Thursday, January 27, 2011

Christian Audigier, Johnny Hallyday dropped by!

Is it an end its reign? The frenchie that Hollywood incensed a few weeks ago is about to be let go in all directions. Latest:. Because of the quarrel: a simple tattoo. According to our colleagues, the rocker's favorite French hoped, a few months ago, to tattoo the name of her adopted daughter on the arm.

But he wanted the name is written in Chinese. Christian Audigier has therefore recommended a tattooist who committed the irreparable make a clerical error! An error indelible. Since then, Johnny Hallyday refuses to speak to the self-proclaimed friend of the stars. This could have been a little incident if another illness had not occurred between the two men.

Christian Audigier, who launched with Johnny Hallyday a clothing brand in the United States, had promised him a great commercial success ... that never happened. Yet he confided in Capital that "All is well with Johnny ..." Johnny Hallyday, and other ... But Christian Audigier has not only alienated Johnny Hallyday.

The King of Hollywood, which many collaborations with stars to see avoided on all sides. Lindsay Lohan, with whom he was to launch a line of handbags has withdrawn. Madonna with Christian Audigier who worked on a clothing brand has just released the stylist. Today, who said he wanted to buy Neverland, the home of his "great friend" Michael Jackson claims to want to start a collection dedicated to the late singer.

An idea that is not the best taste and should not reconcile it with the cream of the United States.

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