Monday, July 18, 2011

Miranda Kerr is not only a beautiful plant to be fed to organic, she also has a heart!

The Australian supermodel, Miranda Kerr, wife of actor Orlando Bloom, who gave birth six months ago his first child, Christopher Flynn Copeland Blanchard Bloom, has not forgotten her boyfriend, Christopher Middlebrook, died at adolescence in a tragic car accident, when a name for her little boy. "Chris and I went out together for two years.

After his death I wrote him a letter in which I told him I hoped to give her name to my first child. I talked to Orlando and the idea has excited. Orlando is a lovely boy, "she said. Very mother hen, the brunette beauty says she can not be separated from her baby for a minute, she told the Daily Telegraph: "We spend every minute together, day and night, even weeks when I do not work.

He sleeps in my bed every night. I do not want to part with him "before adding" it gave me an unexpected force, I can do a lot of things. Previously, I was a big sleeper, but now it's very different since I am mom. I can not sleep much. But when he smiles at me, I literally money. " The model illustrated this month at a number of magazines, "InStyle," "Cosmopolitan", for the Australian editions, and thus returns on topics such as his birth or his beauty secrets to show such a figure to recall the young woman had resumed shooting in bikini just weeks after giving birth to a beautiful baby boy! About his birth, Miranda does not keep a good memory of this event "I thought I was dying" before adding "that the work was long and extremely painful," it must be said that she refused an epidural and that baby was already tough Flynn at birth (4.5 kg)! She says "I told myself how other women? If they succeed I can do it too, but then I thought I would die (...) The pain was very intense.

" About her beauty tips, one that displays a doll face and a toned body, gives us some of his secrets. The top is of course a lot of exercise, and adopt a healthy, balanced diet based on the bio. But a priori, a little extra is the consumption of noni juice and coconut oil. "I drink noni juice since the age of 14 years", rather expensive juice appears to offer many antioxidants that increase energy and strengthen the immune system.

As for coconut oil which is renowned for its health properties, Miranda puts it into his daily culinary preparations "I put four tablespoons a day in my dishes, be it in my salad in green tea or in my flat in general. He did not one day where I do not use coconut oil. " Miranda Kerr very adept at organic and natural products in general but also very fulfilling in a more rural look forward pass on his love of good living for his child, and told to have created a whole garden for Flynn can grow in contact with such beneficial! The face of Victoria's Secret is undoubtedly a sacred beautiful plant!

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