Friday, January 28, 2011

Nicolas Sarkozy tacle Bono on Africa

Once again, Bono clearly displays its humanitarian commitment. In a letter ouvertepubliée Thursday in Le Monde, the leader of U2 calls on French president Nicolas Sarkozy to place greater resources in place to eradicate poverty in Africa. "The problem is not to make speeches, but to decide, "said the Irish singer in the columns of the World.

Launching an appeal directly to Nicolas Sarkozy, he continued: "This is not me who said it. This is the French president himself at the UN Summit on Millennium Development September 2010 "." The man pressed "In the rest of its rostrum, Bono did not tender words against Nicolas Sarkozy. "It is high time for the busy man who led France and for the world to decide," he says, adding that "President (French) is a man in motion, jumping, running around like a boxer.

This stirring is fascinating to watch, but it does not change the deal. " The singer, who is actively involved in the campaign to cancel the debt of third world countries, in particular that France would act in favor of transparency on the exploitation of natural resources in Africa. Bono, who is also the founder of the humanitarian organization ONE, also stresses the importance of access to vaccines against diseases that afflict Africa hard, and the need to promote agriculture.

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