Monday, January 31, 2011

Grey's Anatomy: a spin landed on the Internet!

Notice to fans. The excellent series that will now have a hit on its own web-spinoff:. This series, which will be broadcast on the Internet, is filmed like a documentary. The action of each of the six episodes (four minutes) takes place in Joe's bar, where the characters find themselves traditionally after work to unwind and blow a shot.

It will follow the stories of doctors similar to the series. Call it in Seattle Grace, we do find a single actor from Grey's Anatomy: Dr. Owen Hunt, Kevin McKidd performed by. No or Dr. Meredith Mamour! Originally, the idea comes from the U.S. broadcaster ABC, which wanted to find a way to make viewers wait between the end of the fifth season and the beginning of the sixth.

Seattle Grace on Call will be available from Wednesday, February 2 on TF1. com and myTF1. Those who have an iPhone or Ipad simply download the application to discover the web-series! The webisodes will be posted every Wednesday from 22 hours! Each episode will be available as well for a month.

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