Monday, January 31, 2011

Selena Gomez or the life of a young star too much media attention?

Selena Gomez's girlfriend is back on his relationship with the singer of 'Naturally', it ensures that they enjoy spending time together but things are not so easy when they have the chance to see, indeed the two friends have many difficulties to live as 'simple' girls! Jennifer Stone, a partner at the screen of Selena in the hit series "Wizards of Walvery Place" confided during an interview at Hollywood Life on his friendship with the beautiful brunette, and stated that it was difficult to go out with his good friend because of his great popularity.

Indeed, the girl can not put a foot outside without attracting the gaze of the paparazzi! "Selena is very homebody. We try to go out and do some shopping. Frankly it bothers me that we can not do things as ordinary. " Now that's the downside, Selena can not lead a normal life because of his celebrity and his presence in public places quickly drew crowds, whether photographers, fans or just curious ...

And it is true that its merger with another high profile star, yes we think of Justin Bieber, the idol of teenage girls, is not it easier to try to go unnoticed! Selena going to help you bear all these inconveniences think the benefits conferred by international star status, there are surely ...

The lovely Miss Gomez was also yesterday, Sunday, Jan. 30, at Lax airport , Los Angeles, she was photographed (yes it's the price of fame shall we say!) moving from the security checkpoint in a simple tank top and socks in order to subject themselves to safety standards. The young woman was low profile, he draws our hats because other celebrities probably would not have folded this control with much humility, right?

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