Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Prince William he deceived Kate Middleton?

For weeks, you can not miss what promises to be the wedding of the century. In one of the celebrity magazines, honored in the serious press and JT, Prince William and Kate Middleton's sweet seem to live a fairy tale, soon materialized by a marriage of love. Traumatized by the divorce of his parents, Prince William is determined to avoid repeating their mistakes.

But looking closer, his history with Kate Middleton is full of adventures ... They met in college and have been dating for 10 years. And despite the storms and separation, the lovebirds have overcome obstacles to persuade the queen to accept their marriage. A choice not obvious from their relationship ...

But if it passes today for a perfect boyfriend, Prince William was also a teenage raver, a minesweeper and a lover of parties sprinkled with his brother, Harry turbulent. First story told by Katie Nicholl in his book William In Love, released these days at JC Lattes, a first prank in 2003 during a trip to Kenya.

the young prince fell into the arms of Jessica Craig, a pretty blonde. In 2004, seized by a crisis of independence, William and Kate take their distance, leaving William to leisure fun ... single. 2007 Kate asks him an ultimatum, engagement or disengagement, William prefers to take his freedom, a very difficult time for Kate Middleton.

Hope William does not have another blow to his gentle and loving Kate Middleton!

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