Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy, Jennifer Aniston talks about his plans for maternity

Coming soon How to kill his boss? The career of Jennifer Aniston is doing quite well. And it is the same in his private life. Recently, the actress 43 years appears alongside Justin Theroux. Looking for a new home to house his love, Jen looks she also remains to found a family? In the media exposure of his tumultuous love life, the question of motherhood was often asked to Jennifer Aniston.

During his break with Brad Pitt, the press chatted a lot about his alleged refusal to bear children. Today, the young woman finally seems ready! "I'd love to have children one day. And it will happen "has said Jennifer Aniston. According to Now magazine, the former Friends of Rachel appreciates nothing better than a quiet evening.

But if she seems to want to taste the joys of motherhood, Jen does not necessarily planned with her new boyfriend Justin Theroux, saying once again open to the idea of being a single mother to use adoption.

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