Thursday, January 27, 2011

Interview with David Ginola "dance is physical"

I know the English program and I love the concept! It's a great show, entertainment, a highly anticipated show, I am delighted to participate and show what I can do ... On the other hand, it is hard work: it's a very thorough, very complex too. Tango, salsa, waltz ... I know nothing, I discover! I'm not expected and it is a challenge.

I do not want to be ridiculous, and I know nothing about dance. It is also a sporting challenge. I started rehearsals and I'm rediscovering muscles that I had stopped working a long time! It still hurts hamstring ... The jury's decision and the public! I am a competitor, I want to be good.

This is not my job ... I know I will not be perfect in a few days, but I really want to do well ... A chacha music by Shakira ... it will be very sensual ... You svaez we can not cheat. Dance is like a fucking movie. complicity with the partner is essential. No thank you! It's really not my thing ...

I would not have accepted.

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