Monday, January 31, 2011

Giuseppe and now TV host?

You missed? Well, you'll probably find it soon ... According to the newspaper, Giuseppe, Italian macho should soon find their way in television studios. But not as a candidate. No, this is no longer good enough for him. What he wants is to become a TV presenter. Some graduates of journalists to get there, it relies on repeated provocations.

It must be said that Giuseppe is the candidate who has the most points in the dating show, presented by Elsa Fayer. And the gossips who claim that this is a fad, Giuseppe would, in, signed a contract with a production company that could find him a program to match his talent. Which produced the same box.

The company has also put on the air excellent programs such as TF1. Secret defense around this issue Right now, secret defense around the concept of the show, which we suspect it will probably be light and shifted, like the character who will play. Not clear either about the future broadcaster, which could be a string of TNT.

Why not find the funny macho in a summer show on TF1? It's just an idea that we are launching ... Attention Nikos Aliagas and Benjamin Castaldi had better watch out! Frederic Taddei, he can rest easy ...

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