Monday, January 31, 2011

Kate Hudson talks about her complicated pregnancy

She wanted to remain discreet, but was forced to announce the new faster than expected: she is pregnant. But this is not a good heart she has. The actress lives in its effect very bad first months of pregnancy. In an interview with British newspaper, she says:. If wanted to wait a bit before talking publicly about, either to his friends and the press, it's just superstition, but the morning sickness stronger than expected was due to surprise.

, Now in its second month and already had a child of seven years, will finally be able to demonstrate without fear of being unmasked: A girl? Invited Friday night in the famous BBC program, The Graham Norton Show, Kate Hudson has accepted to speak a little more good news: "I feel that this will be a girl, but I'm not sure.

Ryder (her son ) believes it will be a little girl. " But no question for her to say more. Probably the superstitious side gets the upper hand! "We have some names in mind but we do talk to anyone," she said. It makes me crazy when women disclose too many details. " On the question of marriage with Matthew Bellamy, she attended the past nine months (one sign), the response of Kate Hudson is at least frank: "I do not think it necessary to marry.

J 't 31 years. I already have a child and I'm also divorced. I just want to be happy. " That has the merit of being clear!

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