Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Amy Whinehouse: emotion at the funeral of the star

The emotion surrounding the death of Amy Winehouse is palpable at the International, his fans gathered outside her home, each street on which snapped his albums in stores. To date, it was time for the relatives of the singer to come together to pay their last respects at the funeral. There were about 150 in a cemetery in North London around the parents of Amy Winehouse.

The English press relayed some details about the emotion that has bathed the ceremony. Mitch Winehouse, Amy's father spoke in his farewell: "Goodnight my angel. Sleep well. Mom and Dad love you forever strong." The spokeswoman Amy Winehouse has just said: "Micth was funny, he told some great stories of his childhood.

It was a party. He repeatedly stressed that she was happier than she n had never been in recent years. He paid tribute to many people in the life of Amy. " The father of the star would have said that her daughter saw herself go far with her current boyfriend, director Reg Traviss, present at the funeral.

Kelly Osbourne, close friend of Amy Winehouse was thrown into the first plane to London when she learned of the death. At the funeral, the blonde had paid tribute to his girlfriend arrived hair rebounded in a huge shell, adorned with a small black bow.

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