Friday, July 29, 2011

Amy Winehouse's parents think they died for quitting alcohol

Amy Winehouse's parents are superimposed on the death of his daughter every day. As he says these thought her daughter died because they left the alcohol. Of course, this information has its nuances, believe that stop drinking suddenly, it was a shock to your body that ended in death. While her father Mitch and mother Janis came to the house of his daughter in Camden as part of the Jewish tradition, Shiva, which lasts for a week.

They were accompanied by their son Alex and his close friend Tyler James. Amy had to stop drinking recommended gradually, but as I was determined to overcome this addiction, let it hit what could have caused a shock to his frail body could not overcome. This had a close family source told The Sun.

However, three days before her death she was seen drinking gin with Red Bull, the same day in which he supported his goddaughter Dionne Bromfield music from the iTunes festival. His father said at his funeral which took three weeks of abstinence and a doctor certified his good the day before he died.

Must await the final results of an autopsy to find out why he died.

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