Saturday, March 19, 2011

Whitney Houston struggle for drug addiction of his daughter

No that the singer Whitney Houston was the worst he has seen a daughter. The images in which his own daughter 17 years Boobie Kristina result of her marriage to Bobby Brown snorted cocaine and stated that it was up like her mother. So the singer wants to take action on the matter, and that unfortunately, she knows what it means to have a drug problem and fight for them and their ex Bobby Brown, the father of "Krissi", which also has a history full problems with drugs and Justice.

Therefore want to take action on the matter. Evidently the young Boobie completely denies and refuses to see who is hooked on cocaine and that's what made him think the singer that his daughter really is a serious problem with drug use. Whitney therefore canceled the celebration of the birthday of his daughter, who turns 18 and the car was going to give him for his coming of age, has returned so you can focus more on the health of his daughter.

Meanwhile his daughter has dedicated his Twitter profile to discredit anyone who has published anything related to his flirtation with drugs: "I would say I'm not going to rehab, I am perfectly healthy and I'm not addicted to anything except life, "he wrote recently. Or for example, Krissi says it is not an addict and just did it for fun.

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