Thursday, January 27, 2011

Katie Holmes humiliated by spectators

She long remembered its passage! thought that this festival specializes in independent film would mark his comeback on the big screen. Quite the opposite happened! During the screening of The sound of no one, many spectators left their seats, even before the end of the film. For producers, it is not a failure.

Cassian Elwes wanted to make things clear: "The projectionist had accidentally turned the lights before the end of the film, which has been led to believe that the movie was finished (...) There was no mass exodus. People who saw the film liked it. " However, a journalist from the Hollywood Reporter seems more mixed: "When Katie Holmes appeared on the screen, there was a collective groan (...) is an honest mistake of casting.

When she swore at the screen, you could hear laughter in the room. It is bad in this role. " Katie Holmes Katie Holmes injured appreciated. But other actors, however, are not for beginners (including Juliette Binoche, Al Pacino, etc..) Are also in their ranks. "Al Pacino overacting voluntarily.

The rest of the cast proved second degree. All except Katie, who does his job as if it was full independent drama, then it's just a cop movie," the journalist of the 'U.S. Weekly. According to several sources, Katie Holmes would have been extremely hurt by the criticism, so much so that the producer of the film has come to his rescue: "Despite the few scenes she had Katie was fantastic in this role.

We have already received three bids for the film distributors. We are 100% behind her and behind the casting. So the black series for the actress, revealed in the series Dawson. Katie Holmes is facing right now with another failure, that of the series The Kennedys, which was canceled at the last moment by the U.S.


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