Monday, July 25, 2011

Jennifer Lopez: Birthday of a folly to forget the break

A 42-year-old Jennifer Lopez Latin bomb had the right to have fun and celebrate her birthday with joy by setting aside the divorce from her husband who is 7 years, Marc Anthony. In a purple dress and silver in the super glamorous Fontainebleau Hotel Miami Beach Hotel, the beautiful was celebrated last night as it should.

Although the evening took place in small groups, the American press blows some indiscretions. Along with a dozen relatives including his mother, his sister, her stylist and her manager, Jennifer Lopez has offered a small dinner in a wine cellar. "It was very intimate, very beautiful in the middle of bottles of wine vintages bold and sharp.

The meal was served at a long table, rectangular mirror with a candle-shaped cloud ceiling." A source also tells the tabloid People: "Jennifer has really loved it. When the server arrived with the dessert, they sang him" Happy Birthday "while everyone was pouring champagne in crystal glasses." The menu, meanwhile, was under the sign of the Italian food with spaghetti with tomato and basil ravioli with foie gras and polenta.

Jennifer Lopez was in beauty and joy provide the source: "She was very happy. They had a great time together, spent hours there. They have the restaurant closed."

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  1. Happy birthday, Jennifer Lopez...