Thursday, January 27, 2011

Grey's Anatomy: Katherine Heigl's departure boosts hearings

Last night, watching, viewers were able to return and ... the departure of the beautiful. A return, because the actress who plays the role of Izzie Stevens had left the show a few episodes ago, and departure, as this episode was a last goodbye to the fans, disappointed to have seen him leaving the plates series successful too quickly.

If decided to leave behind her blouse internal, it is primarily to better focus on his personal life and his family. The actress has indeed adopted a little girl she wanted to see it grow. But Katherine Heigl was especially great film project, and Grey's Anatomy, which required a permanent presence on movie sets, does not allow him to respond positively to requests from producers.

Since then, the career of Katherine Heigl on the big screen explodes in recent months. We saw recently the beautiful blonde showing Baby instructions, along with Josh Duhamel. Before, it was in Knocked job she has proved her talent. Dresses then 27, followed by Kiss & Kill with Ashton Kutcher.

His departure from the series, missed by fans of Grey's Anatomy, has been a wise choice for the career of Katherine Heigl. Yesterday, the three episodes of Grey's Anatomy has attracted an average 7.2 million viewers, representing 26.6% market share. Half a million more than last week! The finale, marked by the return of Izzie, was followed by 37.7% of the public! A score undoubtedly linked to the quality of the series, whose success is confirmed by the week.

I must admit that this sixth season is not stingy with emotion and surprises.

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