Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kate Middleton, dangerously thin

Observed and photographed all the time, Kate Middleton suffered tremendous pressure to be always on top of beauty. Perfect hairstyle, white smile, make discreet and stylish, and above all impeccable line, it bends to stringent criteria to be worthy of her husband, Prince William and his social status.

Except that by paying attention to its weight, the beautiful has become skeletal. The balance displays only 43 pounds small, slender silhouette and begin to seriously worry the English, who love it, but the royal family. Risk of serious health problems if it did not reflect weight, it could also have difficulty getting pregnant, and support a pregnancy.

Become an icon since her marriage with Prince William, Kate Middleton is seen as a model for thousands of teens who snapped his day cream and copies of his clothes. Their parents worry so they follow the example of the Duchess of Cambridge and fall into anorexia.

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