Thursday, July 21, 2011

Britney Spears Sued ... for excessive flatulence!

Britney Spears is not exactly known for its class. We remember especially a few years ago that the singer was photographed without panties out of her car and she had protested loudly at a concert that her "pussy (was) in the air." But this is nothing compared to the new rumors that the pop star is now the subject.

Fernando Flores, one of his former bodyguards, has indeed file a complaint against Britney Spears, accusing of having behaved so obscene and unhygienic in his presence. The singer refused to take such showers, brushing teeth and put deodorant. But that's not all. According to this former employee, Britney Spears curerait nose regularly and attention, would have serious problems of flatulence ...

And as she puts it in his song is "Toxic"! "She would spend days without washing, only used for deodorant, do not brush your teeth, do not her hair, wore no socks, no shoes," said Fernando Flores, and in his complaint, before add. "She let go of pets and picking his nose all the time." As for his behavior, it is not better under the former bodyguard, who claims that Britney swears like a wagon.

"She kept saying the big word, was loud and shrill." For experienced flatulence and dirty feet of Britney Spears, Fernando Flores claims a whopping $ 10 million in damages. For its part, Britney Spears denies everything: "He's a liar," says the singer's entourage to the site TMZ. Fernando Flores was decidedly a grudge against Britney Spears.

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