Friday, July 29, 2011

Rihanna: his first steps as actress

Rihanna is indestructible! While she is in a world tour, and his new single, Cheers, preparing to leave, she found time to take his first steps as an actress. In Battleship, Naval Transformers kind of full of special effects, it embodies Raikes, a brave young woman engaged in the Marines. Short hair, wearing military uniform, make-up non-existent, Rihanna dropped her outfits crazy and colorful.

Never making things by halves, even if only a small role, she demanded to waterfalls itself. After all it made spectacular falls on stage, perched on high heels 15 cm, it no longer afraid of anything! Rihanna shared the bill with Channing Tatum (Sexy Dance), Liam Neeson (Clash of the Titans), Alexander Skarsgard (True Blood), Taylor Kitsch (Kyle XY) and Brooklyn Decker (Ugly Betty).

Battleship out on the big screen French 12 April 2012. Following the interview with Complex magazine, Beyonce, in which the diva said that there is room for multiple queens in the world of music, Rihannaconfirme, this time in Glamour: "There's me, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé ... Who else? Ke $ ha, for sure.

Women dominate the music right now, because we are competitive beings. "Hey, you should not forget Britney Spears and Madonna?

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