Thursday, January 27, 2011

Robert Pattinson in the footsteps of Jeff Buckley?

Nothing stops! The hero of the saga, which will turn shortly alongside Keira Knightley (who replaces Marion Cotillard, who was pregnant) has already in another project without his cartoons. A project that surfs on the success and, pusiqu'il is a biopic dedicated to Jeff Buckley. could embody the very near future famous singer of the legendary performer, has died tragically in 1997 at the age of thirty.

According téléloisirs. fr, producer, Michelle Sy, met many actors: "The interpreter selected should be able to play music and sing, or at least to believe he can do." And obviously, Robert Pattinson seems to have everything to match the role. Many competitors in sight But attention, he will be better than James Franco, his biggest competitor, just like Johnny Depp, James Marsden or Ryan Gosling.

But for now, is to Robert Pattinson as all eyes turned. This choice seems also rob Mary Guibert, mother of the actor, who seems to appreciate that which portrays the role of Edward Cullen in Twilight. "Robert is a talented young actor. I am flattered that he is linked to this project," she said.

Filming should begin at the end of the year to a current output 2013.

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