Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lady Gaga, second article in V Magazine

Lady Gaga has been released, and how, in V Magazine as editor. His first article went on his regular line and the scandal is served with the second. Few manage it as well as marketing and controversy. We leave you with several fragments of text. "Art is a lie and every day I'm going to kill to make it happen.

It's my destiny to be halfway between reality and fantasy. They call me "play" but the theater is me and I am the theater. We all have a great strength within ourselves to transform." "My life is not as easy as it sounds. I know what a time to act or show and one of honesty. If you ask me to remove my hat at a party you're asking me to start the liver.

I was born as I am and I know how to be intimate in public. " "There are so many lies in what they call the Bible of fashion that I can not believe. They ask you to be what you are not and the idea is to turn fantasy into reality yourself from yourself. A dye, vintage boots, makeup and many more items can become another person and that is what to do.

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