Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rihanna: a woman in his life?

The theme of homosexuality, the rapper joked with Nikki few weeks ago. But at that time, she did not overtaken by his youthful experiences, revealed in Low Down Dirty Shame, a book that comes out Tajah Natasha Burton. The model and businesswoman, who reveals in his book on the juicy details, sometimes being very specific on their own.

A little too well. "You understand, no detail is spared. Other experiences? Another revelation, according to the author of the book, Rihanna would not be celebrating his first bisexual relationship. If their relationship did not go further, is simply due to lack of time and tight schedules of the international star.

For now, the international star has not reacted to these intimate revelations. Some specialized sites like hellobeautiful argue that the story could be "credible." Anyway, true or not, this story is a good PR move for Tajah Natasha Burton, of the coup, his book would sell like hotcakes! Decidedly, Rihanna is positioning itself more and more as a singer sulfur.

In his next video, S & M, the singer showing off 22 years combined latex. Hot!

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