Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cristiano Ronaldo is playing the 007 ... to impress Irina Shayk?

After spending a pleasant holiday, Cristiano Ronaldo took the train to the drive train, ended the good times taken on the beach in the Algarve in Portugal to float in the warm waters of the Mediterranean with his Russian beauty, Irina Shayk! CR7 is currently in the United States, particularly on the west coast in Los Angeles for a series of friendly games that must play with his team Real Madrid against local football teams, so it is far from the girl Queen of the Bikini, which has resumed its activities in modeling.

The beautiful brunette with sculptural silhouette was the same in the July 18 premiere of "Friends with Benefits" in New York in the play where Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis. The top has taken up residence on the East Coast, Big Apple, where she has a gorgeous apartment! Cristiano and Irina have thought at each end of the country of Uncle Sam, the Portuguese sports has found a solution to not get tangled brushes and called his girlfriend at convenient times, taking into account the time difference, he adopted a super show at the James Bond, a World Traveller Watch, which monitors four time zones simultaneously.

Is it also time to call his Portuguese mother caring for her child Cristiano Ronaldo to see if it has made big dodos or has finished all his porridge? The 26-year-old in any case a sacred pace with this beautiful gem in the wrist and probably could match of elegance and bling bing against David Beckham when he faced a match against his club the Los Angeles Galaxy.

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