Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Amy Winehouse: Lady Gaga farewell

Like many stars including Kelly Osbourne, Pete Doherty and Adele, Lady Gaga also took the floor to pay tribute to Amy Winehouse, on Twitter: "Amy has revolutionized pop music forever. I remember myself to have found hope and felt less alone because of it. She lived jazz, she lived the blues. "Recalling the fragility of the singer as she and the English diva, propelled to the front of the stage without being really prepared, she continues:" This is a lesson for the world.

Do not kill the superstar, take care of his soul. "She says that before becoming the queen of pop, at the time when it was still dark and rock'n'roll, people confused it with Amy Winehouse:" I was one when she started. I was walking down the street and people call me Amy. "If Lady Gaga did not know the singer personally, she says upset by his death that shocked the world last Saturday.

The question is whether it will take a title of Amy Winehouse on stage, a time that could be absolutely superb. Reg Traviss, the boyfriend of Amy Winehouse on the other hand it extremely difficult to comment on the death of the singer, but he said: "She was full of life, doing yoga, and was thinking about the dress that 'she would wear for the wedding of his friends last Sunday."

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