Monday, January 31, 2011

Eva Longoria: divorced!

The procedure lasted three months. Three months during which she shouted to the world his wife cheated despair. Today, does the more formal name. The couple divorced in effect since 28 January. Relief for. His agent has also told the magazine that ". This divorce ends a wonderful story of seven years and a marriage in France, which lasted three years.

And lived apart for over three months when the lovely Latina discovered text messages exchanged between the hot basketball player and another woman. amicable separation Eva Longoria was then deposited in the stride for divorce in Los Angeles, but finally in Texas where they had been signed prenuptial agreement that their union was broken.

And it amicably that the couple separated, contrary to what Eva wanted to do initially, probably driven by anger and resentment. Only unknown, the amount of the transaction to achieve huge amount. In recent weeks, rumors of reconciliation were becoming more numerous. There was also surprised the former husband served in spirit to-head to-face.

Obviously it was only to clarify details of their divorce. Eva Longoria is officially single, nothing prevents it from being displayed now on the arm of Eduardo Cruz, the brother of Penelope Cruz, who looks very very close to the beautiful brunette ...

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