Thursday, July 28, 2011

Katy Perry dressed as Smurf

The beautiful singer has left behind his dark hair sexy image to resume her natural blond hair, and though still beautiful, certainly Katy looks even prettier with her hair that she wore so far, but as the world is to innovate, and the return to everyday life is a normal process, we'll see a little blonde Katy to the now rather than as often happens with celebrity one day surprise us with another look.

For Katy and her blond hair have joined the constellation of stars that have been present at the premiere of the celebrated film The Smurfs, now that the famous TV series becomes film promises to be the summer hit in the U.S. as shown in the image Katy Perry at the premiere of The Smurfs, has put on too clear, the Smurfs, do not forget to see the fabulous Katy has been decorated with the theme of the Smurfs.

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