Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ashley Greene offers his best smile for paparazzi after a delicious dinner!

Ashley Greene was spotted last night leaving Madeo restaurant, located in West Hollywood, California, the lady was very cheerful, apparently, enjoyed his delicious Italian meal. It is a radiant young woman, wearing a slim black top and a fuchsia, who offered his best smile for paparazzi from photographing his beautiful little face ...

The lady of the Twilight franchise was, moreover, 21 June with its partners in the film 'Breaking Dawn Part 1', including Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, for the promotion of the penultimate installment of the adventures of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan at Comic-Con, held in San Diego until 24 July.

One that embodies Alice Cullen said on the big screen at this convention that touches on the American pop culture (blockbusters, fantasy, manga and comics), it was a little shine in the apprehension of another kind: " It was very exciting but also terrifying. Everyone has more or less grew up with this character.

In fact, make a film like 'LOL', which is a comedy, a genre in which I had never tried before, with an amazing cast and a very good director, it was impressive. " The actress told reporters she felt always a little stressful to start a new adventure film because she always wanted to do a good job.

Anyway, the show is always extremely gracious, it assumes perfectly known and does not cache the paparazzi, a point which distinguishes it from his partner Kristen Stewart who dodge as soon as she can and does almost never smile goals! Each temperament, is not it? Gossip Rumors offers some photos of Ashley Greene leaving the restaurant, there is no saying it has the look, makeup neat, long auburn hair in the wind, perfect pedicure, a real concentrate of femininity!

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