Friday, July 29, 2011

Kate Moss a baby and his autobiography in the project?

"Kate wants babies. I keep telling him to do. She loves children. The wedding was amazing and it was good party. Now, children are the next step." This confidence is owed to the Bobby Gillespie, a member of rock band Primal Scream and very good friend of Kate Moss. While the top is particularly discreet about his private life, trying to preserve what the paparazzi can not capture, it is an important revelation.

If Kate Moss has a little 8 year old daughter, Lila Grace she had with her former partner Jefferson Hack, it is not surprising that 37 years, the twig has wanted to make babies with that which has past the knot. Kate still has time to be a rock'n'roll mama! Kate Moss: A Life The other announcement is that of preparing his autobiography.

This is Jamie Hince, who had persuaded to write his experience exceptional. In fact, few biographies of legendary supermodel already exist, such as the French carried out by Françoise-Marie Santucci, but Kate Moss has never carried herself, even if that interview river. Nothing has filtered through very personal relationships, on his way of life status on the birth of her daughter.

Between his love affair with Johnny Depp or Pete Doherty, his "discovery" just 14 years, his collaborations with leading fashion houses, his iconic status regularly hunted ... Kate Moss's life seems a fascinating adventure, the mystery has only increased by his silence but the bottom passionately millions of fans around the world.

A source assured the British tabloid The Sun that the writing of his autobiography was finally part of the project Kate.

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