Friday, January 28, 2011

Jennifer Aniston denies adoption rumors

Since it was revealed in 1994 in Friends, Jennifer Aniston is regularly one of the tabloids. If certain information, such as its ultra-publicized divorce with Brad Pitt in 2005, are correct, others are completely bogus. This is where the rumor started this week by the American magazine Star that the actress is about to adopt a baby.

"Yes, I agree!" On the cover proudly announces the latest issue of Star, suitable remarks to Jennifer Aniston. The American tabloid affirms that the star would have found the baby of her dreams in an orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico, and it has already finalized the adoption, scheduled for 11 February.

The magazine will include up to sources inside the orphanage to support its contention. The icing on the cake: Jennifer Aniston is considering to use the same nanny that her best friend Courteney Cox. A story worthy of the finest fairy tales. Yes but now, all this is "pure fabrication," the spokeswoman Jennifer Ansiton who wished to comment on these rumors, stating, however, that the actress had financially support this orphanage Mexican.

Information that Star seems to have (slightly) extrapolated.

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