Monday, January 31, 2011

VIP Club: True information on issuing

Our colleagues have thought the scoop of the year by revealing some exclusive details on the new show. By last weekend, the magazine announced that the new issue of the chain would clash of former glories of old reality shows and anonymous. Yet it seems that this information is wrong, since the Parisian advance a different hypothesis.

That include real celebrities (from the song, film or television) against the ephemeral glories. However, there are many "anonymous" who will participate in the program, but not as candidates. They only serve to measure the popularity of candidates and evaluating them on their way from time to time visit the scene of the shooting.

Already a few names of candidates decor studios barely begun (they were built in La Plaine Saint Denis, the traditional place of filming of TV shows), several names are already circulating: Mickael Vendetta (winner of the last Celebrity Farm), but Benedict (Secret Story, which won 4) and Emily (Winning Secret Story 3).

Whoever wins VIP Club should leave with a check for 150,000 euros. VIP Club, produced by Endemol, is expected to land on our screens in March every Friday in the second half of the evening, and every day to 18.20. The animation of the show should it be entrusted to Elsa Fayer, already seen in Who wants to marry my son last fall.

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