Friday, July 29, 2011

Amy Winehouse: his sudden death surprised his family!

Although it was known alcoholic and drug addict Amy Winehouse, the official cause of his death on last weekend at his house in Camden in London, remains unexplained to this day. If one believes the relatives of the British singer of 27 years, the young woman had greatly reduced his drug use and "alcohol a few days before his death, his decision to become sober after years of abuse, would been fatal to the young woman? His family and relatives are convinced! A source said: "Abstinence has given a great shock to his body they believe it could be the cause of his death.

"The father of Amy Winehouse has taken to deny recent rumors that her daughter was very ill a few days before his tragic death. The source added: "He wants everyone to know that he, her lover Reg Traviss and his agent believe that the opposite is true. He said doctors had advised Amy gradually reduce his alcohol consumption.

Amy told her she could not do it. It was all or nothing and then stopped drinking completely. Mitch thought that it was like an electric shock. It was too hard for her after years of addiction. "Reg Traviss also said that his girlfriend dead was much better these days:" She was lively and upbeat lately.

She was training every day and practiced yoga. "The director of 35 years, very affected by his disappearance, told the magazine The Sun:" I lost my dear. I loved him very much. "A source close to Winehouse's family said:" Reg was very dignified throughout his relationship with Amy. The family loves him deeply.

It's a good man. What happened during their relationship remains private, because he was determined to help him become sober. He was not interested in his fame, unlike many of his ex. "An autopsy on the body of Amy Winehouse on Monday (July 25) did not reveal the exact cause of death. Toxicology tests were conducted to learn more.

The results will be known within weeks.

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