Friday, July 29, 2011

Claudia Schiffer presents its collection in cashmere with delicate, dreamlike and elegant (photos + video)

Claudia Schiffer has not said its last word in the world of fashion, after a stunning career in modeling, which also is still ongoing, the beautiful forty, mother of three, began the design. The queen of the catwalk 90 years has launched its own line of clothing cashmere, an elegant design and comfortable, in collaboration with the German firm Iris von Arnim, and who better than the Germanic own beauty to represent the fall-winter collection 2011-2012? Claudia, has understood, it is never better served than by yourself, so she took the pose in a very hushed and mysterious universe presenting a collection of casual and feminine at the same time.

The photographs were taken by photographer Camilla Akrans that has changed the muse L'Oreal in a fantasy world, disturbing, peaceful and delicate at the same time, the doll blonde had said about his project as a designer, "I want to create clothes simple, practical and very chic "before adding" It's something j'avaie want to do for a long time.

"Claudia Schiffer has launched its new collection in Paris during Haute Couture week, unveiling its models in the shops Colette. The Chanel muse also directed to the camera like a modern-day Red Riding Hood, living in a natural universe elegantly dark, quiet and full of mysticism and wandering through the catacombs both disturbing and tranquil.

A spot in the aesthetic design which, despite its dark side is paradoxically very attractive and reassuring, a more artistic and commercial video whose implementation was entrusted to Danny Vaia. The models created by Claudia cashmere are available exclusively at Colette in Paris, since July 27 and on the website of the eternal baby doll with hair of corn, as of August 12.

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