Monday, January 31, 2011

Zac Efron loves the cheerleaders!

Zac Efron was offered a relaxing, Sunday (30 January) by attending a basketball game ... the much anticipated final between the Lakers and the Celtics to the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Apparently the actor of "Charlie St. Cloud" seemed more interested in the cheerleaders than the game of NBA players, as evidenced by the photos! At least the young man did not move for nothing as the team bowed out of the Lakers at home against the Celtics with a score of 109-96.

Selena Gomez or the life of a young star too much media attention?

Selena Gomez's girlfriend is back on his relationship with the singer of 'Naturally', it ensures that they enjoy spending time together but things are not so easy when they have the chance to see, indeed the two friends have many difficulties to live as 'simple' girls! Jennifer Stone, a partner at the screen of Selena in the hit series "Wizards of Walvery Place" confided during an interview at Hollywood Life on his friendship with the beautiful brunette, and stated that it was difficult to go out with his good friend because of his great popularity.

Natalie Portman wins another award!

Natalie Portman was the big winner of the 17th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards held Sunday night (Jan. 30), Los Angeles. The actress was once again rewarded for his role in the film "Black Swan". She and her colleagues beat Hilary Swank, Nicole Kidman, Annette Bening and Jennifer Lawrence. The mother appeared on stage at the Shrine Exposition Center, more dazzling than ever to get his trophy.

Grey's Anatomy: a spin landed on the Internet!

Notice to fans. The excellent series that will now have a hit on its own web-spinoff:. This series, which will be broadcast on the Internet, is filmed like a documentary. The action of each of the six episodes (four minutes) takes place in Joe's bar, where the characters find themselves traditionally after work to unwind and blow a shot.

It will follow the stories of doctors similar to the series. Call it in Seattle Grace, we do find a single actor from Grey's Anatomy: Dr. Owen Hunt, Kevin McKidd performed by. No or Dr. Meredith Mamour! Originally, the idea comes from the U.S. broadcaster ABC, which wanted to find a way to make viewers wait between the end of the fifth season and the beginning of the sixth.

Giuseppe and now TV host?

You missed? Well, you'll probably find it soon ... According to the newspaper, Giuseppe, Italian macho should soon find their way in television studios. But not as a candidate. No, this is no longer good enough for him. What he wants is to become a TV presenter. Some graduates of journalists to get there, it relies on repeated provocations.

It must be said that Giuseppe is the candidate who has the most points in the dating show, presented by Elsa Fayer. And the gossips who claim that this is a fad, Giuseppe would, in, signed a contract with a production company that could find him a program to match his talent. Which produced the same box.

Henry Cavill, a new hunk to play Superman

His name had not been circulated and never thought he would get the role. However, endorse the costume in the upcoming movie of the super heroes. If his name is not very experienced, you probably see of his face on your screen, big or small, it plays in the British series. The director's next album, due out at the end of the year, seems already packed.

Zack Synder is full of praise for his new player: End of the unlucky Henry Cavill, who will celebrate his 28 years of May, thus leaving aside his acting as the "Most unfortunate of Hollywood" by the magazine Empire. A title that was awarded after he missed the main roles in Twilight (too old to interpret Edward is Robert Pattinson who will get the role), James Bond (deemed too young, the role was eventually awarded to Daniel Craig), or in Batman Returns.

Eva Longoria: divorced!

The procedure lasted three months. Three months during which she shouted to the world his wife cheated despair. Today, does the more formal name. The couple divorced in effect since 28 January. Relief for. His agent has also told the magazine that ". This divorce ends a wonderful story of seven years and a marriage in France, which lasted three years.

And lived apart for over three months when the lovely Latina discovered text messages exchanged between the hot basketball player and another woman. amicable separation Eva Longoria was then deposited in the stride for divorce in Los Angeles, but finally in Texas where they had been signed prenuptial agreement that their union was broken.

Stars: The gay couples that appear

Between them, and David Furnish are a true symbol. After more than twelve years of marriage, the couple married Dec. 21, 2005 in Great Britain. A date which is not trivial since the same day the British parliament passes the law in favor of gay marriage. They are among the first gay couples to move the ring finger.

But in addition to being husband, David Furnish and never hid their desire for fatherhood. In 2009, there was talk that the couple adopted a little Ukrainian, but local authorities were opposed. But a little over a year later, in December 2010, they shocked the world by announcing they were the proud parents of a boy born to a surrogate mother.

SAG Awards 2011: red carpet

We have already talked about the winners of the last Screen Actor's Guild Awards, but now for the red carpet. As you know, a red carpet full of celebrities is transformed here into a gallery full of clothes comment. It 'still under construction but you can already begin to enjoy the first photos of people like Eva Longoria, Claire Danes and Justin Timberlake.

Take it! [See the video]

Johnny Depp: a folly to 10 million!

and like to have fun. Not content to own several houses in France, Great Britain, Hawaii and the Bahamas, the couple decided to purchase a few days ago a magnificent palace in Venice: the. The house, which dates from the seventeenth century, had caught the eye of the actor during the filming, as the city of Venice, where he fell in love.

In the columns of the British newspaper The Daily Mail, Johnny Depp says, "My experience in Venice really started between 22 am and 2 am, when the streets were closed (for the film). I was able to walk in streets and I discovered the poetry of Venice, its ghosts and its wonderful dark streets.

"The speech of the King" also triumphed at SAG Awards

After the celebration, obtained with the Golden Globes and announcements of upcoming Oscar nominations, the weekend has arrived for another consecration "The speech of the King." Tom Hooper's film received two other awards at the Screen Actor's Guild Awards 2011, the best actor Colin Firth and the best cast as the protagonists of the film (pictured above).

And here is the complete list of winners at the ceremony this year: Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series Julianna Margulies - The Good Wife Best Performance in a Drama Series ensemble cast of The Boardwalk Empire Best Supporting Actress Melissa Leo - The Fighter Best Actor in a Comedy Series Alec Baldwin - 30 Rock for Best Actress in a Comedy Series Betty White - Hot in Cleveland Best Performance in a Comedy Series ensemble cast of The Modern Family Best actor in a miniseries or TV movie Al Pacino - You Don 't Know Jack Best actress in a miniseries or TV movie Claire Danes - Temple Grandin Best Supporting Actor Christian Bale - The Best Fighter Actress Natalie Portman - Black Swan (The Black Swan) Best Actor Colin Firth - The Speech of the King ( The King's Speech) Best performance of the entire cast Address of the King (The King's Speech)

VIP Club: True information on issuing

Our colleagues have thought the scoop of the year by revealing some exclusive details on the new show. By last weekend, the magazine announced that the new issue of the chain would clash of former glories of old reality shows and anonymous. Yet it seems that this information is wrong, since the Parisian advance a different hypothesis.

That include real celebrities (from the song, film or television) against the ephemeral glories. However, there are many "anonymous" who will participate in the program, but not as candidates. They only serve to measure the popularity of candidates and evaluating them on their way from time to time visit the scene of the shooting.

Emily Blunt has "Gnomeo and Juliet"

Emily Blunt is the star of the London premiere of the animated film "Gnomeo and Juliet" (from us, "Gnomeo and Juliet"). The actress, who lends his voice to the film star, she posed outside the cinema in Leicester Square Oden attracting the attention of photographers. At the British premiere was also attended by Elton John and husband David Furnish, recently became parents.

The couple were introduced to the movies with the 3D glasses with custom theme in the cartoon. Disney signed the story tells of two garden gnomes, Gnomeo (voiced by James McAvoy) and Juliet (voiced by Emily Blunt), who face many barriers to crown their dream of love. There will be a happy ending or the story will be like the original of Shakespeare!

Johnny Depp: a house in Venice for € 10 million

After meeting on the set of Venice "The Tourist", Johnny Depp was really impressed by the city must be Italian. The actor is even thinking of buying a house in Laguna and in particular Johnny is in talks with the owner of a luxurious palace of the seventeenth century. This is Sangiantoffetti Donà Palace, a residence of 680 square feet that overlooks the Grand Canal.

The cost? € 10 million.

Kate Hudson talks about her complicated pregnancy

She wanted to remain discreet, but was forced to announce the new faster than expected: she is pregnant. But this is not a good heart she has. The actress lives in its effect very bad first months of pregnancy. In an interview with British newspaper, she says:. If wanted to wait a bit before talking publicly about, either to his friends and the press, it's just superstition, but the morning sickness stronger than expected was due to surprise.

Amanda Seyfried gives his old clothes

Let the cold of New York in the heat of Los Angeles. I would say hot, according to these pictures of Amanda Seyfried with a couple of really short shorts! Saturday morning the actress, recently out of the closet with Ryan Phillippe, has led some boxes of old clothes to Goodwill center, which specializes in charity.


Natalie Portman is hiding in New York

Natalie Portman was the weekend paparazzi in New York during a romantic stroll. In the pictures we see the actress covered from head to foot to face the paparazzi and the cold of Manhattan. At his side's boyfriend and future father Benjamin Millepied, the dancer known on the set of "Black Swan".

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Eurovision 2011: the Blue Group will represent the United Kingdom

Blue is about to make a comeback of thunder. The British boy band, who gained notoriety in the early 2000s with songs like "One Love", "All Rise" or "Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word" duet with Elton John, announced that it would represent the United Kingdom at the next Eurovision Song Contest. For the occasion, the group, composed of Simon Webbe, Duncan James, Antony Costa and Lee Ryan, will perform a brand new song entitled "I Can" and who also happens to be their new single.

"The Speech of a King" for his distinguished achievement

Still the speech of a king. Not content with his 12 Oscar nominations, the film worn by Colin Firth, who was also nominated 14 times for BAFTA, the British equivalent of the Oscars, was imposed last night at the 63rd Directors Guild Awards Ceremony. This award ceremony U.S. each year the best filmmakers and television.

The director of the Speech of a King, Tom Hooper, is thus left with the most coveted prize of the evening: one for best director this year for a feature film. To support this, the movie stars Colin Firth and Helena Bonham Carter made the trip to the Grand Ballroom in Los Angeles, where the ceremony took place.

Jennifer Lopez: "My children saved my marriage"

While some women experience depression after giving birth to their child, this is not the case with Jennifer Lopez. Instead, the twins have saved his marriage! Latina is the bomb itself, which says in the latest issue of U.S. magazine In Touch with our colleagues and following echo. Married in 2004, Jennifer Lopez and singer Marc Anthony have not always had a life together without problems.

Continuing disputes have even failed to reach a divorce. "I did not want to talk, I did not do anything," says Jennifer Lopez in the columns of In Touch. "Having children has broadened our field of vision" Fortunately, everything has changed today, 22 February 2008, where the "Jenny from the Bronx" has given birth to two adorable children.

"Glee" prepares the Super Bowl

Sunday, February 6, Glee will return to American screens after several weeks absence. And the expectation of the viewers will be rewarded. That evening, the musical phenomenon of the series FOX has the honors to be broadcast just after the Super Bowl, the championship game of American football. Each year the game brings an average of 100 million viewers, allowing the program to achieve its successor scores huge audience.

Charlie Sheen: "I enjoy myself!"

Charlie Sheen broke his silence. For the first time since its entry into rehab on Friday (see news), the actor spoke on the subject site RadarOnline. "I'm fine," Charlie Sheen wrote in a text message sent Friday afternoon noon to a journalist Site American people. "People do not seem to understand ...

An actor has no right to have fun and continue to do its job?", Then launched the star of the series Uncle Charlie, visibly lift against those who convinced him to enter a detox center. Charlie Sheen ended his message by describing people who wanted to help her "beautiful bunch of cons.

Rihanna is offered in David Guetta's new video

After this week is talk about it for his possible homosexual tendencies, it's music that Rihanna is the weekend news. The completed clip from Who's That Chick, played by singer and produced by David Guetta, has just made its appearance on the canvas. In both versions of the clip previously made public, the famous French DJ did not appear as Who's That Chick is a title which appears on his latest album yet.

The PPDA will continue Express for libel

Friday night, Patrick Poivre d'Arvor was a guest on the show on France 2 critical weeks to promote his new book, Hemingway, life to excess. While not yet out in print, this biography of the famous writer has spilled much ink in recent weeks, Patrick Poivre d'Arvor has been accused by the magazine L'Express of grossly plagiarized biography a specialist American author Ernest Hemingway.

The former presenter of the 20 Hours of TF1 has so far denied any plagiarism, including details of the book sent to the press was not the final version of the book. On the shelf of Franz-Olivier Giesbert, Patrick Poivre d'Arvor said that "of course" he would continue Express for libel. "It will go through," he said.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dany Boon said no to the remake of "Nothing to Declare"

After a first outlet last week in Belgium and the north is next Wednesday that will hit French screens all Nothing to say, the new film by Dany Boon, in which he co-starred with Benoit Poelvoorde. The American remake, however, it is not for tomorrow. In an interview with the weekly professional French film, Dany Boon said indeed to have refused a tempting offer from producer Harvey Weinstein to turn a remake of "Nothing to declare" I think it's a very bad idea, "said Dany Boon Film French.

Patrick Sebastien: "I beat cancer"

Patrick Sebastien will be back in bookstores next Monday with a new book called Outside, it's nice ... alas! (Oh Editions), in which he continues the conversation with his mother in You call me on arrival. On this occasion, the leader of France 2 has entrusted to our colleagues in TV Magazine in newsstands Saturday.

Patrick Sébastien returns including his adopted daughter, but his health problems, admitting his narrow escape from a cancer in 2009. It is a shattering revelation that Patrick Sebastien began his interview with TV Magazine. "Last summer, the eyes of a doctor on one of my moles saved my life," said the presenter in the columns of the TV program.

Bruno Mars Avoids Jail

All goes well for Bruno Mars. Not content with having been nominated seven times in the next Grammy Awards, the musical revelation in 2010 managed to get by his judicial problems. Arrested last September for possession of cocaine after an employee of the Hard Rock Café in Las Vegas was terminated, the Hawaiian singer 25 years faced a sentence of four years in prison and fined $ 5,000.

But Bruno Mars yesterday reached a settlement agreement with the prosecutor, says the celebrity website TMZ. Under the agreement, the singer will not be prosecuted, and no trace of the incident will not appear on his criminal record, provided he committed no other crime, however minor it during the next twelve months.

Steven Spielberg imagines a new "Glee"

Glee success was not lost on Steven Spielberg. While the series a hit in the United States since his arrival on FOX in 2009 and she walked off the set at the Golden Globes (learn more), the American director has decided to produce his own music series for NBC . Deadline is the specialized site that reveals the information.

Entitled Smash series, which NBC has ordered a pilot episode, tells the story of a troupe of young actors desperate to mount a Broadway musical. To this project he imagined himself, Steven Spielberg was in good company. At his side, there are indeed Theresa Rebeck (New York: Criminal Division, Dream On), who will be responsible for writing the pilot, while Michael Mayer (A Home at the end of the world, Flicka) occupy him, the Headquarters director.

Audrey Pulvar back on i> Tele

The information had not failed to talk. Last November, Audrey Pulvar was suspended from the antenna i> TV because of his relationship with Arnaud Montebourg. The news channel Canal + group was then estimated that the special relationship between the journalist and MP PS might compromise his impartiality.

Two months after taking this decision, i> Tele decided to backtrack. Depending on the edition of Le Parisien this morning, Audrey Pulvar, found daily on France Inter, will be back to the antenna of the news channel on Monday. She will present a new daily news magazine at 11:40. Heading off on info, the program will address major social issues in the presence of three speakers.

The new album of Britney Spears will release the ...

It's official: Britney Spears's new album released on March 15. Already widely expected, this date was confirmed yesterday by the record company of the singer, Jive Records, MTV News. The label also released the complete list of authors and producers who worked with Britney Spears on this album, still untitled.

In addition to Dr. Luke and Max Martin, who co-authored the first single Hold It Against Me, released a few days ago, the pop princess has also collaborated with famed producer Rodney Jerkins, who has worked with Destiny's Child, Michael Jackson and more recently with Lady Gaga. For his seventh studio album, Britney Spears has also surrounded the singer's R & B Before and Stargate, Fraser T.

Charlie Sheen left the hospital ... and enter into rehab!

If the relatives of Charlie Sheen had sworn their gods that the hospitalization of actor rushed to hospital on Thursday for "violent abdominal pain," had nothing to do with addiction problems, the main interested himself comes to betrayal. The star of the series Uncle Charlie has made himself into a rehabilitation center Friday afternoon, no sooner had he been permitted to leave Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Beverly Hills, where he had been transported .

Friday, January 28, 2011

Sophie Favier retry his luck in politics

Since Sophie Favier no longer in control of the Euro Millions, his schedule is much less loaded. And what better way to put his free time to benefit its citizens? According to Le Parisien, the former host of TF1, who also officiates always Vivolta chain, will stand for cantonal elections of Neuilly-sur-Seine (Hauts-de-Seine).

These elections will be held throughout France on 20 and 27 March. Resident of the town of Neuilly for twenty years, Sophie Favier will be the Acting Bernard Lepidi, candidate of CNIP (National Centre of Independents and Peasants), an independent party of the right. This is not the first time the ex-girl Coco Stéphane Collaro interested in politics.

Kristen Stewart Will it Snow White at the cinema?

Kristen Stewart is she the most beautiful in the UK? According to The Hollywood Reporter, the actress revealed in the "vampire saga Twilight, would be approached for the role of Snow White in the film adaptation of the Brothers Grimm that count are currently developing Universal. Kristen Stewart, who is currently filming the fourth installment of Twilight, Breaking Dawn, could then give the reply to Viggo Mortensen, who has just entered into negotiations to play the role of the hunter.

Jennifer Aniston denies adoption rumors

Since it was revealed in 1994 in Friends, Jennifer Aniston is regularly one of the tabloids. If certain information, such as its ultra-publicized divorce with Brad Pitt in 2005, are correct, others are completely bogus. This is where the rumor started this week by the American magazine Star that the actress is about to adopt a baby.

"Yes, I agree!" On the cover proudly announces the latest issue of Star, suitable remarks to Jennifer Aniston. The American tabloid affirms that the star would have found the baby of her dreams in an orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico, and it has already finalized the adoption, scheduled for 11 February.

Nicolas Sarkozy tacle Bono on Africa

Once again, Bono clearly displays its humanitarian commitment. In a letter ouvertepubliée Thursday in Le Monde, the leader of U2 calls on French president Nicolas Sarkozy to place greater resources in place to eradicate poverty in Africa. "The problem is not to make speeches, but to decide, "said the Irish singer in the columns of the World.

Launching an appeal directly to Nicolas Sarkozy, he continued: "This is not me who said it. This is the French president himself at the UN Summit on Millennium Development September 2010 "." The man pressed "In the rest of its rostrum, Bono did not tender words against Nicolas Sarkozy. "It is high time for the busy man who led France and for the world to decide," he says, adding that "President (French) is a man in motion, jumping, running around like a boxer.

Vanessa Hudgens is the new face of Candie's

After two years of collaboration with Britney Spears, Candie's has realized that it was time to stop dressing like a 30 year old mother a teenager. Spears to replace the famous clothing brand American brand chosen as the new face of Vanessa Hudgens. The actress has starred in a series of photos taken for the advertising campaign for Candie's [VIEW THE GALLERY].

What do you think?

Charlie Sheen was again hospitalized

Charlie Sheen once again experiencing health problems. The American actor, headlining the hit series My Uncle Charlie was in fact hospitalized Thursday morning for a violent stomach pains. It is the site TMZ, which was the first to announce the death of Mick Jackson, who revealed the information. Charlie Sheen was transferred by ambulance to Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Beverly Hills.

He suffers from a hernia. "All I know is he suffered from severe abdominal pain when he was hospitalized," has, meanwhile, said the spokesman for the actor. According to TMZ, the actor would have been partying non-stop for two days at home before being hospitality and have used cocaine.

Selena Gomez does not want to marry a virgin

It seems that the relationship between Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber is going well. The relationship between the two boys doing so well that Selena is considering or not to continue with its commitment to staying a virgin until marriage. Apparently, the singer has shed her chastity ring. Among the artists from Disney is very common sporting the famous ring of chastity.

Selena wore this jewel from the age of twelve because he asked his father as a gift. Still, the singer has changed his mind and has been allowed to see without this accessory. According to the National Enquirer published, sources close to Selena say their parents have been angered by the disappearance of the ring.

What we do with Ozzy Osbourne and Justin Bieber?

What we do with Ozzy Osbourne, his wife Sharon and Justin Bieber?! The unexpected trio is busy filming a TV commercial for Best Buy that will air during the Super Bowl. Fans of Ozzy are rhymed a bit 'disappointed rocker for this collaboration, after that had recently been shown to not even knowing of the existence of Bieber (see video below).

I should not wonder, however, if Ozzy did not know "who the f ** k or is Justin Bieber" even after filming this commercial!

Mickael Vendetta back in a reality TV?

Mickael Vendetta piles up again. After winning Celebrity Farm in Africa last year, the inventor of the "beaugossitude" could once again participate in a reality TV show. Oops this is the magazine that reveals information today. Tentatively titled VIP Club, the program produced by Endemol (Secret Story Star Academy, Celebrity Farm) for TF1, will oppose former reality TV candidates for Anonymous, desperate to become famous.

Guess the rain boots

Bright red waterproof boots: surely we are dealing with a person who does not like to go unnoticed. In addition it seems clear from the photos that we are in New York. Do you have any idea? To find out who it is .. E 'Ed Westwick! You would have said that this was a man? The actor of "Gossip Girl" wore these boots during a rain break on the set of "Gossip Girl."

Marc-Olivier Fogiel back soon on TV

Three years after he abandoned the television to focus exclusively on the radio, Marc-Olivier Fogiel backtracked. In a letter sent yesterday to employees in Europe 1, former presenter of One can not please everybody announces his departure from the station by the end of March - and reveals he intends to return to television next September.

"Enriched by these quasi-three years immersed in this incredible editor (one of Europe 1, ed), I will now respond to proposals for the fall television that you could do me," writes and Marc-Olivier Fogiel's letter, supported by our colleagues of Pure Media. Still according to Pure Media, the current host of the morning on Europe 1 was already in talks with France Television, where he could present a news magazine in September 2011.

Hugh Jackman returns to the stage of the Oscars

After presenting the ceremony in 2009, Hugh Jackman returns to the stage of the Oscars. The Academy has announced that the actor is added to the list of presenters (premium) of the evening, a list that already has names like Sandra Bullock, Halle Berry, Oprah Winfrey and Jeff Bridges. In the meantime, here are a couple of recent photos of Hugh in New York, where yesterday it was fun to play in the snow with her son Oscar and the dog Peaches.

X Factor: M6 and soon on the web ...

It's over, long live! The fault to an erosion of audiences and wear of the program, and the jury gave way on a new M6 music program. But as it is in the old pots that the best soups, M6 recalled Christophe Willem, aka Turtle, winner of the jury for its new issue. After a season on W9, M6 is powered on.

Orders, bye bye Alexander Devoise, ousted from the presentation of the show, Hello Sandrine Corman and Jerome Anthony will present a program 100% web on behind the scenes. Like a Secret Story present on the web through the Secret Story 4 Before and After, broadcast on TF1. en after the weekly premium, M6 intends to offer a second life on the net.

Diane Kruger is in the gala AIDS

Diane Kruger arrived yesterday evening at the Pavillon d'Armenonville of Paris for an important event. The actress attended the annual Gala de la Mode Sidaction 2011, organized to raise funds for the fight against AIDS. What do you think of her dress decorated with candy-colored buttons? I find it always a woman of great class!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Katie Holmes humiliated by spectators

She long remembered its passage! thought that this festival specializes in independent film would mark his comeback on the big screen. Quite the opposite happened! During the screening of The sound of no one, many spectators left their seats, even before the end of the film. For producers, it is not a failure.

Cassian Elwes wanted to make things clear: "The projectionist had accidentally turned the lights before the end of the film, which has been led to believe that the movie was finished (...) There was no mass exodus. People who saw the film liked it. " However, a journalist from the Hollywood Reporter seems more mixed: "When Katie Holmes appeared on the screen, there was a collective groan (...) is an honest mistake of casting.

Grey's Anatomy: Katherine Heigl's departure boosts hearings

Last night, watching, viewers were able to return and ... the departure of the beautiful. A return, because the actress who plays the role of Izzie Stevens had left the show a few episodes ago, and departure, as this episode was a last goodbye to the fans, disappointed to have seen him leaving the plates series successful too quickly.

If decided to leave behind her blouse internal, it is primarily to better focus on his personal life and his family. The actress has indeed adopted a little girl she wanted to see it grow. But Katherine Heigl was especially great film project, and Grey's Anatomy, which required a permanent presence on movie sets, does not allow him to respond positively to requests from producers.

Robert Pattinson in the footsteps of Jeff Buckley?

Nothing stops! The hero of the saga, which will turn shortly alongside Keira Knightley (who replaces Marion Cotillard, who was pregnant) has already in another project without his cartoons. A project that surfs on the success and, pusiqu'il is a biopic dedicated to Jeff Buckley. could embody the very near future famous singer of the legendary performer, has died tragically in 1997 at the age of thirty.

Christian Audigier, Johnny Hallyday dropped by!

Is it an end its reign? The frenchie that Hollywood incensed a few weeks ago is about to be let go in all directions. Latest:. Because of the quarrel: a simple tattoo. According to our colleagues, the rocker's favorite French hoped, a few months ago, to tattoo the name of her adopted daughter on the arm.

But he wanted the name is written in Chinese. Christian Audigier has therefore recommended a tattooist who committed the irreparable make a clerical error! An error indelible. Since then, Johnny Hallyday refuses to speak to the self-proclaimed friend of the stars. This could have been a little incident if another illness had not occurred between the two men.

Lady Gaga: a perfume shock to the Diva!

She has accustomed us to provocation. But citing his draft perfume, proves once again that it is capable of anything. Yes, really everything. Because the smell of perfume ... semen and blood! An explosive mixture that may offend more than it will attract. The eccentric singer has not clarified how it intends to make it.

Hopefully it will be just flavor, not "natural extracts". Fingers crossed! It is a name well known to his fans that this fragrance will, as called Monster. Not original from Lady Gaga, but effective! The first bottles, (the design should be original, just like the one that likes to wear dresses meat) should be out later in the year 2012.

Penelope Cruz: It's a Boy!

Yesterday we announced the birth in hospital Cedar Sinais Los Angeles (yes, even where this was hospitalized Johnny Hallyday National in 2009) and first child. Delivery was done in the utmost discretion, as desired by the couple, who married last July in the Bahamas. A vow pushed to its climax at the point that friends of the two actors (who met in 1992 while shooting, but are a couple since 2007) have learned the news through an indiscretion of the daily Spanish reference, L One of the spokesperson Penelope Cruz was just merely a brief and terse: "Both parents and baby are doing well." Only information revealed by the weekly Spanish Hola: Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem would be a parent ...

Eurovision: Who will represent us?

A few days ago there was talk of a possible participation of the singer to represent us to. But obviously, this option seems to have been set aside very quickly. Today, three new names circulating as to who will carry the colors of our country in Dusseldorf in Germany in the final on 14 May. (There are two semi-finals the previous days, but France is a major financial contributor, is automatically qualified in the same way as Germany, Spain and Great Britain).

Interview with David Ginola "dance is physical"

I know the English program and I love the concept! It's a great show, entertainment, a highly anticipated show, I am delighted to participate and show what I can do ... On the other hand, it is hard work: it's a very thorough, very complex too. Tango, salsa, waltz ... I know nothing, I discover! I'm not expected and it is a challenge.

I do not want to be ridiculous, and I know nothing about dance. It is also a sporting challenge. I started rehearsals and I'm rediscovering muscles that I had stopped working a long time! It still hurts hamstring ... The jury's decision and the public! I am a competitor, I want to be good.

Rihanna: a woman in his life?

The theme of homosexuality, the rapper joked with Nikki few weeks ago. But at that time, she did not overtaken by his youthful experiences, revealed in Low Down Dirty Shame, a book that comes out Tajah Natasha Burton. The model and businesswoman, who reveals in his book on the juicy details, sometimes being very specific on their own.

A little too well. "You understand, no detail is spared. Other experiences? Another revelation, according to the author of the book, Rihanna would not be celebrating his first bisexual relationship. If their relationship did not go further, is simply due to lack of time and tight schedules of the international star.

Annalynne McCord nude for Marc Ecko

Annalynne McCord has officially become the new face of Marc Ecko, where photography has been left sitting covered only by her new collection bags. In this latest campaign by Marc Ecko handbags have taken center stage, while the model that looks like nothing else. She did not hesitate to appear nude in the pictures, accompanied only by this new line of accessories.

This new line of bags will be sold in department stores Macy Yorkers and their prices range between EUR 65 and 45y. I thoroughly enjoyed the photo shoot for the campaign of Marc Ecko, had nothing but these beautiful bags. The ads will be very sexy.

James Franco: Now, the sex tape!

New Declaration of shock. The actor, who will present the ceremony on February 27 next in the company of, confessed last night at a round table by the film very seriously he had his own sex tape. A video found, it will keep for him, and for good reason, the fact is not very proud: History does not specify what was "in the video.

Anyway, this experience has made more respectful of a profession to say the least. The actor admits: James Franco, customary things of life This confession, made in the presence of Natalie Portman and Nicole Kidman could be only a pretext to promote his next film. For irony, James Franco will camp shortly role of a producer of pornographic films alongside Kate Hudson.

The alleged photos of Selena Gomez in topless

Selena Gomez is having an eventful 2011. Despite the smiles love life through her relationship with Justin Bieber, has to bear the insults and threats from fans of her boyfriend. And that's not silly thing because girls are crazy and willing to kill because of jealousy. But that's not all. Now it appears that circulating photos of Selena Gomez in topless on the Internet.

Supposedly, the site Hollyscoop had received a call from an anonymous offered Selena Gomez topless photos taken by mobile phone camera. As they explain, the photos were not too clear and so they decided not to publish. Also, bear in mind the seriousness of the situation, since - in the event that the picture if you have been Selena - this is a minor.

Vanessa Hudgens replaced in Candie's Britney Spears

Candie's Adventures of Britney Spears is coming to an end and that's the lovely Vanessa Hudgens takes over to carry the required mark for teenagers. Vanessa Hudgens replaced in Candie's Britney Spears

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Death of Michael Jackson made the defendant enter

Laurent Boyer and Catherine Lara, a duo to present Eurovision

Eve Angeli cuisto shock in an almost perfect dinner?

Riding on its success, M6 decline her dinner almost perfect with the stars in the kitchen ... And surprise, it was Eve Angeli will wear the apron and prepare good meals. Eve Angeli cuisto shock in an almost perfect dinner?

Top 10: hunks remove the top