Sunday, January 30, 2011

Charlie Sheen: "I enjoy myself!"

Charlie Sheen broke his silence. For the first time since its entry into rehab on Friday (see news), the actor spoke on the subject site RadarOnline. "I'm fine," Charlie Sheen wrote in a text message sent Friday afternoon noon to a journalist Site American people. "People do not seem to understand ...

An actor has no right to have fun and continue to do its job?", Then launched the star of the series Uncle Charlie, visibly lift against those who convinced him to enter a detox center. Charlie Sheen ended his message by describing people who wanted to help her "beautiful bunch of cons.

It is unknown who made specific reference Charlie Sheen, although RadarOnline reveals that his father Martin Sheen and CBS were those that led the actor to get help. In a statement, the American chain has even said "deeply soucieu (is) the state of health" of its employee. Alcohol, drugs and actresses XCharlie Sheen was hospitalized Thursday morning, officially for "strong stomach pains." In the hours that preceded his hospitalization, he would have partied for 36 hours non-stop at home, consuming alcohol and cocaine in the presence of actresses from pornographic films.

Friday morning, the spokesman Charlie Sheen had issued a statement, explaining that his client was "in itself" made in a detoxification center after leaving the hospital, suggesting that the actor was aware of his addiction problems and intended to overcome it. Nothing is less certain.

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