Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rihanna takes her choice!

Rihanna defies criticism of her duet with Britney Spears at the Billboard Music Awards gala. The two singers who performed in duo S & M tube Rihanna, had offered the public a benefit rather sexy! The two stars, all dressed in leather, have trémoussées around a pole dancing bar with their hands cuffed.

This benefit, which opened the ceremony, has angered the group Parents Television Council (PTC), describing the number profane. Rihanna has answered his critics: "No body part has been revealed. We did not embrace. I went to see on Twitter that my fans and thought they really liked to see us together.

Selena Gomez is back in the U.S. with his great love Justin Bieber!

The sweet Selena Gomez on the cover of the magazine "Bliss", and on this occasion she returned at length on his love affair with Canadian singer Justin Bieber! The young woman reveals plainly that "Justin is that he takes" and no longer reluctant to confide to reporters about his private life. The interpreter of "Who Says" dropped the masks in all sincerity for the interview truth.

The journalist told that during their conversation, Selena Gomez could not help but smile at the mere mention of her boyfriend and she felt like a bubble filled with love. At the reporter's question "Have you found your other half with Justin," the Witch of Waverly Place "answered honestly," Yes, I think so.

Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova are offered a boat ride, so romantic!

The singer Enrique Iglesias and his girlfriend Anna Kournikova made a break in their schedule to match the respective a relaxing day head to head to Miami! The couple has set his sights on a romantic getaway by boat to enjoy the gorgeous coast of Florida where two lovers reside. Anna arrived wearing her pink swimsuit under her white ensemble in case the call of the ocean would be too hard! Enrique had to enjoy this quiet moment between concerts since the beautiful brown is now a full world tour and a rare opportunity by position by his charming wife ...

Bradley Cooper charmer in JT Laurence Ferrari (VIDEO)

Bradley Cooper, a man his size, his eyes blue ocean ... and his accent to melt when the actor whispers in French from the television news of TF1. Obviously, responding to a television interview in VF, it's a full house for an American actor Specials. So rare, so lovely, so seductive. As he explains, Bradley Cooper has learned French during her studies while living in Aix-en-Provence, with the locals.

Samy Naceri back in prison

Paris Hilton returns to Spain for the World Championship

The controversial blonde Paris Hilton returns to Spain to support and honor the pilots of his team Paris Hilton Racing Team, but their presence is not limited in going on Sunday, June 5th Circuit de Catalunya where the races will be held 125cc-category in which your team competes, "Moto 2 and MotoGP.

Hilton has planned a schedule that begins this Friday, June 3, including course, speed, glamor and lots of fun. On Friday will travel to Bilbao to see the city and there you will enjoy a private dinner with friends at the newly opened Hall Bilbao Pasha. The reality TV star will visit on Saturday June 4 Satton Club of Barcelona with a Pre-party at Paris Hilton Racing Team.

Tatiana Santo Domingo and Beatrice Borromeo: Pippa Middleton of the Rock

Royal wedding: Karl Lagerfeld invited, but no commentator

Johnny Hallyday: new row with Jean-Claude Camus

Cecile de France, Vincent Pérez, Elsa Zylberstein: butterfly kisses!

Guti and Indhira, knowing in Kapital

After arriving in Spain on May 19 rental after finishing the football season in Turkey, Guti is having as good as is usual in him. Already he has been seen in several soirees, like a concert of one of his favorite bands Sidecars, "but also we saw on Saturday in celebration of the First Communion of his young son Aitor where he met his ex Arantxa de Benito, but not both stayed away.

Yesterday, it was said to save me that the player has met Indhira Extrona Big Brother and the Women and Men and vice versa and has been a very good impression of it. The athlete had on their Twitter on Sunday May 29: "I am Indhira in Kapital, good people and very good." In addition Kiko Hernandez explained that the player finished the night with a girl of Women and Men and vice versa, will be neither the first nor the last.

Sandra Bullock bought a villa for $ 23 million

William and Kate cover upon Vanity Fair 14 years after Lady Diana

Fourteen years ago precisely that Diana is left to capture, radiant with happiness by photographer Mario Testino for the cover of Vanity Fair. While Prince William and Princess Catherine will be in the United States in July, the magazine decided to put forward the royal couple. The photo, unpublished, shows William and Kate, just engaged, as illuminated by the joy of this formalization.

Vanity Fair also offers in its internal pages of pictures of the couple made by the legendary photographer who has just been appointed official photographer for the wedding of Kate ... Moss. Mario Testino attended last week at a gala in his honor in New York and spoke of the choice of Prince William to upload pictures of their engagement official: "I think it was a way to integrate the mother of William their history, "said former friend of Lady Diana.

Median: Interview with Pilar López de Ayala

We have already crossed the shimmering light of this young actress in the Spanish film de Agustin Diaz Yanes, Captain Alatriste, the Garenq Vincent, like other on camera or by Manoel de Oliveira for The Curious Case Angelica. It illuminates today's film Gustavo Taretto, Mid personifying Mariana, a young woman consumed by loneliness, searching for a soulmate.

What made you want to get started in this romantic adventure? First I was really surprised that an Argentine filmmaker turns to a Spanish actress for playing a woman rooted in the world of Buenos areas. I was then seized by the story and how Gustavo approached. Argentine cinema is for me one of the most interesting now, I feel very close, they have little money but have shown great creativity.

Ortega Cano, latest news about his health

Ortega Cano is struggling between life and death, as recognized by one of his nephews, Hospital Virgen Macarena. Having swept away to another driver, who was driving correctly, right-hander saved the chassis of his car but suffers injuries are extremely serious. The Association of Victims of traffic accidents and has asked if Ortega is restored must face justice for what he has done.

We fully agree with the association but may not be the best time to claim something that the family of the murdered will not hesitate to ask court. But let's focus on the last medical report issued by the hospital, "the patient is still admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and continued in its sedative drug and connected to mechanical ventilation." Ortega's nephew says in the magazine Hola! that "There has been neither forward nor backward, but his life is hanging by a thread.

Pippa Middleton: the British cannon at Roland Garros

"Private Practice" arrived on France 2 in June

Median: The Critical

Martin lives folded on itself and on his computer. Webmaster professional, he works at home, removed the heart of his studio, surrounded by his books, facing the screen. Mariana trying to break his loneliness by focusing on finding an imaginary character, Charlie, the hero of a children's book, character prisoner in the middle of the crowd that he must find the cold or the presence of dummies that manipulates to his work, she dresses to decorate vitrimes.

X Factor: Kelly Rowland and Gary Barlow integrate the jury

Eddie Murphy faces a new rumor about his death

Eddie Murphy has had to read on the Internet that he was dead. Fashion rumors about someone's death seems lately too widespread and the actor has not escaped that someone has written a bizarre story with the sole purpose of gaining traffic to your website. Associated Global News the company was pleased to say that "Murphy has died from a snowboarding accident on the morning of May 29, 2011." Social networks have done the rest and Gossip Cop not hesitate to say that the actor is in great condition.

Cheryl Cole lost his position as a juror in X Factor

Cheryl Cole, 27, has gone from being presented by FOX as a judge on the U.S. version of X Factor, to be dismissed by the back door, claiming that his accent "Geordie" typical of the Newcastle's birthplace excomponente Girls Aloud, American viewers would not understand. However, what appeared to return to the UK edition of the already formed part of a jury, has come to nothing.

Nor have they offered a return, or be possible because there is a new jury. No progress seems the girl has the United States has been very fruitful. ITV has sent a statement via Twitter: "Official: @ TheXFactor (UK) Judges will be: Gary Barlow, Tulis Contostavlos, Kelly Rowland & Louis Walsh # itvpresscentre." Simon Cowell made it clear that there are four judges, each with their attitudes.

The firm of Middleton joins forces with Justin Bieber

Kate Middleton's family, and wife of William of Wales and Duchess of Cambridge, is a company that sells party items, which manages Pippa, and as good visionaries have pointed to Justin Bieber fashion. The company called Party Pieces, and has on its website more than a dozen articles with the singer's image canandiense: stickers, VIP passes, paper cups, plates, balloons, piñatas, napkins ...

The young, 17 has reached an agreement with the Middleton market for these items with his image as party unveiled the tabloid The Sun. Through its website, announced that they too are joining the rush of Bieber. " "Young people from around the world are crazy about Justin Bieber. In fact, Justin Bieber worship while the star now has his own party items, "announces the website of the company's Middleton.

Bomb of the summer: Miranda Kerr's hot cleavage ultra-sexy

To see the bomb casing Miranda Kerr, we forget that the sexy lady's baby is low! The model of Victoria's Secret showed her strengths goddess for the evening which followed the presentation Swimwear Victoria's Secret and she had much to do green with envy the models who wore that day, the jerseys, too hot and sexy they are.

A successful challenge: the Australian supermodel 23 years is undoubtedly a sex bomb, and it's not her boyfriend, Orlando Bloom who's complaining, happy father's small Flynn, born early this year. Last year, Miranda Kerr was a tenth of the classification of the highest paid model, and that's understandable!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Concerned about the extreme thinness of Claudia Schiffer

Do not know if it was all a top model in the 90's, Claudia Schiffer, is going through an eating disorder, judging from the picture presented in the Festival de Cannes or simply lost to a considerable kilos. The German supermodel, wore an elegant and suggestive lace dress by Dolce & Gabbana black, a figure very impaired, far from the curves that had always characterized his best years as a model.

Rob Kardashian doubt the betrothal of his sister Kim

If we mentioned a few days ago that Kim Kardashian had given her boyfriend I do want to Kris Humphries, now must do the same with statements of Rob Kardashian, brother of Kim, he doubts very much that her sister will marry the player basketball. In an interview with The Hollywood 5 Rob confessed to not be very convinced that the wedding was to occur.

"I think not because Kim has always been the kind of girl who thought that marriage is for women of advanced age." "She has had several relationships and always fatal or what happened or has not found the perfect guy. Yes, Kris is the perfect guy for her and I hope to meet the wedding. " "The day of the commitment we were having dinner the whole family, gave the match we were all together but neither of us had no idea what was going to happen." "Kim was wearing a ring but did not know why.

Bernard Montiel comment on the marriage of Albert and Charlene on TMC

For TMC, the marriage of Albert of Monaco and Charlene Wittstock is always a special event. Télé Monte-Carlo therefore provides a device for extraordinary July 2 next settling such a way as to dominate the courtyard that will cross the guests. Jacques Legros is who will lead the day during the five hours will be devoted to the event.

Bernard Montiel will be the commentator of marriage. Why did he choose so focused on the former host of Video Gag past with TMC Between Two, a program that allowed to meet a star in his privacy? Probably because Bernard Montiel is a relative of Albert and Charlene: "The bride, in addition, is a very good friend" would he commented, very excited by the project.

Bradley Cooper and Nikos joke about DSK

Hangover 2 is the cartoon of the week. This does not preclude handsome Bradley Cooper to continue his promotional tour. Yes, this means that the actor is currently in France. It was this morning on the set of NRJ, during the morning of Nikos Aliagas. Faced with the facilitator and Karine Ferri, the actor was very at ease, talking nicely to the French even more sex appeal ...

The charm has worked very well in Karina, who actually fell for the ex of Renee Zellweger, who was said to himself in the open flirtation with the beautiful Olivia Wilde ... Hollywood romances and complex ... Cultural differences did not prevent the jokes at a brisk pace, Bradley Cooper and Karine Ferri giving himself an appointment at the Sofitel New York hotel very famous since DSK affair ...

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie could finally say "yes" to please their children!

Brad Pitt has hinted that he could marry his girlfriend Angelina Jolie soon! Indeed, the formalization of their relationship, which lasted for six years now, seems more and more interest (but not the media, come on!) Their children ... It seems that any marriage is at the heart of the thoughts and especially conversations of the couple's joyous brats who would be good to attend the wedding of their famous parents.

Robert Pattinson is already in new cinematic adventures

Robert Pattinson is embarking on a new adventure film, just finished filming the final part of Twilight, Twilight: Breaking Dawn, "the talented actor began filming" Cosmopolis, "he was spotted Sunday in the open job May 29 Whoever came forward with her interpretation of the vampire Edward Cullen in the famous saga, was photographed with her on screen partner, Sarah Gadon, so they turned to Toronto, Canada.

Britney Spears working hard to promote it

Britney Spears, who will begin his new tour soon "Femme Fatale", has nonetheless had a break in rehearsals to match an afternoon relaxing with her boyfriend, Jason Trawick very gracious, Sunday afternoon. The happy couple enjoyed a beautiful day to go shopping at the mall Topanga Mall in Los Angeles! For this occasion, the star opted for a more comfortable keeping her away from the scene latex bodysuits and other rhinestones and sequins, while they differed in their long hair blonde locks red light.

Shakira in concert with Gerard Pique

Colombian singer Shakira, a fervent supporter of Barca since she attended one of the team members, footballer Gerad Pique, has made his concert last night at the Olimpic de Montjuic stadium a celebration in honor of FC Barcelona won the Champions League 2011, against the team from Manchester (3-1), the night before! Indeed, Shakira, who had announced to his fans, a few days ago, via the social network Twitter, a surprise, has largely kept his word, and there are several players of the winning team that took the stage with her during her concert , whose beautiful brown Gerard Pique with whom she lived a passionate relationship for several weeks! The stadium could accommodate 50,000 people was half full and the show began with more than two hours late without explanation and mondre same excuse, which has provoked hisses and cries of discontent, but Shakira has the Following reverse ...

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, seriously thinking about getting married

Brad Pitt is seriously considering remarrying. After his marriage to Jennifer Aniston and subsequent divorce, everything went very fast in his relationship with Angelina Jolie with whom he has six children, three adopted and three biological. The children grow up and ask them why they are married. "Angie and I are married when you consider the country around the world who wants to marry legally, and had added:" We ask children by marriage.

Camille Lacourt: the swimmer of her ladies in Fort Boyard

Ever since the European Championships in swimming as members of the French team took the stature of national heroes. It must be said that their phenomenal success followed the crushing defeat footballing World Cup, as saying that France needed someone to cheer him up. So popular as a hero Camille Lacourt and colleagues swimmers circle of Marseille will be met at Fort Boyard for a show that will air on July 2.

Lady Gaga naked for the cover of Rolling Stone

Lady Gaga, her hair arranged in a knot at the top of his skull, chest simply dressed in a black bra with semi-transparent. Rather soft in the end! Apart from the fact that the singer is almost naked, the cover of Rolling Stone U.S. is almost ordinary compared to the explosive potential of the young woman.

One that undergoes a semi-reverse when the criticism is shared about his latest, Born This Way, confides to his addiction to music, stage and his fans. "When I'm not on stage, I'm dead. Whether it's healthy or not you think you or anyone else has, a doctor, I do not totally equal. I do not feel alive when I sing, and that's how I was born..

Eric Naulleau, transferred, again!

The emission of France 3 has not yet been released but we already know that Eric Naulleau will not be on the tapes. New clash for the publisher and columnist, Eric Zemmour usual acolythe We're not lying in the emission of Lawrence Ruquier. This time, Naulleau was invited as a juror for a tournament spelling for grade five.

But arriving for registration, the writer and journalist came face to Eric Orsenna of the French Academy, who had not forgotten how Naulleau had spoken of his book The Future of Water on globalization. The columnist had held his book boring and did not say private. Faced with his detractor, Orsenna was clear: either Eric Naulleau left the show, or was he.

Details about the accident Ortega Cano

In the program Ana Rosa, Nacho Abad was the latest data on traffic accident suffered by the bullfighter José Ortega Cano, on Saturday night and resulted in the death of Carlos, a man traveling in a passenger car , 48, married with two children and a third person was involved in the accident, fortunately escaped unhurt and the widower of Rocío Jurado is very serious.

According to the journalist counted, Ortega Cano vehicle collided head on with the deceased, when cornering which invaded the opposite lane, however, it seems that he was asleep because there was a brake on the road, making the researchers have ruled out fell asleep at the wheel. As her condition was critical when they reached the health services not drew blood to make an analysis will determine if your BAC exceeded allowable limits or not.

Shakira dance brings the Barcelona players

Shakira in Barcelona yesterday held his first concert tour in Spain The sun rises in the Montjuic Olympic Stadium, however failed to fill, despite having as guest stars. The stage not only her boyfriend went Gerard Pique but several of his fellow FC Barcelona on Saturday won his fourth European Cup in London after beating Manchester United.

The Colombian did not hesitate to teach dance Xavi, Bojan, Pedrito, Villa and central Busquets culé who accompanied on stage. It was during the song 'Whenever Wherever', tried to show some of its most distinctive hip movement. Pique and Shakira warned from their Twitter accounts of what would happen on Sunday.

Marchante Karmele explains his departure from Save me

Marchante Karmele wanted to explain Saturday in La Noria the reasons for his departure from Save me. The Tortosa not hesitate to answer questions of employees with their unique style and the interview was an example of the personality of Karmele that, like it or not, remains a person with a lot of pull television.

Since late April, is speculating on the abandoned Marchand and has now been officially confirmed. It appears that the reporter just wanted to "save my mental and physical health and be happy again, be well." "The meditation was at Easter. From the direction of 'Save Me' and 'Deluxe' and from the top of Telecinco I insisted that I stay, so I had a harder time making a decision.

Carla Bruni today live very, very private

We have not seen Carla Bruni-Sarkozy on stage since last November when she had a duet with Marc Anthony at the Olympia for the award Constantine. While the first lady should now be almost 5 months pregnant, she gave a concert today ultra-private Microworld, a company founded by Jacques Attali microcredit, which finances projects in Peru, Cambodia, Senegal and Lebanon.

Among the 2,100 members of the platform, fifteen were selected at random to attend a performance of songs mostly acoustic. Microworld is adept at small concerts to increase his popularity, which come on stage and some big names of French music: Jean-Louis Aubert, Raphael Bear (pseudonym of Charles Souchon, Alain's son).

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie marriage in Colima!

At 47, Brad Pitt is one of the most impressive in his professional life as personal. Main actor of the Palme d'Or 2011, he continued in recent years great movies, combining this with the romance of the most glamorous and mature in Hollywood. In an interview with USA Weekend, the companion Angelina Jolie has given about his personal life, on her children, biological and adopted, and one that might become his wife.

Kate and William's wedding absent Charlene and Albert of Monaco

No diplomatic incident for the time between Britain and Monaco, but we can not say that Prince William and Princess Catherine did not know the date of marriage to Albert of Monaco and Charlene Wittstock. On July 2, William and Kate will be on official travel, for a few days in Canada. They can then attend the religious ceremony or even civil marriage the day before, ecscapade taking place from June 30 to July 8.

Selena Gomez, again threatened with death by the fans of Justin Bieber

After images of the passion that exuded Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber on vacation in Hawaii, where they stopped lavishing kisses, caresses and demonstrations of love, some Canadian fans have again threatened to kill his girlfriend. Messages can not be as clear and concise: "I'm gonna kill ya" ("I'll kill you").

Selena Gomez, 18, is the victim of a hate campaign of the fruit of the zealous followers of the singer, 17. "Stay away from Justin pedophile" ("Stay away from Justin, pedophile"), wrote another of his fans on his Twitter account. Other messages were in the same way stating that they would kill him while he was sleeping.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries: the two lovers relax in Monaco

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries, newly engaged, took the direction of the Principality of Monaco ... Our two lovebirds were seen arm in arm, last Friday (May 27) at the Hotel Meridien Beach Plaza in Monte Carlo. The reality TV star and basketball player have made including the Amber Fashion Show. The buxom brunette has the opportunity to unveil to the public her engagement ring valued at $ 2 million! As usual, the young woman used Twitter to express her joy at being in Monaco: "I'm backstage at the Matthew Williamson show.

Jude Law has not left France and took the opportunity to turn a new spot Dior

Jude Law, who never left France, and particularly the French Rivera since his arrival as a jury for the 64th edition of the Cannes Film Festival which ended last Sunday, was spotted filming on May 26 near Great Blue! The sublime 38 years in UK devastating charm, turns up a new commercial for Dior around the sublime luxury hotel Eden Roc in Cap d'Antibes.

The return of Orlando Bloom at the elves!

Since Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End Orlando Bloom did not shine much in cinema. And it seems that his best role, the actor has found in fatherhood. Indeed, Orlando shows his happiness since he and Miranda Kerr hosted a small Flynn, last January. But enough is enough, her sexy appearances in ads for Hugo Boss are not sufficient to maintain its popularity.

And if Orlando is still not decided to resume its role of pirate love Keira Knightley, the actor has agreed to revive his character Legolas, Lord of the Rings. Much less charming as Will Turner, but also worship the elf find Middle-earth under the direction of Peter Jackson. The New Zealand director hopes to recreate the magic of turning his trilogy The Hobbit, even arouse criticism from fans of Tolkien's work.

The Femme Fatale Tour Britney Spears will by France

Britney Spears is preparing his return on stage with the Femme Fatale Tour. This tour should start in the U.S. on June 16 with a first date in Sacramento. But when is it dates for France? While the fans are impatient to know if the dates for Paris-Bercy will be announced soon, the diva should also occur outside the capital.

Indeed, if one believes the site Ticketnet, the pop singer will perform on October 5 at Galaxy Amnéville Moselle. The concert hall attracts many artists including Beyoncé soon that it will produce 23 June The Galaxy can accommodate 12,000 people, in other words not all fans of Brit-Brit.

Celebs react to the disappearance of the "Godfather" of rap, Gil Scott-Heron

The death of Gil Scott-Heron leaves the world of hip-hop orphan. This pioneer, poet and keen observer of American society died Friday at age 62. The musician, author of "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" in 1974, faced drug problems for many, many years. Via Twitter, American artists reflect the impact and influence that Gia Scott-Heron and was left on the music.

Thus, Eminem wrote: "RIP Gil Scott-Heron. He influenced the whole hip-hop. "Snoop Dogg has welcomed him" one of the greatest. " Usher reflects "the loss of a very important poet." Chuck D of Public Enemy has twittered: "RIP GSH. And we do what we do and how we do it with you. And to those who do not know, get your hat with your hand on your heart and say hello.

Twilight: Bryce Dallas Howard is expecting her second child!

Bryce Dallas Howard and husband Seth Gabel await the arrival of their second child. Married since 2006, the actress Twilightet actor Fringe are already the proud parents of a baby Theo, 4 years. This good news should gladden the director Ron Howard, who will be a grandfather again. During his recent stay in France for the Cannes Film Festival, the young woman did not report the happy event.

She has booked the ad in the magazine U.S. Weekly through a spokesman. In 2010, Bryce Dallas Howard scored minds by showing its postpartum depression, the blog of Gwyneth Paltrow. She wrote: "I felt when I was breastfeeding be zero. My house was upside down. And I was sure to be a very bad actress.

Jessica Szohr is ready for post-Gossip Girl

A few weeks ago, fans learned that Gossip Girl series glam-trash would continue for a fifth season, but Taylor Momsen and Jessica Szohr. This last part but it is not sad to say goodbye to her character, Vanessa Abrams. Jessica Szohr has delivered its response to Eonline, "When I started the season 4, I had a conversation with the producers.

We did not know what to do with the character. Play someone for four can be a bit repetitive. So I was ready for a change. And she concludes "I am much amused about the series, I myself have made friends for life. And work in New York was really awesome. But I got through the character of Vanessa.

Ortega Cano, in critical condition, operated a second time

Give me again a few minutes discussing the latest local information about the accident, the program reported that the clinical status of Ortega Cano is "critical" and its prognosis "very serious", according to the latest medical report issued by the Hospital Universitario Virgen Macarena of Seville. The reporter for the program was that the center was his son, Amador Mohedano and Rocío Carrasco y Fidel Albiac are directed towards.

The sudden return of Criminal Minds Paget Brewster

It seems that the next generation of criminal mind, we regret some decisions lately. In fact, during season 6, the series had separated from his two female figures, namely AJ Cook and Paget Brewster, officially for financial reasons. The crisis has put a blow to the budget of the police series. AJ Cook, missing the first screen, had expressed its disappointment, as fans.

While Paget Brewster was the opportunity to find the comedy by turning the pilot of a sitcom, My Life As An Experiment, for NBC. Yet, as the site TV Line, the two actresses will be well in the credits of Season 7 in the coming year. While the return of AJ Cook had already announced that Paget Brewster is confirmed.

Belén Esteban operations

The supplement of El Mundo, La Otra Chronicle makes this weekend a review of all operations and aesthetic touches to Bethlehem has been under Stephen. Chest, lips, teeth, nasal septum, bags under the eyes, liposuction and liposculpture abdomen ... there are many changes that have taken the princess since she shot to popularity.

In 2001, Bethlehem underwent a breast enlargement, in particular two sizes to wear a size 95, so he paid 9,000 euros. In those moments came with Oscar Lozano. In 2003, he returned to undergo surgery and was undergoing a tummy tuck and liposuction, although this operation has never been confirmed by the contributor to save me.

A mistress of Arnold Schwarzenegger apologized to Maria Shiver

In the late spring, each country's sex scandal. United States, Arnold Schwarzenegger because of his reputation, his family and his marriage shattered, following revelations about his infidelities and his sexual appetite. One that claims that Arnold Schwarzenegger has been at least a dozen mistress during his marriage, gave an interview in the U.S.

show Extra and did not refrain from being verbose. The former actress Gigi Goyette, apparently looking for a little notoriety, felt the need to tell on TV that Schwarzenegger had "a voracious sexual appetite." Bodybuilding legend and she had met two years before the actor's marriage to Maria Shriver.

Lindsay Lohan discovers the art of relaxation!

Sentenced to 120 days in jail for theft of jewelry, Lindsay Lohan is not ultimately returned to prison. Since the judge preferred the house arrest. This week, LiLo has begun serving his sentence at his home in Venice Beach. The actress has to stay for 35 days, an electronic bracelet around his ankle is placed there to control his blood alcohol level.

She was placed under the supervision of the sheriff's department in Los Angeles and will again leave her home as soon June 29 We are reassured, Lindsay will celebrate its 25th anniversary, July 2, free! The other good news is that LiLo seems to enjoy these early days of confinement. According to TMZ, the young woman took advantage of this free time that is imposed to "relax, focus on his recovery (his rehab) and its future life plans and career goals.

Ortega Cano suffered a traffic accident

José Ortega Cano has suffered this last night, at 23.15, a strong car accident on a country road in the province of Sevilla. The teacher was going to his farm when he collided head-Yerbabuena into another vehicle, the other driver has died on the spot. The Sierra Highway north of the province of Seville has seen what happened.

The severe impact caused the front right out quickly translated form Macarena Hospital of Seville, where it has been reported that the state's right "serious" because of multiple wounds. At the time of writing this post a little more we can add to this sad news. Torero's family traveled to Seville urgently and has only been known that Ortega had just left her daughter in a friend's house when the accident occurred which causes are not known.

Brad Pitt: "There is no secret in our house"

Miguel Urdangarín celebrated their first communion at La Zarzuela

The third son of the Duke of Palma, Miguel Urdangarín, nine years, received her First Communion at the Zarzuela Palace yesterday, Saturday 28 May. The child is the fifth grandson of the Kings of Spain and tenth in the line of succession. The ceremony took place in the gardens of the Palacio de la Zarzuela and had an intimate, since they have only witnessed their parents, siblings, immediate family and closest friends.

Jeff Conaway, star of Grease, dies at 60

Jeff Conaway, star of classic movie musical Grease, has died at age 60 after spending two weeks in a coma. In a hospital in Encino (California) ended the career of an artist who became famous for his role in that movie as a protagonist. As reported by TMZ, Conaway suffered an overdose of which could not leave.

The passage of the weeks on life support has caused to be removed any type of mechanical support which caused his death immediately. Dr. Drew, who treated Conaway in Celebrity Rehab program, commented that "It is false that Conaway had died of an overdose. His death is caused by multiple organ failure caused by the continued use of pills.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez kissing non stop

A few days ago we told you Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez arrived in Hawaii on vacation. The kids are having a wonderful time in Maui and have not been cut to show how well their relationship is on solid ground, on a boat, on a jet ski or in the air, as you can see from the pictures that illustrate this information.

The Canadian and his girl have not stopped kissing during their days of relaxation that have happened in a suite at the luxurious and exclusive Four Seasons Hotel which costs $ 10,000 per night. According to Hollywood Life, the couple is in the Maile Suite, a luxurious palace on the seventh floor of the resort.

Miley Cyrus completes his tour of Latin America saying adios to Mexico!

The singer Miley Cyrus has left Mexico City to travel to Guadalajara, another Mexican city where it must occur in concert tonight, it will be his last concert in Latin America! Yep all good things come to an end! Check discreetly Guadalajara airport, the star has been taken over very quickly, probably to avoid repeating the scene of riots triggered in the terminal of the Mexico City airport, a few days ago! An attitude of caution which seems logical but which nevertheless saddened many fans of the star who made the trip in numbers to greet their idol at the airport ...

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Miley Cyrus more sexy that Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez for FHM

In the top 100 sexiest girls 2011 for FHM readers found several girls Disney and some of the stars of Twilight. As we told, the list is led by Anna Simon, as we told, however, between the previous leader in the post Miley Cyrus 32. Miley Cyrus has earned this position the 32 by its transformation into pop lolita suggestive aspect.

The magazine highlights their strong points is 18, you feel death's bikini and has a tattoo just below her left breast. At position 47, Vanessa Hudgens is highlighting its suggestive photos taken with their mobile phone which was posing naked. In the post 54, Demi Lovato, from which it differs from its wild parties, fights with her tour dancers and clinical placements in several well attest.

Guti, and Arantxa de Benito, together with the Communion of your child

Today, Saturday 28 May, José María Gutiérrez Hernández, "Guti", 34, and his former wife, Arantxa de Benito, 41, celebrated the First Communion of his son Aitor Madrid. Together with them was, Zaida, his eldest daughter, who wore a blue dress with a floral pattern very similar to that carried his mother.

Before entering the church Guti was somewhat embarrassed by the presence of photographers. The girl celebrated her First Communion two years ago, just the year 2009, where his parents were divorcing. Since Guti plays for Besiktas in Turkey is not much agreement with your ex and images of this event are not looking very communicative.

Blake Lively and Leo DiCaprio: discreet but not too much!

In recent weeks, Leonard DiCaprio and Blake Lively attract the attention of the paparazzi. So they are saying more and more families since the Cannes Film Festival, both actors now seem inseparable. Seen together on a yacht, they were surprised the Croisette. Before heading to Italy, to find tranquility in Portofino, but without sowing the photographers.

Apparently back in France, the couple was seen Friday leaving a hotel in Saint-Paul de Vence, reports U.S. Magazine. But Leo and Blake had taken the precaution to leave separately to avoid being photographed together. The Gossip Girl star, 24, wore a white dress. While the actor Inception, 36, wore jeans, a blue polo shirt and a black baseball cap pulled down over his head.

Bradley Cooper have a secret talent!

From Sex and The City and Alias, Bradley Cooper favors from female audience. While the actor Hangover 2 has won over several actresses such as Jennifer Aniston, Renee Zellwegger and Olivia Wilde recently. But Bradley Cooper is not a charming kind. Right now, it has the wind in its sails in Hollywood.

Increasingly sought, the actor still finds time to develop scenarios. Indeed, in an interview on the show Charlie Rose, Bradley revealed that he worked in his corner in the adaptation of the sci-fi saga, Hyperion, with stories of invaders, pilgrims, wars and spacecraft. Cooper would have a hidden talent as a screenwriter but not only ...

Mariska Hargitay: "Chris Meloni I will miss terribly"

Every week for many years, New York special unit makes the happiness of TF1 and fans. For twelve years, the series follows the investigations of judicial officers that assist victims of sexual assault. But New York is experiencing a special unit change. Indeed, while the series was renewed for a thirteenth season, Chris Meloni, aka Elliot Stabler has decided to leave New York Special Unit.

Putting an end to the duo he formed with Mariska Hargitay (Olivia Benson). The news is gloom and confusion to the public but also for the actress. "During the past twelve years, Chris Meloni was my partner and my friend, on screen and in the city. His integrity, his extraordinary talent and his commitment to truth, inspired me every day.

Ana Ortiz of Ugly Betty, is expecting her second child!

In 2009, Ana Ortiz gave birth to a baby girl named Paloma Louise. Two years later, the actress has revealed her second pregnancy and announced that it was this time a boy. "We know it's a boy! We are now looking for names that we like every other "has declared the site Latina actress. com. Married to musician Noah Lebenzon since 2007, Ana Ortiz said: "The name must be Spanish, but that non-Hispanics can speak without difficulty.

Eva Mendes does not like marriage because it is "not sexy"!

All women do not dream of marrying and having a marriage of the princess to Kate Middleton. Actress Eva Mendes is one of those who do not wish to become someone's wife. Recently invited on the show Chelsea Handler, Eva Mendes said: "I'm an anti-marriage or anti-institution, and I have nothing against people who marry.

I like the idea of a union. It's beautiful. But I think it's outdated and archaic. Originally, it was done for land. It's nothing romantic. "The Hitch actress thinks more than 50 or 60 years saying" this is my boyfriend. " Sometimes a word makes all the difference, she explains, "Boyfriend" is "sexy", however "husband and wife are not really sexy.

Charlie Sheen is selling his house in Beverly Hills

Charlie Sheen would he need cash? His feedings and professional and personal disappointments may well have cost him much money. Indeed, the actor, who lost his job in the sitcom My uncle Charlie, has just sold his house in Beverly Hills. The property was marketed for $ 7.2 million dollars, or about 5 million.

Charlie Sheen, who loved his called "Sober Valley Ranch" (instead of Silver Valley Ranch) in reference to his abstinence from alcohol, then separates from the house of his dreams, comprising five bedrooms, seven bathrooms , a pool, a private screening room and a professional kitchen for Top Chef.

Humiliated by X Factor, Cheryl Cole leaves with £ 1.2 million

Cheryl Cole and U.S. lex Factor, it's over! While the English singer would have conquered the United States entering the home of the U.S. thanks to the famous TV-hook, it will not happen. Much to the chagrin of Simon Cowell. The latter fought for the fair to join his American jury, but his victory was short lived.

Three days ago, Cheryl Cole learned that Fox was not satisfied and that the production wanted to leave her. The reasons are the lack of chemistry with Paula Abdul and her accent was too strong for Newcastle and disrupt the public. This rather humiliating for the former member of Girls Aloud will nevertheless be compensated financially.

John Travolta shocked by the death of his partner in "Grease"

John Travolta has expressed his sadness at the death of actor Jeff Conaway, age 60. The two men were partners in the cult movie musical of the 70s, Grease. Jeff Conaway Kenickie interpreted it, the best friend of Danny. The actor said: "Jeff Conaway was a wonderful man and respectable. He will be missed.

In this very difficult time, my most sincere thoughts are with his family and those who loved him. "For a very long time, Jeff Conaway fighting against his drug problems and alcohol. He had appeared in the TV reality show the Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew in 2008. "It's sad that people do remember that his drug problems ...

Pippa Middleton recruited by Oprah Winfrey?

Since its emergence "divine" the wedding of Kate and William, Pippa Middleton awash in proposals to job and never stops to steal the spotlight from her sister. This time, the young woman of 27 years would have caught the eye of Oprah Winfrey ... While the priestess of the talk show comes to say goodbye to her famous show to concentrate on its television channel OWN, Oprah Winfrey had the intention to recruit young English woman.

Raquel Bollo defends itself against allegations of a relationship with Julián Muñoz

Raquel Bollo has had to step out of the accusations made by Maite Zaldívar in recognizing that the first of those had a relationship with Julián Muñoz. Deluxe Save me was the venue chosen by the Bun to defend tooth and nail all the talk during the week. "I've never had anything to Julian, nor has there been Rone, or flirting.

My relationship with Julian was successful. I could never say that he suggested and I did not want anything with him. He never hinted. The beginnings were best and the worst end "began. On what was said by Maite Zaldivar said, "Maite said 'your side' that had no contact with Julián Muñoz and then said that that the operation of my breasts had paid Julian told him.

Alaska and Mario Vaquero marry in Madrid

Whether under the guise of making a big chapter of his successful reality show, you can see every Wednesday on MTV, it is because it called for the body, and Mario Vaquero Olvido Gara married yesterday in Madrid. The ceremony, especially clothing, fell short of both. Alaska wore a red dress that highlighted her rotund curves and the legendary Mario chose the black suit and a rose in his lapel.

Amy Winehouse plunges for the umpteenth time!

Amy Winehouse has unfortunately not done with drugs and alcohol ... The British singer has once again built a drug rehabilitation center last Wednesday (May 25). The young woman thought to be permanently cured, must occur at several festivals this summer in Europe and especially the complete recording of his third album, whose release date is constantly postponed.

It must be said that the girl collects pranks! Agent Amy Winehouse has confirmed the sad news: "She just started treatment at the Priory clinic. She wants to prepare for its planned concerts in Europe this summer and decided to seek help. It will remain in treatment as doctors deem necessary.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Charlene and Albert of Monaco, the first interview confidences (CLIP)

One month after the ceremony of Prince William and Princess Catherine, the weddings we miss them already! But another little couple is preparing to star in the eyes of the working girls. Charlene Wittstock and Prince Albert of Monaco are a little less wildly glamorous than their British counterparts, but definitely not touching and weaker in the fairy tale model.

Charlene, splendid South African swimmer, met Albert in 2000, the international swimming meeting in Monaco as Prince directs. Their fate will bind a few years later, in 2006, shortly after the death of Prince Renier. For 50 N. Inside the princely couple were entrusted to Jean-Claude Narcy, referring to the Hall of Mirrors in their romance, their tastes, and even proposed marriage to Albert of Monaco ...

Andrea Casiraghi

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt celebrates its fifth anniversary today

Time passes and she grows small Shiloh. First biological child of the Jolie-Pitt, the blonde is celebrating its fifth anniversary. A joyous event in the family. And if we do not know which theme this year was found for the feast, we imagine that the small stock has not requested a doll as a gift. In real tomboy she is, she still loves borrow ties and hats her dad and she likes the same games as its bigger brothers.

Charlene Wittstock learn French for her Prince

From South Africa to the Principality of Monaco, Charlene Wittsock leaves his fairy tale unfold. On 2 July, she will say "Yes" to the Prince Albert in her white dress Giorgio Armani Privé. "Yes" or "Yes"? If Charlene gave his interview to Madame Figaro in English, she recalls her love of French language, "without doubt one of the most beautiful in the world" and the progress it has to be done.

Pierre Casiraghi

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez let go on holiday

Direction then Hawaii and the beach in Maui, and to them the fine sand, the sun beating down and the seaside never end. The dream ... The ones who do are too few because of busy schedules and inconsistent, are given away to their heart and took the opportunity to let go a little - when their parents not watching! Without hiding from photographers, Justin, 17, and Selena, 18, were full of hugs.

Amy Winehouse is going to remake a short stay in rehab

To believe the Sun newspaper, the singer would have been seen a few days ago buying vodka in mid-morning. It is a witness at the scene reported the story: "She seemed in a daze. She searched for words. I was shocked to see her buying vodka so early in the day, but more shocked to see her drink too quickly.

And that's not all, after having emptied his bottle, Amy would vomit in the alley salon where she had an appointment within the hour of noon. Class! The owner of the establishment would not dare annoyed at the situation. The spokesman denied the star and said: "Amy Winehouse began a rehab clinic in the Priory.

Jessica Alba, her second child is a girl

And according to rumors reported on Perez Hilton's site is a little sister who would soon share the life of Honnor, nearly three years. The happy event is planned for this summer. And meanwhile, Jessica was not idle. She gave a press conference Tuesday on Capitol Hill in Washington to urge members of Congress to legislate against toxic chemicals found in everyday products.

To its credit, but it is advised to rest a little if she wants to terminate her pregnancy without undue fatigue.

Miley Cyrus arrived in Mexico and is already talking about her and her ex, Nick Jonas!

Miley Cyrus continues to carry a lot of love in Latin America as part of his tour 'Corazón Gitano' aa it reveals several African countries and many cultures, the singer went through Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, but also Costa Rica, among other destinations. Yesterday, the former star of "Hannah Montana" was in Mexico and the beautiful young woman arrived all smiles at a press conference on the sidelines of his first concert which took place yesterday evening.

Johnny Depp: no marriag!

Once again, Johnny Depp said he did not intend to ask Vanessa Paradis to marry . The American star, who has two children, Lily Rose and Jack, with the French singer and actress is very pleased with his current relationship. He loves most of all Vanessa Paradis and his children, is the only thing that matters to him! He explains: "We have never been married and it will stay like that for now.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber, it gets hot between them, have a look!

After months of removal due to their respective careers, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have decided to go on holiday together, and this little romantic getaway, the two stars have chosen a destination and sunny paradise, the Island of Hawaii . The actress who has finished shooting the series "Wizards of Waverly Place" and Canadian singer who has just completed his world tour, flew Monday and have since put their suitcases in a luxury hotel feet in the water.

Charlotte Casiraghi

Carla pregnant, Kate and Will meet Obama zapping people

The celebrity news this week of the Cannes winners in officilisation Carla through the Obamas! Carla pregnant, Kate and Will meet Obama zapping people

Albert de Monaco