Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Demi Lovato admits that he cut

Demi Lovato and talked about their problems with food in Seventeen magazine and has now said in a television interview that also hurt itself. In addition, she has confirmed to People that leaves defitivamente Sonny, something that had been rumored. In a talk recorded for the news program 20/20, which airs on Friday in the United States, "the star said:" Court was a way to express my own shame of my body, myself ...

I was pointing towards the inside out. And there were times where my emotions were overflowing and do not know what to do. The only way to getting instant gratification that was hurting. " In November, a spokesman for Demi Lovato contradicted these rumors to cause entry into rehabilitation of the artist.

Already in 2008, a former representative of the young woman refused to be cut off when the TV cameras captured cortres on his arm. The spokesman insisted that the bracelets were too tight. Demi Lovato is to recover and overcome the pressure that has been with her and live the life you want.

So you've decided to leave the Disney Sonny to focus on his music career. "It's sad to me close this chapter of my life, but there could be no better time to move forward. Again I do not think Sonny was right for my recovery. Standing in front of a camera I would be nervous, "she expressed.

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