Sunday, January 30, 2011

Rihanna is offered in David Guetta's new video

After this week is talk about it for his possible homosexual tendencies, it's music that Rihanna is the weekend news. The completed clip from Who's That Chick, played by singer and produced by David Guetta, has just made its appearance on the canvas. In both versions of the clip previously made public, the famous French DJ did not appear as Who's That Chick is a title which appears on his latest album yet.

The two videos, one showing Rihanna day and another night, were in reality disguised commercials for Doritos crisps U.S.. Three months later, it is the final clip from Who's That Chick resurfaced. And this time, David Guetta is present alongside Rihanna. The DJ is in fact a space shuttle while the singer, still as sexy moves on the dance floor very colorful.

Since images are often stronger than words, we suggest you discover the video for Who's That Chick:

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