Thursday, July 28, 2011

Selena Gomez on August promises to do with her new fashion collection

When many heard that Selena Gomez had planned to get a designer, we were a few that are imaginative design a bag to his lord boyfriend to tuck your head inside and sing everything quisera and more, but the truth is that I have recognize that the kids have a very particular style likes and dislikes not at all (including me) so the idea is primarily a very lucrative way to make August with his style, personality and above all her personal stylist.

And if I say to the people and is sticking by the collection arrives in Spain and I like the think. The firm in question is called DOL ("Dream Out Loud") and according to Selena Gomez's own "> Selena Gomez is a brand-free, young and lively, the image itself and the model. At the moment we can only buy it physically in Kmart, one of the largest supermarket chains of EE.

States, but will soon have the luck (or misfortune) of seeing it also in Spain but not yet very well when I tell you. And of course, what better way to advertise and you get it for free to shout from the rooftops and in an environment full of fans. Indeed, talking about Twitter and Facebook: Do not forget to use your favorite outfits in my Dream Out Loud summer tour, there will be much fun.

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