Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lady Gaga: a perfume shock to the Diva!

She has accustomed us to provocation. But citing his draft perfume, proves once again that it is capable of anything. Yes, really everything. Because the smell of perfume ... semen and blood! An explosive mixture that may offend more than it will attract. The eccentric singer has not clarified how it intends to make it.

Hopefully it will be just flavor, not "natural extracts". Fingers crossed! It is a name well known to his fans that this fragrance will, as called Monster. Not original from Lady Gaga, but effective! The first bottles, (the design should be original, just like the one that likes to wear dresses meat) should be out later in the year 2012.

For now, we do not know the identities of the nose will "luck" compose this fragrance! Stars and perfumes, a long history of celebrity fragrances, it's a fad. Lasses we use their image to promote perfumes created by others, people have chosen to create their own fragrances. This is Elizabeth Taylor who started the fashion in 1991, with White Diamonds.

But it was not until 2002 that almost all the stars call their perfume, their image. Jennifer Lopez Glow. Paris Hilton has her own perfume franchise worth $ 100 million. And then there's Celine Dion has launched no fewer than eight different scents. And we do not mention Sarah Jessica Parker, Kylie Minogue, Halle Berry, Kate Moss, Victoria and David Beckham.

But certainly with Monster, Lady Gaga hold the palm of the smell of the most unusual star system!

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