Sunday, January 30, 2011

Jennifer Lopez: "My children saved my marriage"

While some women experience depression after giving birth to their child, this is not the case with Jennifer Lopez. Instead, the twins have saved his marriage! Latina is the bomb itself, which says in the latest issue of U.S. magazine In Touch with our colleagues and following echo. Married in 2004, Jennifer Lopez and singer Marc Anthony have not always had a life together without problems.

Continuing disputes have even failed to reach a divorce. "I did not want to talk, I did not do anything," says Jennifer Lopez in the columns of In Touch. "Having children has broadened our field of vision" Fortunately, everything has changed today, 22 February 2008, where the "Jenny from the Bronx" has given birth to two adorable children.

"There were difficult times (in our marriage) and children have made us stronger, Marc and me," continues the singer vowed to new American Idol. "My kids saved me." Jennifer Lopez continues: "Having children has broadened our field of vision. Mark and I always argue, but ultimately, we know that we are waiting for the wonderful children home at night and need us." He concluded: "We the jury never go to bed being angry against each other." It's beautiful love.

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