing since late December, just like Elton John or Ricky Martin, the joys of being a dad! We have not forgotten TR Knight, one of Grey's former players Anatony, which was released many years with Mark Cornelson.

Side designers, Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone is one of the most fusional couples. And the women then? They have been together since 2004. Portia de Rossi, the former star of Ally McBeal and Ellen DeGeneres, the TV host very popular in the United States were married in 2008 after the adoption of gay marriage in California.

Since then, their relationship symbolizes the fight for the general legalization of gay marriage. And this union, they needed it. According to Portia de Rossi, "Marriage is a different way of being together. Marriage brings peace and a sense of connection that we felt not before." And as if to seal their love, Portia de Rossi has decided to ignore his surname to be that of his wife.

Now we need to call Portia DeGeneres. Switching from a man to a woman when she made her coming out, it was to general surprise! Cynthia Nixon, known for her role as Miranda in Sex and the City has yet been married from 1988 to 2003 with Danny Mozes, an English teacher with whom she had two children.

But for seven years, with Christine Marinoni Cynthia Nixon leading the perfect love. And their relationship is she who speaks best. In the Advocate magazine, the pretty redhead says: "Christine is just a little man with breasts. What I like most about her is her butchness (a woman very few women).

I do not mean By that I'm in love with her in a gender neutral sense. I love her sexuality is a big part of what I like about her. " But it is not his current girlfriend made him switch sides. Cynthia Nixon, the question did indeed never too asked: "If anyone, before I met Christine, I was asked my views on sexuality, I would have told him that I think we 're all bisexual.

I always had this speech, even before I felt attracted by a woman. " This is an illustration of a person who has a very open mind ... developed to test and approve!

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