Saturday, January 29, 2011

Patrick Sebastien: "I beat cancer"

Patrick Sebastien will be back in bookstores next Monday with a new book called Outside, it's nice ... alas! (Oh Editions), in which he continues the conversation with his mother in You call me on arrival. On this occasion, the leader of France 2 has entrusted to our colleagues in TV Magazine in newsstands Saturday.

Patrick Sébastien returns including his adopted daughter, but his health problems, admitting his narrow escape from a cancer in 2009. It is a shattering revelation that Patrick Sebastien began his interview with TV Magazine. "Last summer, the eyes of a doctor on one of my moles saved my life," said the presenter in the columns of the TV program.

"He told me to go have it tested. It was a skin cancer which, thankfully, had not yet metastasized," says Patrick Sebastian, adding that he wants to "take (his) experience to encourage people to go get checked ". In this context, then it must remain cloistered at home for not taking the sun, writes Patrick Sébastien Outside, it's nice ...

alas, "My daughter is a gift of fate" Asked about the motivations that have pushed to make a sequel to You call me on arrival, the presenter of the world's largest cabaret declared: "I wanted to continue ongoing conversation I have with my mother. Since his death, two years ago, I still have not shed a tear.

It is in me. "For the first time, Patrick Sébastien also speaks of Lily, the Tahitian girl he adopted with his wife." It turns out that Lily looks like him physically. This child, we did not choose, she was predestined. Lily has arrived when my mother left. This child, we did not choose, she was predestined.

"A child to whom he stands as the apple of his eye and he is desperate to protect." I do not want to make a media product, "he says so. And the doting father to conclude:" What makes me crack about her is her frailty. And the fact that it is a gift of fate. There is a child I was taken (Sebastian, who died in a motorcycle accident in 1990, note) and a child was given to me, Lily.

In both cases, I have nothing to do ..."" I want to live intensely "When asked about death and ask him if he is happier now, the facilitator is both fatalistic and philosopher: "I survived the grief, illness, my excesses in my shit in this job ... Today I am 57 years old and I can fall in ten minutes.

Whatever I do, it will happen ... So in the meantime, both live intensely. "This view of life, Patrick Sebastien tells it in his writings." When I tell my scars is to help others. I cashed in grief and illness, but I keep turning the towel. "Towels that should turn some time yet: according to the moderator, two new seasons of Cabaret Years and happiness will soon be controlled by France 2.

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