Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Michael Jackson: a tribute concert with a host of stars

Two years after the death of Michael Jackson, the fervor around the King of Pop is still strong. If there are many controversies around the farm post-mortem of his work, the fans are always eager to revive the singer through a movie, new album or a tribute concert. Yesterday, the family of Michael Jackson has announced a big show October 8, 2011 at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff in Wales, a four-hour broadcast in thirty countries.

No artist has been announced yet but we'll know what August 3 stars will be on stage before the big day can hold 75,000 people Stadium. Katherine, the mother of Michael Jackson has announced a concert "to the measure of a king": "I'm sure this event will be large enough in size, the talent and imagination, as appropriate to celebrate the life Michael ".

But even within the family of Michael Jackson, disagreements are already being heard: Randy and Jermaine Jackson are the chosen date in bad taste. October 8, coincides with the trial of Michael Jackson's personal doctor, Conrad Murray. "Given these circumstances, we feel moved to be associated with an event whose date was not chosen as well as its promoters." Tickets go on sale from August 4 and will fly no matter what like hotcakes.

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