Friday, July 29, 2011

Twilight: Robert Pattinson vampirizes a baby!

Since he plays Edward Cullen, the vampire super sexy and mysterious of the Twilight, Robert Pattinson receives requests from the most crazy part of his (many) fans. It was at Comic Con in San Diego, during an interview for the site Cineplex, he revealed the craziest of them: a young mother begged him to please "vampirize" her newborn born just three months! Without deflate, Robert Pattinson has honored its reputation for bold and has done, preferring this request to the idea of having to sign an autograph on the child, he refused.

He remembers that the baby was so small that his head, he obviously did not really bite, could have entered fully into his mouth. The small mom and display a radiant smile on the picture memory of that memorable moment, while Robert Pattinson almost pass for a real vampire with his complexion pale as porcelain.

Kristen Stewart, aka Bella, had goose bumps listening to him tell the story, apparently disgusted by what happened: "It's too weird. I'm sure it's not true! "Unfortunately, Kristen, It's true ...

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