Monday, January 31, 2011

Henry Cavill, a new hunk to play Superman

His name had not been circulated and never thought he would get the role. However, endorse the costume in the upcoming movie of the super heroes. If his name is not very experienced, you probably see of his face on your screen, big or small, it plays in the British series. The director's next album, due out at the end of the year, seems already packed.

Zack Synder is full of praise for his new player: End of the unlucky Henry Cavill, who will celebrate his 28 years of May, thus leaving aside his acting as the "Most unfortunate of Hollywood" by the magazine Empire. A title that was awarded after he missed the main roles in Twilight (too old to interpret Edward is Robert Pattinson who will get the role), James Bond (deemed too young, the role was eventually awarded to Daniel Craig), or in Batman Returns.

The curse is now closed. The studios have thus chosen a young not highly publicized, like Andrew Garfield in Spider-Man. And they have not taken the ugliest ... Henry Cavill who thus takes over from Christopher Reeves and Brandon Routh, will play opposite Natalie Portman, which ensures not be aware of the news! Probably too busy to manage the promotion of The Black Swan ...

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