Thursday, January 27, 2011

James Franco: Now, the sex tape!

New Declaration of shock. The actor, who will present the ceremony on February 27 next in the company of, confessed last night at a round table by the film very seriously he had his own sex tape. A video found, it will keep for him, and for good reason, the fact is not very proud: History does not specify what was "in the video.

Anyway, this experience has made more respectful of a profession to say the least. The actor admits: James Franco, customary things of life This confession, made in the presence of Natalie Portman and Nicole Kidman could be only a pretext to promote his next film. For irony, James Franco will camp shortly role of a producer of pornographic films alongside Kate Hudson.

Both players will play in a biopic dedicated to Linda Lovalace, the first porn star, revealed in 1972 in Deep Throat. James Franco seems today rather customary "things of life." Last year, he said "masturbate a lot" because of his life, partly spent in hotels: "I tend to do four or five times a day.

I do not know why. It's like these days you have a ton of reading to do, and you say you'll spend all day in bed or a sofa to do it. " Class.

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