Thursday, July 28, 2011

Amy Winehouse: her father prepares a foundation of support for addicts

Yesterday, Amy Winehouse fans came to party at home, ending in an advanced state of intoxication, while the neighbors did call the police. Along with sheaves of flowers, bottles and drinks are placed near the home of the singer. Respect around the death of Amy Winehouse was embroiled in a sad sort of provocation from its notorious addiction, alcoholism she tried to overcome at the time of his death.

The day of the funeral of Amy Winehouse in a cemetery in North London, his father, Mitchell Winehouse, wanted to talk about plans to open a foundation in support of drug addicts: "If you do not have the means to you pay a private clinic for alcoholism, there is a waiting list for two years, "he said, regretting the death of both her daughter but also that the addiction has obscured his talent.

An initiative that was supported by Labour Party MP. Amy Winehouse has tried for years to get out of his addictions, failed during its last tour, the set was that all alcohol should be banned from backstage. Fighting against his demons, she had also paid 130,000 pounds to help his friend Alex Foden stylist to cope.

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